How do I find a career

How do I find a career
Im 22. No job no license no life of any kind. I just want to find something fulfilling.

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Join up in the military!


Join the border gaurd. Or railroad police. Fuckin send er bud. Get a security job first for experience

Well. What are you? You should be what you are. Jobs are unfulfilling otherwise.

>railroad police
Oh that takes me back to my youth graffing up railcars in a yard. Those fatsos were so easy to outrun back then

I dont understand the question

I dont think thats for me.


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take an aptitude test or just start from something you already like... might have to go back to school. easiest careers to begin are the military, police force, peace corps, teach for america...

Reality is your first job won't be your dreamjob.

As soon as you accept this, is when you can start to work towards your dream job.

You have to really work towards a fulfilling and amazing job, its not just given to you.

What do you want to do? What do you like doing right now?

I was in your same situation, same age. I did security work because it needed license and small course so not every unemployed retard could apply but was high turnover enough desperate males like myself had a chance. I realized just how shit a career it was but at least it gave me money and workplace experience. I moved from shitty nightlife to work at a passable hotel and went back to studying. Now more than halfway to being a LPN, since nursing is a shitton better than security work for the rest of my life. Might get a BSN soon as I can and be a RN. I'm not sure if it's THE job for me but when I looked around it seems to be the most fulfilling and also decently paid job for me.

So for you

Get certs or a license for a shitty job not every unemployed fuck is spamming with applications. Work a few years and study in the meantime for a better job. Rinse and repeat.

Then I will suggest that you are a defeatist.

How? I just want a job i dont need more schooling for. I have a degree.

Beep boop I like reading and video games and music. I play bass. I like working out but i am skin and bones. I like cars but have no license.

I cant find one

I dont want to go back to school...

>How do I find a career
You have two choices.
You can try to take a guess at where you will be mentally in ten years and commit to a career path, or you can spend those years trying different jobs and meeting people to figure out where you want to be.
The obvious disadvantage with the latter is that you will be ten years behind curve compared to people who took that early risk and hit their career jackpot.

But don't worry, both you and those career types will both die like everyone else, alone inside your head with nothing but your philosophy and religion to comfort you.

You can always sign up for temp agencies. They'll do the job search for you and call you when they have a match for you to go interview and try out. Temp jobs let you try on many different career hats and some are temp to hire if you find one that you like you can stay.

Man life is worthless
Why are some people born with no passion

>I just want to find something fulfilling
HAH. Why on Earth do you think this matters?

Its the only thing that matters to me.

>no license.
You need to fix that.

22 no work experience, no internship or any shit like that, no diploma (kinda fucked now). Nothing to say "hey I know some stuff in that domain". No driver license so I have even less opportunities. I don't even care about passion or hobby anymore I just want some kind of minimum wage job so i can pretend to be useful.

Its hard

Only for a short time. Then, it is absolute power.

Become a drug dealer.

If you wan't to make more money then become a drug manufacturer and sell to middlemen suppliers who will in turn sell to drug dealers who will in turn sell to junkies.

The middlemen suppliers will usually buy in bulk for a cheaper price and will expect you to abide otherwise they get pissed. They are actually really easy to find, most of them hang about in nightclub toilets, just ask them to hook you up.

I would start off with hallucinogenic drugs as they are really easy to manufacture and can actually buy all the chemicals legally depending on where you live.

You will make around 123,000 - 147,000 in your first year (revenue). After that your buyers will become more trusting and buy larger bulks.

Never produce weed or other drugs that require artificial environments to grow as they take time, have distinctive smells, and are hard to clean up.

Good luck user.

Im not chasing money .

Just kill yourself and hope that your next reincarnation won't be such a faggot

Whats wrong with what I say