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Not even death can do us part.
Our love for each other shall always be eternal.

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God i miss you so much, I want to talk with you, I want to see your smile, I want to hear your voice, I want you to be ok

I’m in a quarter life crisis manic break

>I want to hear your voice
Then we can't keep on chatting here forever.
You know what to do

I appreciate that you had the decency to give me a second date and tell me flat out that you don't want to date me instead of just ghosting me or leading me on, but it still created a deep pit in my stomach and made me want to die

No matter how long it takes, I will always wait for you no matter what.
im not impatient, not anymore.

I adore you and I really hope you feel the same way too.

Im already yours from the very beginning :)

I adore you more, you're too cute to be true.

Have to go now.

No. I don't know who you are.

My gf broke up with, and blocked me for ten days. Now I am apparently unblocked, but I have a date(?) with someone already because she's been kinda a jerk and I turned into more of one after years of bullshit. I want to at least get perspective and try and socialize without being a prick before hearing her out.

my dad won't visit my siblings (all younger than me) because he's having a birthday party for his stupid neckbeard son. his son is morbidly obese, can't drive, doesn't work, and is the literal textbook definition of neckbeard. he genuinely lives in his mother's basement and drinks mt dew. he groped the only gf he's ever had. he has a sister my age and even she thinks he's creepy.
my dad sucks but my mom is probably worse. i can't wait to leave next year when i have enough money.

Gift him a razor and shaving cream

Ok willpower, do your thing. I want to make it. Obsessing has never done me any good, its time to stop

GL fren

What are you obsessing over?


>he groped the only gf he's ever had
I thought that's what you were supposed to do.

Only you weren't supposed to be a worthless and fat piece of shit when you did it.

Damn. Mental health matters. It seems like every is losing their minds. Not just me.

I want gf.

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We gotta stop ruminating and be more action-oriented.

The love of my life found me when I needed her most. I was diagnosed with cancer and my ex left me a couple months before I found that out. I felt like love was over for me, life and everything that mattered was falling apart.
I thought about moving on and dating again while I’m fighting my illness. That was a bad idea because even though I had women interested, I can’t lie about my situation. The cool thing about being sick is you can see who your real friends are, and who isn’t worth the effort. If you just have one person in this world you can talk to and count on, you’re lucky to have them. My girlfriend is the only woman I’m not hesitant to marry, my ex gave these vibes she was only using me out of boredom and loneliness

Some warning for you people, god forbid if you’re feeling miserable for no reason and you’re always tired with easily bruised skin. Get your blood tested by your doctor. I went a year in a half with symptoms I thought was depression and exhaustion, ignoring my health because I had a broken heart. It’s not cool to neglect your pain, it just builds until it’s too big for you to live with. You need to get help when you’re hurting, I’m stubborn and learned the hard way.

I better not regret letting you and your family go. I am gonna leave like you asked me to years ago. Sorry I held on for so long I am a very stubborn person and don't like change.

What’s stopping you?

I'm just extremely shy.

I wish I had asked for her number..

I know...

When was the last time you drank?

Did you go cold turkey or are you whittling it down like an 18th century woodcarver?


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What sort of cancer?

No, literally liver. As in the food.

Time time time time time

Getting past the first date.
I'm not self aware enough to figure out why. It's a point of great anxiety for me, though, like there's not much else I actually want out of my life but a happy family, and I just don't know enough about women to get there.

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You are telling me that you do not have the willpower to not eat liver?

Or are you saying you need willpower to get the courage to eat liver?

It's kinda tough to figure out what you're saying here because both situations sound very silly to me.

I don't know how you feel about me.

You don't get it. Liver is my God.

It’s very good for you. There is some special diet that it’s in that I forgot the name of


May Liver be with you

I wish you gave a shit about my point of view

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Bone marrow

What is it user. Tell me. I'll listen.

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That's probably of the most fucked up kinds tbqh
Where was the tumor?

I have work tomorrow. I don't want to go. I'm tired of my work. After a year of hopping between temp employment agencies and various full time jobs, I went back to retail part time since it's a guaranteed job. It's been a year again though and I'm tired of it. Retail is depressing and energy draining. The work is stupid easy but that's exactly why I hate it. I don't care about the people, it's the endless monkey work and the crazy hours they give you. You never know what days you're off and what hours you'll get.

I can't do anything though. What company is going to pick up me? Every company I applied to ignores me. I have years of experience in drafting, engineering and machining. None of them pick me up. Not even the low wage jobs. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm stuck in the same fucking cage my parents have been stuck in for years now working and paying bills. Nothing else. I'm scared. I have to leave but I can't because of the bills. I can't.

Someone please help me. Has anybody here escaped that financial hole?

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I'm just so misunderstood, user. I'm being accused of being manipulative and that's just not the case. I really wish they cared about how I feel and that I would be thought of as an individual and not a character. An individual with their own opinions and their own way of thinking.


Right here bby *winks*

Looks like it's just not going to happen.

Im here now. it's good that you've let out your thoughts and expressed yourself so that I can be more aware and get to know you better.

Please do open up slowly until you can trust me enough for you to express your thoughts and feelings without any fear. even if it's negative.

I really want to cheer you up but I don't know how because we barely know each other.

Let me hear or atleast know your thoughts, please..
maybe someday. I don't know when, all I know is that i'll always wait for you even if it takes months, days or even years.

I will sleep well and I shall dream of you my wonderful amazing extra terrestrial

To dream of the stars
Yet he was from Mars
I cast away mankind
For spaceships than cars

You just have to say hi you know

Let us exclaim ayy lmao together as we fly away together to a whole new world my dear

Sounds bitchin'
Beam me the fuck up, Scotty

I’m genuinely upset I just had my one year anniversary. Apart from a nice necklace I gave my girlfriend, I gave her a frame with the movie tickets from our first date a year ago that I saved. I thought she would be head over heels over that cause I thought it was a really romantic gesture. And she just brushed it off like I had gotten her candy or something.

That's a really sweet gesture user.

Not even anal? That's pretty sad my dude

I wonder if I can really trust my recently recovered memories I repressed for so long. I don't know what to believe. It feels like something did happen, but what the fuck?

You can do it. just let your thoughts flow out m'kay

I knew how much she meant to me from the beginning. I just feel stupid right now. Like does she not feel the same. Am I just a sucker for love. I’m genuinely mad like I didn’t answer her call right now thinking I would just curse her out.


What's it look like?

Do you have any savings? You could maybe start a business but it would be tough.

apparently someone in my family is physically incapable of doing anything in his life without lying about it to other people. i still hold on to the irrational hope that they'll grow up, but the fucker is in their thirties so it's just not happening. this time around they tried to lash out at me for not keeping their secrets well enough, when i didn't even know they were secrets. well fuck you buddy, im not perpetuating your bullshit for you, and youre not gonna take me down with you.
im beginning to think my issues with trusting and opening up to people didnt just appear out of thin air.


Don't you dare die on me >.

*grabs you*
What do you mean what?

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Is it socially acceptable for a full time college student living on campus to be piss broke without a car of his own? People keep telling me that these things don't matter in the dating world, but honestly, I think they do.

I feel bad I wish I could take it all back. That was pure psychosis, I didn't mean any of it. I'm sorry.

It looks like a lot sensate fragments that sorta semi make sense in context

If this is for me. You don't have to apologize.
love you anonononon


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I want to bawl my eyes out like back then, but did I bawl my eyes out? Did anything happen? Am I making it all up? Am I crazy? I'm lost. Please help.

this is strange...
I'm falling prey to one vice or another and I'm starting to get tired of it

I'm always**

Everyone's always better at everything than me. I'll try my best and all I can manage for an exam is a B, meanwhile most of the other guys can get A's without even trying.
In multiplayer vidya, I try to have fun but fail to because everyone else is on a whole other level and the most I can do is walk out of spawn to get killed. I try my best at work but the boss always credits the other guys but not me. They get the promotion and I'm still here. Life sucks.

lemme hug you to clear those thoughts away.
We need to be positive

Fucking lonliness

I'm rather nonsensical. I know before you show me the truth...

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I don't mean to come off as preachy so I apologize in advance, but the first thing you're taught in rehabilitation is to take yourself out of the environments the vices are in, including your friends. Get rid of your drinking buddies because you'll be drinking with them, take another route to work to avoid the liquor store on the way, use a burner instead of a smartphone if you have trouble with pornography, etc.

Change your playmates and playgrounds.

Why are women so tiresome? First you annoy you with their shit, then force you eating pussy and get upset if you don’t want. Wtf with them? Annoying

At least your hand appreciates you, right?

Snark aside it’s much more convenient.

Sit on daddy's lap
Face me
Talk to me

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Bro, if you don't want to be my friend just tell me already, the silence only makes me anxious if our friendship is still a thing.
I don't even know if you ever considered me a big friend or if i'm just an old acquaintance who keeps insisting to hang out with you.
Just say something, please, so i can finally stop caring.

I'm handsome, smart, work out, and am considered to have a good personality, but I'm thoroughly unwilling to deal with the miserable pile of completely unrewarding bullshit relationships strike me as. Because of that, people sometimes look at me weird. Like they're suddenly being struck with the feeling something is wrong with the way I or they are living. Sometimes they get mad at me for reasons I don't understand. Why do they even care? How would it be so upsetting to them I'm just not that interested? They also like to give me advice I didn't ask for as well or try to set me up with someone for some reason as well.

I don't get it. What's the big deal?

You sound very gay desu

Dear dude! What do you want me to do so it doesn’t look like I’m ignoring you. I have a boring life, yesterday I just cleaned my house, washed my hair and ate dinner. I have little to no hobbies, I don’t go out, I have no friends other than you. What am I supposed to write to you taking into account that often times you ignore my texts? Also you have my contact as much as I have yours which means you could write me first. Stop treating me as an entertainer, moreover I’m failing to be as such because majority of time I have nothing to tell.

Christ, you’re acting more emotionally available than ever. Stop, stop! I don’t need it! I’m determined to move past you! It feels good but it’s dangerous. Don’t fucking hurt me!!!

I don't need anyone else. I don't need to raise a family, I don't need another relationship. I got the ones I got and they are special to me cause I learned all I needed to get what I want in life and now it's time to for doing and not hoping to rekindle young romantic fantasies. I've had love and now I want freedom.

I want to feel what it's like doing something meangful, I want to see other cultures, and I want to explore nature more. I want to fall in love with doing.

I can tell that I will die soon. This is the way it goes, the body just starts breaking down, system by system. It's my time. I expected this.

They always think they've got you all figured out. The conversation always starts off normal then start the "You know what's the problem with you?" and start going off about whatever nonsense they actually had going on in their head while they were nodding their head pretending to listen to you

you killed me
now you can be at peace


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