Going to kill myself if I can’t get laid

How can I get sex from a beautiful woman? It’s not fair that I never got to experience the pleasures of sex.

I’m a 37 year old kissless hugless virgin. Never so much as had a girls phone number and every woman on my facebook ends up unfriending me when I message them.

It’s not fucking fair.

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tinder or pay a hooker

I never got any matches on tinder and I would never lower myself to paying some street walking skank for sex.

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killing yourself for lack of sex is the dumbest thing i have ever heard

lift weights, go for a jog 4 days a week, stop eating shit food, stop wearing aluminum-based deodorant/antiperspirant, stop drinking tap water, buy a nice cologne, brush your teeth & hair.
be confident

women are retarded and you will definitely find one to fuck you.

however i will say that there is more to life/women than just fucking their brains out. real intimacy is holding hands until she falls asleep while talking to you all night about her dreams & hopes for the future

>real intimacy is holding hands until she falls asleep while talking to you all night about her dreams & hopes for the future

He wants to know how to fuck chicks, not get railed by dudes get that gay shit out of here

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>stop wearing aluminum-based deodorant/antiperspirant, stop drinking tap water
poltard detected

How exactly is it not “fair”?

You haven’t met the standards for attracting a mate sexually. Something that almost every single person your age has been able to do. This is 100% your fault. You aren’t owed anything.

That being said, it’s also something you can fix. Are you actually interested in changing so that you can have sex? Or are you just looking to complain that your lack of a personal sex life isn’t your fault, it’s every single other person besides you’s fault?

>what is the endocrine system
Jow Forums is right about everything
stop being a libtard

i explained how to get fucked
stop fapping and it will happen in 90 days

Pay for it.

You think you gonna get laid out of fairness?

It’s not fair because stupid assholes always get laid but I’ve been nice to girls my whole life they always reject me and run off. Why do the stupid assholes she niggers get to fuck hot girls but I’m left to rot and never experience sex my entire life? It’s not fucking fair why should I have to pay for sex when there are niggers that white women throw themselves at.

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>caring what other people do
focus on your own life and bettering yourself

if you really want to get fucked & i dont mean by a hooker

than reread my advice
you dont have to be a supermodel to get laid
chad cant fuck everyone all the time kek

its not about being fair
women are idiots and
gravitate towards horrible people constantly

its not always about being nice

Your complaint sounds legitimate. I'll talk to the people in charge and we'll see what they can do for you.

> real intimacy is holding hands until she falls asleep while talking to you all night about her dreams & hopes for the future

I didn’t ask for these feels

thanks universe complaints office

What the fuck? First of all, being nice doesn’t mean women are going to fall all over you? Where in the world did you learn that being nice means you deserve sex?

Should we make you the president of the United States because you’re nice? Maybe all the billionaires should transfer you their money because you’re nice.

Sorry to tell you this but for most people, being nice is the bare minimum. I don’t even waste my time interacting with people who aren’t nice. It’s not a rare quality at all, and it in no way correlated with sex.

In fact, the very fact that you think you deserve sex for something as basic as being “nice” tells me that you ARENT actually nice. You are entitled and bitter.

You desperately want to put the blame on something else to victimize yourself. Stop doing that. Shift into an internal locus or control. Your attitude is poisonous

Damn the dude just wants to get laid you didn’t have to call him “poisonous” lmao

Sorry- I probably should clarify. His attitude is poisonous TO HIM. As in, if he continues to have this attitude, he will grow increasingly miserable and alone

idk I feel people have a legitimate reason to be angry when they've spent their whole lives trying to be decent yet still can't find anyone to even hold hands with. When they understandably come here to vent and are told they aren't entitled to a woman's attention. I mean sure that's true but why act surprised when you continue to isolate these people further and they turn into violent "incels"?

If I was a loser, had to see what everybody else managed to get every day, was talked down to by others when trying to talk about it. Told to shut up, get over it, put my head down and work and pay taxes until I die for a society that shuns me I'd be angry too.

Because, it’s no one’s responsibility but their own.
If someone says something like “I try and try but i can’t manage to do it. I try to get better at talking to girls, I try to improve my looks, i try to make money, I try to develop my personality, I try to get fit, but none of it seems to be working”, then yeah I have sympathy for them because they are taking responsibility and trying.

Op isn’t trying. He’s bitter than doing the bare minimum (being “nice”) isn’t landing him pussy. He’s expects society to conform to what he is comfortable with rather than pushing himself out of his own comfort zone to face the reality of what is attractive to a mate and work on those things.

People don’t indiscriminately dislike virgins. I have a lot of respect for people who have the cards stacked against them and try to persevere.

What I don’t have respect for is entitled people who think they deserve things without admitting responsibility and working for them.

> (OP)

>however i will say that there is more to life/women than just fucking their brains out. real intimacy is holding hands until she falls asleep while talking to you all night about her dreams & hopes for the future

Just let me die

>I'm going to kill myself if I don't get sex
>I would never lower myself to doing X
wow. seriously? do you hear yourself?

Maybe if you started working out and actually trying to better yourself you wouldn’t have to whine on Jow Forums about not being able to pick up hoes

Jesus, something is wrong with YOU. you should have atleast been hugged in highschool. Luckily its not too late.
1. Get a gym membership (im assuming your fat)
2. Cerave Cleanser, Moisterizer, and sunscreen
3. read " How to win friends and influence people"
after reading the book my personality grew into something that was able to attract some girls and i have no doubt this is THE self help book to make your personality something of value. ( Seriously its a tragedy this isnt studied in schools)
Dude its not too late. I believe in you

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nice low test loser. Jow Forums is wrong about everything lol

Go to any titty bar in your area with $200 and you can bang anyone in there. The sexual frustration leaves once you realize sex really ISNT that important. The only “amazing” sex comes from people you actually have feelings for, as corny as that sounds. The rest is just a nut. You’re not missing much, virgins always have a massive overhyped view of sex. Literally pay a stripper. There’s back rooms. They’re used to banging.

>im going to kill myself if i dont pass this class
>well obviously im not going to copy someone else's answers

life is unfair. a beautiful woman has not been promised to you in this life and you probably have made no effort to deserve one.

I can’t really give you advice myself, I haven’t been laid in a while and the times I got laid I got lucky.

Here’s how I’m going to approach it. I’m going to start going out at least 4-5 times a week. I’m going to ask out at least five girls who I find attractive, and do something I think is fun with them. I’m going to try to kiss them after the end of each date if I’m feeling them, and bring them back to my place to hang out/have sex.

I’m going to clean my place and have someone help me make it look cool. I’m going to work out 5 times a week in MMA and bjj. I’m going to take care of business at work, and try to paint and draw during the weekends, since I eventually want to be a successful artist and not have to work a day job.

During this time I won’t make any excuses, or whine about my circumstances. If a girl does not want me or want to be with me I’ll simply shrug my shoulders and move on. If someone doesn’t like me or has something negative to say about me I’ll process it, think if I need to really care, and move on. If I have a tough day at work, I’ll keep in mind what it is I’m working towards and forget about it.

I won’t let anyone steal my joy, and I’m going to go to church to get a firm spiritual backing. I figure if I approach my problem from this direction, there is no way I won’t be successful eventually.

That’s how I’m going to approach it. Hopefully it helps you op, maybe we can post a weekly thread discussing how things are going, who we have asked out, what problems we can solve.

"How can I get sex from a beautiful woman?"

Uh... you can't, obviously. Why don't you try to fuck an ugly girl instead?

Let me break it down to you.

Beautiful women want handsome men.

Are you handsome? No? Then get bent.

Why aren't you going to a prostitute?


Don't be a vagina-face OP, who cares? Everyone I know and me has paid for some form of sexual activity. It's a respected line of work that's been around for thousands of years. Shit used to be worse back then, what with no condoms...

Out of touch, narcissistic & deliberately obtuse: the post

"How to get rich and manipulate people"

>boo hoo, no sex
>refuses to go out and do something about it
You're pathetic. No hooker would even take your money.

So how ugly are you?
Like what way? Physical, Mental?

You are definitely an Indian aren’t you?

In that case: good luck

Are you ugly as fuck or you just want some attention? Show us anonymized pics of yourself.


>it’s not fair
>I’m a nice guy

Sex isn’t a reward for being nice you fucking mongoloid

Read "No more Mr Nice Guy"

Also double checked

>37 year old
u still have a libido? I don't. I'm not a virgin but I haven't had sex since college. I do not desire females anymore. Life is bliss.

>a beautiful woman
Start from your own league first, then try to move on up. Good luck!

OP's pic is disgusting

I hate that ugly whore.

So, the writer of that "book" picked up the chicks for you. You're a literal cuck, but worse. A fake one. You're beyond pathetic

I hate her because she's British.

>How can I get sex from a beautiful woman?
uuuuh, easy, pay one. god this is a dumb thread. sage

alright listen up you fucking racist incel, you are not owed sex, you do not deserve sex and if you are just too much of a disgusting person to even get sex then just deal with it

Not OP but go ahead
I'm have a 6/10 face without any glaring problems, nice clothes, nice smell. I'm not good at talking but believe me when I say I tried to improve on that front, it just won't happen
Don't care about sex but how do I get a girl to really like me? Maybe sex is easier and can be a gateway into a relationship? If so, how to get sex?
I feel like they notice really quickly how I lack confidence, how beta my attitude is. But unfortunately I can't switch to confident mode with the press of a button, and also unfortunately it's not like there are places where I can practice

She's our greatest export since Churchill tbhlad

STFU you roastie.
Why are we getting the same roastie speeches in every thread like this, like everything was the result of your own doing?
He tried you disgusting cunt, like most of the men. But you roasties are looking for 9/10 Chads no matter what.
Stop spreading your BS fairytales. Most of the men aren't having sex. It's not automatic, it's not a commodity.
20% of the Chads are humping your cunts on a daily basis. For the rest no matter what they try, they will never get it.
An endless circle of BS "You tried ? Oh well then keep trying" "Years and years of trying? Oh keep trying you will eventually get there"
All these BS to mute the problem.

Only reason it took me so long to get laid was because I vastly underestimated my looks, after I found that out from a few people of both genders, I was a lot more willing to change in order to have somebody.

Redpill me on aluminum-based antiperspirants

Either you're both faggots or roasties

Guarantee if an incel girl makes this exact thread you don't make this post

Bro I lol'd so hard.

And yeah man don't kill yourself. Especially over sex. If you want a girl, take care of yourself, and be yourself. Go to church and pick up a sweet little cutie, pop out some kids, blah blah blah

Pay a hooker you twat. If you are considering to kill yourself means that your life has 0 value. So who the fuck cares about retarded autistic morals you moron? B-bb-but muh street skank, nigger you are not in the place of choice. If you keep with that shit just off yourself

>I’ve been nice

>stupid assholes
>stupid assholes
>fuck hot girls
>not fucking fair
>why should I have to pay for sex
>niggers that white women throw themselves at

Stay thirsty incel

lol fag

Wear deodorant OP. Don't listen to these idiots.
None of them know the true terror of armpit odor. I bet none of them play Smash or card games.

First of all the people you call the N word are usually very confident which is why they get laid. Women want what they cant have. You probably let women walk all over you which is why they arent attracted to you. Like and attraction are to different things. Stop trying to get women to like you get them to be attracted to you. There are all kids of videos about this on youtube about PUA. Listen to the previous thread and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have to have the mentality that your the best guy in the room. Also taking care of yourself will give you confidence. Get on of your friends that knows how to dress to go shopping with you. Also stop focusing on yourself so much and get involved with other people and be a good friend. The world doesnt revolve around you. When you held others good things will come.

Go to Tobita Shinchi

35 yo virgin here. Not going to kill myself, but solitude is weighting heavy. It's not so much about sex than funding a home with a nice girl, have babies and make a family.
I doubt it will ever happen, though. Probably judged unfit for reproduction by mother nature.
I considered going to a prostitute, but it's when I realize it wasn't just about sex.

WTF are you talking about? Getting help with self-improvement is now cuck?
By that logic if the author picked chicks for him and user bangd them, it makes the author a cuck, not the other way around.
Just fuck off back to robot.

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irony is being called an incel by a fucking tripfag
>remember kids, secure tripcodes are for jerks

endocrine system disruptor
you release pheromones naturally through your pits
still shower obviously and don't smell repulsive

>not wanting to smell nice
you can't attract the things that you lack

you can still wear deodorant
simply stop buying cheap garbage that has aluminum in it
also I play magic the gathering & I'm hella good at video games so whatever
nofap isn't a joke
what do you have to lose by trying it
see if you can make it 60 days

My advice is. First change your outer appearance into something sexy and fun. Buy a cologne that smells great. Proper hygiene. Go to a hair stylist and go shopping for a sexy outfit and go out to a bar or club and be confident!!!!! Ask a friend to be your wing man. A hype man or hype women. Be talkative but not creepy. I promise you will find a girl! I was 25 when I dated men and they sucked but now I'm 29 and marrying a great man but the problem was me. I did not love myself enough but then I changed my outer appearance then my mental state and more positive things came. Now I'm 30 and I'm having a child. I'm shocked. I was depress and had suicidal thoughts but I took the initiative and went after what I wanted and now I'm marrying. So do not be sad and go pamper yourself. Go do your nails too. Men do it. I take my fiance!!

either you and whatever woman stupid enough to bother with you are immature as hell or i'm not sappy enough

I don't blame you. You've been told by every woman you've met that you aren't fit to breed. And at 37 I imagine you have encountered a good many females. Anyhow, I know you mentioned you won't pay for sex but as a 22 (soon to be 23) year old, this is the route I'm taking. The dating game isn't worth it. I'm out competed in every way. No woman has ever been attracted to me and that's a reality I live with everyday. And it's worse because I'm still in college, taunted by short shorts and other slutty clothes for half the year. I refused the idea of a prostitute/escort for so long because I didn't want sex to be such a big deal for me. I didn't want to waste money on something so degenerate. But here I am, unable to concentrate on anything and obsessing over sex always. I need to shatter the delusion. And as I said, I don't want romance, a gf experience, or any of that; just sex. Mainly be I will always have to pay for sex and no girl will ever date me willingly

Mainly *because*

legitimately caring about someone & reaching for your goals together is def not sappy mate
electrical engineering graduate & many of my exes had degrees more expensive/extensive than my own

dated more than enough women in my life
& am grateful/lucky
a few of them i didnt deserve whatsoever

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>every woman on my facebook ends up unfriending me when I message them.
Checked and this is fucking impressive. Post some of these messages so we can see where things went wrong.

easy = hooker
medium = tinder
hard = love a girl that is younger than you and with daddy issues

What's the point of having sex at 37? You're way past your sexual peak. You body has become so conditioned to fapping and porn that having sex would literally feel like nothing. That was a train you should have been on 10 - 20 years ago. At this point just live for yourself and build a great life

I couldn't get women for years and I was in your exact position, this might sound retarded but have you tried dudes? I'm not gay by any means but women just will not fuck me and guys are just naturally easier to talk to so I've had much more success sexually with guys, sex with someone is better than sex with no one but I do plan on losing my vagina virginity at some point though, I think I just lacked the confidence to ask a woman out.

>work out
>lose/gain weight, depending
>professional haircut that suits you
>if you wear glasses, get contact lenses
>buy clothes that fit you
Not that women need this stuff, but you sound like you do. If you look and feel better, you'll be more confident.

Surely something is wrong with you and you are not addressing this; instead, you complain about injustice.

This, OP.
And nothing wrong with losing your V-Card to a hooker. Just make sure you choose a good one, not a ghetto skank. You don't have to die without experiencing sex. A professional one will be focused on your satisfaction, and if you tell her you are a virgin she'll teach you how it works.

I know you want to be validated and feel worthy of love... All humans do. But you are clearly doing something wrong. You have to improve as much as possible to raise your chances. It's not guaranteed to succeed, but you surely won't the way you are doing it right now. Give yourself an opportunity. And losing the V-card to a hooker will remove that burden from your back.

underrated post

First, and most important step: Don't be a guy who thinks it's unfair that he hasn't had sex, and is literally looking to kill himself over it.

Start thinking more about what type of person you want to be. Don't be lazy about it. Make a fucking effort, get out of your comfort zone, achieve some things, become a person people want to be around because you're spreading positivity, take care of yourself. Be something people want to be a part of, and girls will come by themselves.

and btw, yes, sex can be amazing, but that doesn't last forever either, and it doesn't fulfill you. It isn't the reason you're miserable. When it happens for you, don't make the mistake of thinking this is where your happiness is gonna come from forever. Don't become an addict.

Don't take it all so seriously either, it isn't. Thinking about killing yourself over it is way overboard

Get a sex doll.

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Do they have a built in warmer? I don't think it would be very fun if they are ice cold until you stick your dick in it for a while

Yes. Well not really, they sent me a USB warmer with mine that you stick up there but it barely gets warm and I've never used it. Their skin never really gets ice cold, room temperature TPE actually feels fine.

Fair enough. I'm just imaging it being the temp of my room with AC on. Gets pretty chilly. Maybe I'll buy one if I ever leave my mom's house

Can I get the one with resting bitch face and dead eyes?

You need to quit your porn addiction

>I'm a nice guy
>Types like a typical racist robot incel just about to go off the rails

You can just hide it somewhere who cares if your mom sees it anyways. Shes your mom. Dolls aren't that weird, and you only wanna use it to help with the loneliness. I get it.

I wish I could afford one. But I don't really get off to it though. Porn fucked me up unfortunately. Maybe if they made a doll that can give mindblowing handjobs over VR.


Yeah, that's another problem for me; I'm broke as shit. I could probably save up for one in a few months but idk if that's my priority lmao. And yeah, you're right. She knows I'm a fuck up. I still beat myself up over some degenerate shit I've done

>37 year old kissless hugless virgin.
jesus christ man. how the fuck have you gone so long without manning up and at least attempting to achieve what you want? what's the reason you're unable to get a gf? are you really that fucking ugly? are you a fucking creep? what's preventing this from happening for you?

also, thanks for the post. made me feel better about having my first kiss at age 18.

>tinder or pay a hooker

Yes. Become Buysexual. Want sex? You have to buy it

Past a certain age, having never had a gf is a sign of some fundamental psych disorder. Or maybe it's the other way around... chicken or egg thing. And the lifetime chance of ever getting a gf gets vanishingly small. I can speak to that because I'm on my way there now (28 and kv).

>I would never lower myself to paying some street walking skank for sex.
You're already lower than them for wanting useless sex you degenerate

Not only dehodorants, everything, pans, cans, etc

Most guys I’ve talk to who have paid for sex told me that the woman were the most attractive women they have ever touched. Nearly perfect 9/10s or perfect 10/10s who would typically go for the captain of a university football team, a rich CEO, or a celebrity if they weren’t selling themselves to get their next fix. These women were as attractive as actual porn stars, and while they will never care about any John, the experience is unearthly, far outweighing the amount of money per session.
It’s a crazy concept. In day to day life there are sharp boundaries where guys spend weeks to months courting women who they aren’t particularly attracted, and 6-8/10 will reject the average guy a few dozen times before he can get a chance with just one of then a lot of times. None of these guys could even imagine approaching a 9-10/10 woman without immediately getting shut down. Most guys have spent their whole life accepting that having sex with a truly attractive woman is impossible. Now imagine just paying a 10/10 woman and penetrating all of her orifices with your uncircumcised member. It’s crazy. It’s like the biggest high school loser getting with the hottest girl in school instantly after one conversation. It sounds like Hollywood fiction.
If a guy would rather kill himself than pay for sex, then he’s out of his mind. Having sex with a 10/10 woman will make a suicidal man jump for the sky and thank the earth, wind, trees, and sun for the very opportunity to be alive.

that sounds like some pity faggot bullshit. if you keep up with that mentality, you will never get a gf.

>Past a certain age, having never had a gf is a sign of some fundamental psych disorder.
citation needed

>Among people who are sexually inexperienced at age 18, about 80 percent will become sexually active by the time they are 25. But those who haven’t gained sexual experience by their mid-20s are much less likely to ever do so. The authors of a 2009 study inThe Journal of Sexual Medicinespeculated that “if a man or woman has not had intercourse by age 25, there is a reasonable chance [he or she] will remain a virgin at least until age 45.” Research by Stanford’s Michael Rosenfeld confirms that, in adulthood, true singledom is a far more stable category than most of us have imagined. Over the course of a year, he reports, only 50 percent of heterosexual single women in their 20s go on any dates—and older women are even less likely to do so.

>tfw 28

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that's no excuse to not try. clearly it's important to you, i think the majority of the 20% figure of men who weren't sexually active before 25 don't really care all that much about having sex. i know a guy myself who i've talked to about it and he said he doesn't really care at all and has no desire to have a gf. it's clearly important that you lose yours as you're posting here talking about it, so i don't think things are as hopeless as you make them out to be. just go out there and find a girl. stop jerking off too, it will make you much more likely to take risks with women to fulfill that sexual need.

>that's no excuse to not try.
>it's clearly important that you lose yours as you're posting here talking about it, so i don't think things are as hopeless as you make them out to be. just go out there and find a girl. stop jerking off too, it will make you much more likely to take risks with women to fulfill that sexual need.
I'm an ugly little skinnyfat man with autism, a zombie-like countenance with horrible skin and teeth, plus a broken dick.

I'm going to the gym, getting my wisdom teeth removed and worked up for braces, drinking more water and dermabrasion for the skin, but I still need surgery to fix my phimosis and social experience before I can even think about getting laid.
The problem is all this is very expensive and the labour market has never been worse. I make 55K AUD a year and at 27 people aren't chomping at the bit to hire me. I need a career, but fuck knows how to jumpstart one of those at my age.

why are incels always assumed to be fat? im in fact very underweight

If you’re underweight you need to bulk and lift. Being lanky past the age 18 is just as bad as being chubby.

You're right but that's life. Not fair. Honestly the solution to me is death. A quiet ending and life moves on. I'm not doing that though since I get one life and it will come eventually. The real problem is diversion. Can't eat bad foods that give me a high, tv is boring, everything else is filler. Just work, sleep, eat food and die. And watch attractive people have it all.

Incels are in bad physical shape because it reflects their mental state.

What deodorant do you use?
What does aluminum do to your endocrine system?