Be me

>be me
>meh shape
> i can run a 8:30 mile and a half, do 47 push ups and 65 sit ups
> I have a meme page where I talk about dying for israel is a joke
> mfw when I leave to Chair Force bmt August 6th
> I got the job I wanted which is ATC
> Any advice for a good goyim like me?

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>air force
>literally chose the easiest branch
>"serves" but cares about what job he gets.
>gets stationed in hawaii or some shit and probably thinks he deserves to be called a veteran.

Yeah I got some advice there killer, just try to wake up on time.

Pic super related; its the rig I carried to Denny's just to talk shit on you via free wifi. Boom, fuck you.

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Why would you want ATC that the most stressful job in the military.
If it's not to late go cyber transport systems (I.T.), you can bullshit all day and talk about anime with other autists.

crash all the planes, make jews and the USG mad.

join a better branch, fag

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Alpha chad
Join the marines or the rangers or something you can be proud of. Army is better if you want to be stationed at a fob maybe

Air force is most of the time sitting on a chair and looking like an idiot. You dont need an advice for that, i bet you do both of these already :-)

Not OP but I don't believe in the US military's mission, I see it as a job. So the best paying jobs are all I care about. I considered nuke in navy and after talking with current and retired nukes determined it was the worst possible decision I could make.

>> I have a meme page where I talk about dying for israel is a joke

Delete this and get the fuck off of Jow Forums before you end up regretting it

Just do 4 years and get out. You’ll make 6 figures out in the civilian world. It’s an awesome job from what I’ve heard but you have to stay 100% focused while on the job. Study alot to make sure you don’t wash out in tech school. Remember that when you arrive at your base that it’s not over. You have to have the mentality that you want to be there and you’ll make it through. Good luck and thank you fellow goyim for your service

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Stockholm syndrome


Nuke isn't hard

Not hard, just described as a 6 year prison sentence (12 years if you want actually good money).

How did you snag the AFSC you wanted? I go to MEPS in a week and I am scared of getting Open General and getting stuck in (((Services))).

I scored 98 across MAGE on ASVAB but my recruiter says it doesn't matter because it's only about the needs of the Force.

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Army lets you choose to a degree unless your recruiter doesn't give a fuck and lies to you about it.

I say to a degree because if open lower-enlisted slots don't exist you obviously can't choose them.
Of course the air force is also super oversaturated which is why so many move to the army to get their 5.

98! That’s very good! I took it my junior year in high school and got a 90. You qualify for basically any job. Put the jobs you want, THAT YOU WANT( don’t let the recruiter convince you to put a job on your list that you don’t want). If you put the job on your list, there’s a choice you may get it. If a job drops that you don’t want, tell your recruiter that you don’t want it. It sounds like you got a shitty recruiter because my recruiter was very open and even showed me the list of jobs that dropped. Maybe try talking to another recruiter. You can play the waiting game for the job you want but at the sametime the recruiter can discharge you from dep and you have to start the process again. (Depends how nice your recruiter is)

Btw, don’t go open anything. If you go open, then you’re at the mercy of the Air Force. Just choice a list of jobs you’ll be happy with.

My ass that's meh shape, I get im slow (tips plz) but those minute test results are sadistic to me

You’ll be making more money than someone who went to college, no debt, and when you leave you’ll have the military on your resume. You’ll most likely be contacted by the FAA way before you finish your contract because Air Traffic Controllers are in such a high demand and they like people who were trained in the military.

user listen,
Ex Navy fag here... ATC as well... get your certifications for tower and radar. Gtfo of the airforce and apply to contract towers and the FAA before you hit 30.

Do are on the right track. AF is best branch to join and there are only two good options for jobs in the military; Jobs where get to slack off and/or don't really matter or Jobs where you get useful experience for when you get out. You are doing the later. Doing a shit job that is useless when you get out is a waste of your time. Even if you don't want to do ATC when you get out, you can use the GI Bill. Just avoid military whores and knocking up a tag chaser.
>Former Navy P-3 Mech who now gets a couple grand each month while going to school for free in Hawaii.

You choose a great job that translate easy into the civilian world.

Thank you for your service goy