I was at an event with a female friend and I noticed women actually looked at me. Several...

I was at an event with a female friend and I noticed women actually looked at me. Several. This never happens when I'm alone. Why is this? And how do i get this to continue? Do I need to bring her everywhere?

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Confidence can increase when you are with others while in public.

Increased confidence can lead to a positive change in behavioral expression.

Try increasing your confidence through active training. (Practice speaking, making jokes, try some activities to decrease anxiety--habituation, exposure, etc...)

Or just cling to her forever and use her as a magnet. Up to you, really.

What confidence looks like?

Depends on who you are. In some people confidence is quiet. In others, it's loud.

OP made mention of a perceived increase in positive social reward without an increase or noted change in behavior on his part, save from being somewhere with a female friend.

Given that he was somewhere with purpose and felt as though he was being perceived differently by women in a positive way, I reason he was experiencing increased confidence.

What do you think confidence looks like?

>What do you think confidence looks like?
Guy on the upmost right

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If the woman is pretty, girls will look at her and then will check you out.
If the girl is extravagant, loud or funny, girls will look at her with a weird face.
If the girl is fashionable, they will look at her and ignore you.
If you are extremely handsome, and she is regular looking, they will look at you and then will observe her very carefully.
So bringing her might show you, how you are perceived. But nothing more.

BULLSHIT FOR 300 Alex. OP Women want things that other women perceive as valuable. There value is purely on what others want. Seeing you with her they now imagine themselves with you because they assume she wants you.

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You didn't actually refute anything that I said and the whole of your post doesn't at all go against what I was saying.

They might be looking at her, they might be wondering who she is hanging out with or if you're dating. Possibly, you just looked more relaxed in the company of someone or you two were in a social setting and you normally don't go out much.

Women at parties will look around a lot more than women in public transport, for example.

Good post.

Incel post.

Saying people want things other people want isnt incel its psychology kiddo. Calling everyone you disagree with an incel wont make your dick any bigger.

Social proof, if youre with a girl its good enough proof that youre a decent person, especially if the girl youre with is good looking


True, i mean just look at Charles Manson

Ok not to be a dick but- sometimes it draws attention if an attractive girl and unattractive guy are hanging out together.
I don’t think you should just assume that being with her made you look cooler. there could be negative reasons why people were staring too

Why assume the woman is attractive and the guy is ugly?

fucking same what the fuck. Had this shit happen so many times whenever I’m with a girl

Just saying it’s a possibility- I was going off of the Detail in the first post where OP said girls normally never look at him.
Based on that he is likely either average or ugly.

The girl could also be ugly/average, but I doubt so many people would have been “looking” in that case.

What would happen if I went out with a girl friend and I was the pretty one?

Is pic the friend because if so you are fucking lucky

Probably the same thing- whenever two people go out and one is clearly more attractive than the other, it gets looks.

But like I said, I was basing the male being ugly in this situation off of the detail in the OP where he said girls never look at him.

Girls look at attractive guys, so, he’s atleast average if not ugly

But I get told I am handsome by men and women (but I don't believe it). My therapist even said it to me (weird I know). And my female friend is below average. I don't know why I don't normally get looks. Unless everyone is lying to me. I originally made the thread because I wondered about the idea of "a man being seen with a woman making him seem more attractive or more approachable or whatever" was true.

Welp, I dunno.

All I know is that attractive people get looked at. People can’t help themselves. If they see someone they are interested in, they steal glances.

I could be wrong dude I was just offering up a different perspective.
Go ask /soc/ they’ll tell you for real

I think I realised what happened, after a guy 5 min ago yelled out at me, "you with the fantastic shirt!". It's the shirt. It's always this shirt. I don't know why. It's not even that great of a shirt. It's like it's got some mysterious power. Oh well. I think it was 10% more confidence from being with friend, 10% being seen with a girl, and 80% the shirt.