So my sister is 17 and knows this guy since she's like 16 (guy is over 20) and I find out today she's planning to move...

So my sister is 17 and knows this guy since she's like 16 (guy is over 20) and I find out today she's planning to move with him eventually.

1.She only knows him from the internet.
2.They have a lot of sexual innuendos in their talk.
3.We're not in the same country now for me to be physically able to do anything.

I'm deeply worried about her and feel so powerless to do anything I don't know what to do

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once shes 18 shes an adult theres nothing you can do just accept it, share your concerns with her but other that you have to trust her judgement

I just can't trust a guy who's been talking sexually with a teenager for over a year.

She's not a child, women sexually mature at about age 11. She's not stupid.

If you have concerns that are not rooted in jealousy, the have a talk with her and express them. She also loves herself and wants to make the best choices for herself. If you're right, then she'll change her mind.

Fug your sister first before he does. It's the only way bro

I'm talking with her when I can call to not do this over messages.
And I know she wants the best for herself but she's not measuring risks, this is someone she hasn't even seen his face yet.

It’s been a year and she hasn’t seen his face? Yeah, fuck that guy, he’s probably a trafficker.

>deeply worried about her
Does he have a job?
Is he drug free?
Does he treat her nicely?

If your answer to all three is yes, she's literally doing better than almost every other young woman her age. You don't worry when they're kinda creepy and robbing the cradle. You worry when she's falling down the stairs in a way that leaves her with two black eyes, or when she's missing her period and he's not working.

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I worry when he's flirting with a minor on the internet and talks about having her moving with him making him food, and she hasn't seen his face yet.

talk to your parents idiot, why are you even on here, tell them and they should take action if theyre not degenerate

>A minor
Depending on which first world country you're in.
She's not exactly running around in diapers...unless that guy is into that. Go with her to see his face/living situation, see if he's who he says he is and make sure he's not a serial killer or something, and if she's jumping into his arms then just let her. It's the next phase of her life.

I'm trying to leave that as a last resort if I can't talk her out of this since I know our relationship will be completely broken if I get them into this, and like another user said, once she's 18 she can legally do whatever she wants.

You missed my point.

Just tell her. Then trust her;

Because you can rely on people acting in their self-interest. If you're right, then she'll stop, if you're wrong, she won't.

I'm getting weird vibes from you

Again sister and I are not in the same country for the moment, if next week she decided to take a plane with her first pay to go see that guy there is nothing I can do to stop her.
I keep checking on when she gets online to call her

Buy him one of these.

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You said to express my concerns and that's what I meant with calling her, I think in an actual talk I can express them better than in some text. I currently do not live with or near my sister.

Been there, seen that.
I was 15 when I met my ex bf (he was 20).
I was intelligent and mature for my age, but I was naive. I wasn't expecting someone who told me he loved me could be that bad.
He was sweet, he seemed caring, but he was manipulating me. He tried many times to have sex with me, a 15 year old, saying it was normal, and that people that love each other do that. He tried to made me go against my parents, picturing them as bad for me and my individuality. They were just worried for their daughter.
He sexually harrassed me many times, I got suicidal and depressed, I stopped eating and got 36 kg and recovered. He did NOTHING.
He just cared about fapping every day to a naive and hurt teenager, manipulating her, stealing all her friends and making her alone, trying to destroy her family. When I leaved him in a too nice way he faked depression to make me worry more. He went to my friends and told them fake bullshit against me. He was an asshole.
Please take care of your sister. She's grown up, but she still needs to be protected. Of course this isn't always like that, but a 20+ talking in a sexual way to a teenager is gross. Explain her that you're worried for her, and that love makes blind, which isn't always good. If she want to move with him she can, but make sure she met him before and in a safe place, where you can rescue her. Pay for the guy's flight, instead of her. You can make it, user. You're a caring brother. Good luck.

You want to fug your sister don’t you squidward

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Go to the police. Seriously. That guy may be dangerous to mire girls than your sister.


dont let her do it. this is how people get girls into forced sex work. they lead them to another country, take their passport, and force them to work. its the oldest trick in the book

She's 17 almost 18. Not the same as your situation

I talked with my sister, without giving much details her plan is a year(s) plan rather than a week(s) plan, and is apparently her idea.
Of course this doesn't make me less worried, she is still sure about it and this dude is still around 25, with luck I should be back in the country by that time and be able to accompany her in the trip, to know who that guy is and so she doesn't go alone into a possibly dangerous situation.

I'm sorry for your situation and knowing these things happen make me be extra careful about the whole thing.

I'll do everything in my power to join her when the time comes, I will go expecting the worst and possibly talking with the local police beforehand, this depending on how much I know about that guy by that time.

getting siscucked is part of growing up
you'll make it through, brah. if these things are happening now (like the sexual innuendos) then it's way to late to prevent yourself from worrying.

I wouldn't have any problem if it was someone around her age and someone she knows in person, this is some creep she met online

user, she isnt going to move in with him... if they have never even met irl. I wouldn't worry about it. She'll meet some guy her age at a house party. They'll kiss on the back porch (hopefully that's all) and (hopefully) start a healthy relationship. Also, push uni on her. Women need to meet their mate in college.

Actual question: how do I know she won't? I find her seriously talking about moving with this guy and this guy fully supporting the idea, when I ask she doesn't deny it and is 100% sure about it, I want for her to have all that of meeting someone at a party or among irl friends

Best you can do is try to talk her out of it as best you can. That way when she ignores you completely and gets sold into a sex slavery ring she can think back on you telling her not to do this while she’s getting railed in the ass by an obese business man