>be me
>20 yrs old , 21 yr old wife , 2 kids
>together for 4 years
>on a music festival we met a girl
>she is our age , no kids no bf
>she is a very nice person and has the same hobbies and a lot of common friends with us
>we kissed and hugged on a concert
>the next day we had a """ threesome"" the girl was the only one being setisfied
>we returned together to our home town she stayed one night at our house
>a bit of sexual tension but both her and my wife got a period on the way home
>we talked and kissed for a bit and she left the next morning
>i talked to her and we are going to meet in a few days again

Me and wife didnt fall in love with her we are rather infatuated and interested.
My wife is bi and is not jelous of the girl at all
I just need an outside view of the situation and some fresh oppinions .

Did anyone have experiance with poly relationships ?

Can it ruin my relationship with my wife ?

Would it scar the kids ?

Im realy scared of my friends finding out but im also scared of it not working out

Say anything i just realy need to talk

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With poly relationships, Make sure that the wife is 100% onboard with the idea and doesn't have any second thoughts

>Can it ruin my relationship with my wife ?
It's too late, it did already
>Would it scar the kids ?
Yes, it will

100% failure rate, but I’m sure you guys will be the first couple to make it work!

Not sure about this poly thing, I personally would never go for it, so I can't understand your situation.

Maybe if both of you are into this girl, it could work? But it's not just the three of you... you've kids, and sure this could end up fucking their stability. Why to bet their mental health over someone neither of you loves?

I mean, do you think that some poly sex is worth the risk? I don't think so.

Your fucked bud. Polys are relationshits. Op, people realize when someone is spending more time with another person than them, when other people satisfy someone better than them. Everything new to women they see no problem with. They encourage and are open to it no matter how it looks or what it is. They don't see the future only the present. But once she starts to notice her existence, she will make her, and your, life a living hell.

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It WILL damage your marriage and scar your kids. If you love them, how would you even risk it?

It only works in religious situations like if you were a Mormon.
Theres a documentary on Netflix about a Mormon guy who has 40 kids and multiple wives, it all started when his first wife encouraged him to date other women and marry them.

I would spend less sexy time with her and more normal time to see if she crazy or not. Treat our like a real relationship. Any relationship just based on sex, will stay that way and get awkward.

Polyamory doesn't exist, this is just degeneracy and confirms the fall of the west

I grew up around poly people, I've been in a poly relationship (...ish), and I've met several more poly folks after becoming an adult.

>Can it ruin my relationship with my wife ?
Nothing's guaranteed. It all depends on how you manage it, your respective personalities, and the like. It could make it worse if your wife becomes jealous or if you don't take time to connect well with her after or if there are already major issues in the marriage, but it could also make things better.

I'd advise talking to your wife and letting her know that if she ever wants things to stop, that you'll stop. Actually, if either of you want it to stop you should agree that it will stop.

I know of several long-term stable relationships of 3 or more people. A couple of triads and a larger group. They have been together for decades with no major issues. I also know of groups which have split up---though typically, they split up favoring the already married parties. Like any relationship, it can split up or be successful.

>Would it scar the kids ?
I know of a few cases where the involved group had children. I notice no difference between those children and any others with the same types of parents.

One case turned out pretty healthy so far. She's 16. Biggest problem is anorexia, and that's completely unrelated. Another, also 16, it's hard to tell because he's very autistic. Same with another who's 30-something. I don't know them well enough to say. Another set of cases had a parent who was ridiculously liberal, and they ended up messed up because of that---in exactly the same way as other children I know from extremely liberal but monogamous parents did. A few others turned out pretty much on par with anyone else that grew up in poor areas of the country.

>relationship of 4 years
>2 kids

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>and "poly"

what the fuck

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>being an ESL
All degenerates

Dude, don't. Seriously this shit is so bad. once she sees how this new girl pleases you and treats you (if she does a better job) then she'll get jealous and look to validate herself by possibly fucking someother guy ( she might use that same girl as an excuse AKA she'll say "i was cool with what you did to her so you should be cool with what i wanna do")
Stop thinking with your dick and start thinking about your kids. Who cares if your wife is BI, (all girls fucking say that to make their guys imagine shit) be an adult and end this before you scar your kids

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Why are you married at 20? Why do you have 2 kids at the age of 20, faggotm

20 bucks OP ends up thinking with his dick and ends up losing his house, wife and kids.

>girl in an actual 3-part marriage with a guy and a girl.
No kids yet, though

That said, make sure the legalese is in order. You need written documents to ensure all of this is not going to screw over any of you in case things go poorly. We involved a lawyer to ensure we didn't miss anything. Reason is simple: if you dont have to worry about the consequences of a breakup you are much less likely to worry about it in general, and you are able to relax a lot more.

It takes a special kind of person to work in a relationship like this. It works for us, because the other girl is bi, and wants both, and is very much a "greedy" type of person in that she wants everything, and refuses to let go of anything she has. Meanwhile, I am an asocial nerd who prefers to sit on my phone and be asocial, and I dont particularly like guys, nor do I like social gatherings. He is a very calm person in general, but a lot more socially well adjusted. Normally speaking, she is the "main" person of the relationship, and we are more attached to her than each other, which works well when they go to family gatherings together that I dont want to attend anyway. We dont demand full attention at any point, so it's pretty simple to make it work, and she is a master of giving us both attention whenever we need it.

So far this has worked for... 2 years or so? I dont really keep track. It is going really well though, and he is growing on me more than I thought.

So I dont know about the kids part, but we have consulted a psychologist who specializes in kids, and the overall gist of it, is that as long as you dont have a breakup, the issue is whether you can remain "socially normal" or not is important, otherwise the kids are actually better off with more caretakers, especially at a young age. We dont quite know how to make that work just yet, but in general, the major issue is pretty much making sure harpies and Karen's dont bully the child for having a weird family.


>fall of the west
This is much more common in the east...

The whole problem with this in the west, is the fact that society looks down upon it.

I keep thinking you have a trip, due to how easy it is to spot your posts.

Related - but slightly off topic - how does this work out for you when the "main" girl is gone? Is she just fine with you two spending a lot of alone time together without her, or do you not want to spend time together? Weren't you gay?

>I keep thinking you have a trip
People here seem to hate posters with trips, so I avoid it.

>how does this work out for you when the "main" girl is gone?
Fine. A bit sad, but me and the guy makes it work pretty well by now. He has grown on me a lot, and at this point I have little trouble messing around with him. That's really the turning point, too, because before, it often felt a bit like we were too tied to her, and not really together as a group. Now we are actually a group, even if she is still the focus.
>Is she just fine with you two spending a lot of alone time together without her,
She is the one who pushed for us to get closer, so yeah. We have to, otherwise there is no chance the relationship would work long term.

>Weren't you gay?
Eh, not fully. I can appreciate the looks of a guy, my main issue has always been that penetration did not do much for me. Not bad, not pleasant. Just meh. So guys were never really interesting as a whole, and I made the edgy approach of "coming out" to my family. Which was a rather huge mistake in hindsight.

A guy giving oral feels just as good as a girl giving oral. All that matters is skill.

>2 kids

you are fucking sick in the head and shouldnt have a child. neither of u

Wait til the wife brings home a chad and wants you to just watch.

You fucking cuckold.

seconding these, fuck off OP