Where do I rank on this chart

Help me out bois

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sure go ahead and post your selfie

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you dont seem disfigured,
stop drinking soda and moisturize and wash your face daily

work out daily
stop wearing aluminum based deodorant/antiperspirant // stop drinking tap water
stop fapping

pay attention to nonverbal cues women give you
be confident, give them your social media if you're too scared to give them your number (Instagram/snap are the most popular here in California)

are you having trouble getting a date?
why are you making posts like this?

Keep a short haircut on the sides, start working out and stop worrying about dumb shit like this chart. This chart is not how real life works.

loose the acne and you can be sora/10

oops forgot pic

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Nice round 5.
Your trouble areas are mainly your
>uninteresting haircut
>generic shirt
>lack of skincare routine
>lack of nailcare routine (likely, it's blurry)
>emotionless eyes when you are supposed to be smiling

Just curious that’s all. Can’t decide if I’m attractive or not

it's not up for you to decide if you're attractive or not
you're not the one dating you
your potential mate is

Oof yeah ur right

Curology actually fucking works guys dont @me.
Also, OP you should be hitting the gym atleast 2-3 times a week. and get an adult haircut. Youd look like a 8/10 if you did what i mentioned

Just use proactive or cetaphil or someshit

I pity the autist that took time out of their day to photoshop this dumpster fire of a meme.

best part is how angry they get when you make fun of their shitty image


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By that chart, a solid 4.

Probably a 2 as a man. I've been told (by my mom and a few of her friends) that I look like a psycho/killer.

Oh, this thread was about *you.*
I'd give you a 6

You are maybe a ~5 Could be much worse.

Ok now I want to be rated

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How do i lose my baby fat face??
I lost so much weight but my face is still round as fuck.
Am i doomed to lose in life because i lost my genetic lottery roll?
Or i had to lose so much weight that i'm practically a skeleton?

I dunno maybe If you don’t want to look like a baby just try out different haircuts or clothes to look less like a basedbean

No your not doomed you just need to hit the gym now and change your style a little.


I feel like with a beard I’m a solid 8, perhaps even a 9, but without it, I’m that 2/10 creep/serial killer.

I already hit the gym and loses some of the weight.
I had never been more muscular and stronger than my currently is in my entire life.
Yet the baby fat on my face is not losing.
While i already went from wearing 42" pants to 34" pants.
Stop spreading meme.
Going to the gym is not a miracle magic that fix everything.

A man can fluctuate from 1 to 10 on charm alone.

Any of you anons, I challenege you to go up to an 8+ and talk to her as if you're the best shit she's ever met. Watch how her eyes light up with interest for as long as you can keep her imagination entertained.

These charts really frustrate me, but I do concede it's pretty accurate fornonline dating.

I'm a 6 and can land 7s to 9s(admittedly rarely, but then you rarely even see 9s anyway) but on tinder I get fuck all.

Working as a bar man is a good way to build coin drop charm, by the way.

You could destroy white girls with that smile lad.

I hate guys like you.


6, tbqh

Look like that cunt from Star Wars. Solid 7

My first impression is “serial killer”. Maybe because you’re forcing yourself to smile.

Good look, style your hair little and you’re a solid 7

Bit too much of the pretty-boi look

^ This

Get a haircut, workout, maybe not look like someone’s younger brother

I'm a girl and I find Ian Somerhalder ugly. There is just something about his jaw proportion that's off putting.

Totally agreed. He looks like a badly drawn vampire. Personally i need something more rugged and this chart disappoints.

My problem is actually the opposite. He does not look pretty. He looks like a cave man. His jaw is too wide and looks artificial to be honest. Like he got plastic surgery. Nice eyes though but I can’t get past that fucking jaw.

I was right! He did have jaw implants


I knew it.

Own it. This is my opinion, but if you look feminine/baby and try to pull off a masculine appearance you will fail. Short, short cuts will bring more attention to the roundness of your face. Don't be afraid to grow out your hair. Also, too many people with your problem try to grow facial hair and it often looks like shit. The 4 in that chart would look a 100x better without his shitty beard. Unless you can grow a full forest of hair on your face I wouldn't bother.

I'm a consistent 6/10 what can I do besides lose weight

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Skin care and don’t let your hair get so greasy. You’ll be fine.

you think emma watson is a ten so you're already deficient

Please stop breathing our air, retard.

Is it really that hard to rotate your stupid mugshots before posting?

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I guess we're a mini soc now?

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You got kik?

No. I asked for tips not dates.

Both are stress related but I also have freckles so ill never have that perfect uniform skin tone.. But at best ill have only one red patch if I'm not stresses and I'm vigilant.

Get one, it's really simple.
And here's a tip: shave your jaw, you got some hair sticking out, hehe.

Your eyes give huge emcel vibes

I have big eyes and if I'm stationary/candid I look sad but otherwise I'm told imvery animated

Babygirl, did you get kik? Tell me your user. And do you wear thongs?

I've never heard of freckles being considered a bad thing on a girl, always heard they made them look cute, did I miss something?
Then again: I also never got the whole "beauty mark mole" concept either, so it may be me.


I'd peg you.

Guess I forgot to actually ask for a ranking?
[spoiler]Personally give myself a 4.[/spoiler]

Whoever trust this scale is beyond help.

With glasses 7, without 8.
You look fine, there is nothing to worry about. Maybe cut your facial hair in a different way.

Yep, solid 4

well, shit, guess I'm going to have to try for contacts after all.
Any suggestions on how to cut it?

You're more like a 4.
But men will date you to shove their stick into your big tits and cum all over them

Based on the chart, 4. But the chart is also stupid, so you're more like a 7. Are you a softboy??

While you guys are at it can you rank me?

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8-9, but you got to do something better with that hair man, holy fuck

lmao I want to grow it out so that I can look like my hero cliff burton and be metal af m hair just keeps growing out instead of down though I might just have to lop it all off and go with a fuck boi cut.

>tfw rejected once again ;_;
She would literally be a perfect gf.

Take really good care of yourself so you don't wilt up. Exercise regularly, avoid processed foods and high amounts of sugar.

Well that's something, sounds like a plan. Would find a way to style it better in the meantime.

6, get a better haircut

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No you have to keep it

I'm a 3.5
I don't care though

5, need haircut.

7, good job.

6, also need haircut.

5 because you're greasy, but could easily become like an 8.

6, cute and look friendly.

7, could be potential model-tier but you also need a haircut.



You look attractive, you're just young and have a bad haircut.

>stop drinking tap water
replace with wat

>just be confident bro
indian and turkish guys are some of the most confident men on the planet yet most of them are incels.

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I'm assuming 5

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I would say 6 or 7 but as a man who isn’t homo how could I be a judge?

6. But you can become Ryan G level if you put in more effort. Drop the hat though.

4, no idea why you are getting high numbers.

Eye area is pretty good

5 if you do better grooming

Tired and emotionless? I don’t see the appeal

Where am I at?

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Wow Captain Absolutely No Standards
You saved us once more

if you take better care of yourself (skincare, get a haircut that suits you better) you could be a 7-8

How do I keep a girls imagination entertained?

Ted mosbey

I genuinely think everyone who posted is conventionally attractive at least in the pictures they took of themselves. I think if anyone passes any of you guys up, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Yeah I'd bend you over and fuck you

Guys want a manic pixie dream girl, so assuming that it goes both ways, you need to become a manic pixie dream guy.

How am I doing?

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Gatis Kandis/10

Megamind didn't make much at the box office, so not too well I think.