How do i make my teeth brighter/whiter

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baking soda.

Dental hygienist here.
Depends on your situation. Post a pic of your teeth.

Start with a visit to the dentist to get them cleaned and checked-out. Get on a good brushing and flossing routine. Use pre-rinses like Plax to break up any crud if it's accumulating. Avoid foods and drinks which stain. Don't smoke. After all that you might decide to either get your teeth professionally whitened or use a home kit.

Brush, floss, brush again, activated charcoal, brush again, and mouthwash.
like 2x a month
Also don't be a degenerative smoker, not even gay sweet clouds, nor a degenerative drinker that favors dark liquors.

Don’t use activated charcoal. It’s too abrasive and not ADA approved. It whitens your teeth by literally stripping off the top layer of enamel that has extrinsic stain which could be erased in much safer ways.
It’s like sandpapering your teeth.

Also the particles can get lodged under your gingiva and cause infection

All the other otc products do the same thing, it's just gel and chemicle or light vs mineral. Could go the ol hydrogen peroxide rinse route too if you are really poor.

No. They’re not the same. This is literally my profession.

Chemicals lighten intrinsically, abrasive products like what you are describing remove extrinsic stain, which is different than intrinsic stain.

RDA should not exceed 250. Many charcoal toothpastes and whitening agents exceed this and are too abrasive. Other whitening products, like prophylaxis paste which is used in office to polish teeth, has a RDA of below 250.

Also, lights do not whiten teeth. Heat and light can dehydrate teeth, making them seem whiter for several minutes after use, but those effects are quickly reversed once the light and heat are removed

>This is literally my profession
What's your advice or did you already post it ITT (or )

Yeah that was me.
I need to see the teeth to be able to give advice that is suitable to the type and amount of stain.
There are a lot of different ways to whiten.
Lush's boom! tablets only rate an RDA of 96.

What are you, exactly?

But again, it’s not ADA approved- meaning that it hasn’t been clinically proven to be effective.

And like I said, I see people all the time that come in with infected gums and charcoal lodged in their sulcus.

Not the best way to whiten your teeth when there are plenty of ADA approved methods that are just as cost effective.

I’m glad that they’re moving away from highly abrasive charcoal products- though.

I have a masters in dental hygiene education. I have 6 years of training from one of the top 3 dental schools in the US.

So what are you going to recommend as a general otc product with the most cost effectiveness, O' 10th out of 10 doctors?

Are you talking about a product for extrinsic stain or intrinsic stain?
Also it depends on what restorations they have/how many, what their occlusion is like, and a bunch of other factors. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

baking soda mixed with your toothpaste at night... don't use baking soda during the mornings or afternoons.. use to have fucking yellow teeth, never brushed them as a teen ager and drank coffee in my early 20"s like a feen then my dentist told me baking soda mixed at night with my normal toothpaste and less then 3 brushings I noticed a huge difference and a week later they were all most white... 2 weeks later pure white ... just keep in mind things like smoking, coffee and wines and so forth can stain teeth so limit them... hope this helps ya out some

Bleach. And one of those green scratchy pads. Bunch of pussies up in here.

>There isn’t a one-size-fits-all.
A complete care regime for the average american. Base it off of a medium amount of damage and at least a few cavities.

There are plenty of professionals that don't know the first fucking thing about their profession.

This shit works very well

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Best shit I ever used. Also crest pro health is the best toothpaste all around for health and whiting

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Take your pic

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