Do shrooms help with depression and obsession?

I've been feeling depressed, suicidal, and alone for about a year and half now. Every relationship I've had has been surface level. I have a misdemeanor for marijuana and a speeding ticket. That happened back in April and have pushed me to isolate myself even when I was trying to improve months prior. I live in Moscow Idaho and know this charges will follow me in my life, likely preventing me from obtaining any good job. I've got to counseling, spoken with professors, the police (several times), and called suicide lines every other week.
Looking for another light is all. No I don't think a women wants to date a criminal.

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Yes. I took LSD and it radically improved my life.

I'm talking mushrooms though user

Mushrooms have a specific chemical known to kill neurons so do other drugs but not shrooms they will make you really stupid.

Just take bupropion or get a prescription for Adderall, those are more likely to help you with depression and they could improve school performance and ability to study

I don’t think that a fucking misdemeanor for having weed is gonna keep you from getting a job user

If you have depression please try the right drugs such as a prescription for bupropion which is a real antidepressant.

Even once?
Dude Idaho hates weed and I'm screwed in this life
I don't want to get diagnosed with depression and I smoke a ton of weed

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>Mushrooms have a specific chemical known to kill neurons
Source or this is bulshit.

All drugs will kill some amount of neurons and shrooms isn't any more dangerous than other drugs in this sense

With a question like this you're gonna get a lot of pseudo-science responses.
Long story short the answer is maybe but I wouldn't count on it. Generally drugs aren't going to be a solution to your problems, you have to sort this stuff out yourself.

Listen to . I've used psychs plenty of times and they don't get you out of any unpleasant feelings. Meditation and deep breathing practices are honestly way better at destressing, sorting out thoughts, and gathering positive energy. Those won't cure depression either, but they're better steps than psychs.

A few acid and shroom trips and I never got these depressive episodes I used to get nightly anymore
Ymmv, its not a guaranteed cure

... mushrooms, LSD, MDMA and so on, psychedelic drugs are good for you and im not even kidding.
It goes without saying that the amount and how often you do something will do it bad for you!

Try them and see for yourself. Fear is what is holding you where you are.

“selective glutamate receptor agonist.[1] Because of this, ibotenic acid can be a powerful neurotoxin, and is employed as a "brain-lesioning agent" through cranial injections in scientific research.[2][3]“

Shrooms are so Neurotoxic that scientists use chemicals from fly agaric to induce brain lesions.

That doesn’t sound healthy

Those aren't the mushrooms most people eat, these are the toxic kind
Most people eat mushrooms with psilocybin which isn't nearly as toxic
>Psilocybin has a lowtoxicityand a low harm potential

Depends on the person. Mushroom and LSD definitely can give a moment of clarity but in 24 hrs you're back to your normal life, at least that's the way it was for me. Obviously some things were different but only time and experience could really fix my depression lol

coffein and glutamate are possibly way more neurotoxic than shrooms.

Can you elaborate?

>don't take shrooms they're dangerous
>take legal meth instead

Ok, kid

It can help people if you do it in the proper setting.. At this moment you seem distraught and I don't think you should be doing psychedelics if you are calling suicide lines.

Consider building your life into one where you can move to a legal MJ state. They will not care about an MJ offense. LSD helped me with obsessive hand washing, mushrooms helped with depression. But if you are suicidal you need to get better and read read read read read a lot about the psychedelic experience and about "set and setting"

nothing is effortless. a good trip can break you out of a mindset, but then you need to work not to fall back in place. Before you even trip start positive habits. gooming, cleaning, and positive affirmations, are a good start. you may want to move or travel aswell. sometimes people have reasons to be sad, terrible job, abuse at home, loneliness. Make sure to take care of your real life isuses. Now if you plan on tripping do it alone. I mean really alone like the woods. you are no longer the driver, and sober people are so very afraid of someone out of control. If you want company they should trip as well.

I do mushrooms once every 6 months. They really do help with depression and shittness. However, if you have a bad trip (harder than you think) it will stir with you extra bad.