Can Bro's Be Trusted With Women

I have had 2 best friends in my life.

The first one betrayed me by trying to get with my gf in HS behind my back.

After college my second friend told my gf, "Why are you with him he has no ambition."

I was mistaken when I thought I shared a bong of brotherhood with these guys.

I got really lucky with those girls and they were very charming and pretty. But I would never betray a friend for pussy.

I was head over heels for a friend's gf one time and I kept that a secret forever. I never once crossed the line to disrespect his or her relationship.

Can guy friends be trusted? I have lost my closest friendships and I feel that it is hopeless to think they can be trusted.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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I had a best friend in HS who usually fell for the same girls as me, but we always made it clear pretty fast and agreed that whoever got it first wouldn't be fucked with regardless of anything. I think you friends were just despicable, untrustworthy people, but thats not everybody. I wouldn't do that shit to somebody, and I know plenty of people would be respectful enough not to no matter what.

You only discover trustworthy people through experience I think, so dont give up on anybody over that stuff happening, but never just accept something like that, even if you think of the friend doing it as a brother or something like that.

I see. Thanks for your response. I won't give up hope trustworthy friends I might meet in the future.

>bong of brotherhood
Get your shit together man

Didnt happen to me, but happened between some friends of mine (we were a group of friends).

There are people that can really be trusted. However, those are hard to find, you really have to be a good judge of character to properly identify who is trustworthy and who isn't.


my best friend is gay, can't betray me ezpz

Yea real bros are blood.

I trust them with my life.

You're insecure on some level. Realize your the prize and if they lie and cheat , their loss homie.

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>bong of brotherhood
Fix yourself.
But speaking from experience, I've been in situations same as you, and it has scarred me, producing some (a lot) trust issues. I also have a friend I've known for 20 years, he's never betrayed me and i trust him completely (and he moved to another country few years ago). Other good friends I trust with only parts of my life, no one knows me completely.
>But I would never betray a friend for pussy.
Loyalty is a quality I value the most and most people nowadays have none. (in friendships, in relationships, to countries) It's all so tiresome, I can't offer you anything helpful.

>Jesus christ, I hate nigger speak.
Ok tuff gia

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yea i had similar, we agreed who we will not go for or if nobody could step down, then it declared fair game and may the best win
nobody voilated the rules

Honestly, just get a gay best friend. A gay bro like a gym bro. They will respect your sexuality + space and wont hit on your girl ever.
My gbf was my best man at my wedding.

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I meant bond. Sorry.

I believe I am insecure when it comes to this. I would take pride in how I would carry myself in my friendships, but after being burned I lost confidence.

I am going to work on realizing my own sense of worth.

>Can guy friends be trusted?
>Has anyone had similar experiences?
Yep. A friend since middle school came onto my wife. Not my gf but my wife. She told me he tried a few times but she never said anything bc he was drunk. She finally told me after he tried to kiss her. I confronted him and told him my wife was more important. I never looked back at that decision again. 17 years of hard but working marriage and counting.
Also, yes, i have no close friends but I don't need bad relationships either

Damn. Sorry to hear that about your friend. I always thought men like that are weak willed.

I am glad you kicked him out and that your relationship is going strong.

It happened to one of my dearest friends too, OP.

This poor guy had a bro since young age and he would have never thought his friend could do smth like that. He was betrayed 3 times. 3 FKN TIMES.
The first was just a crush, and his bro simply stepped in and caught the grill attention. My dude didnt get mad, he just let it go and resignated.
The 2nd time he was quite infatuated by a new chick in our group, and again the other one showed up at a certain point and grabbed her away. Lel, my poor dude at the beginning thought it was being all a big joke... Anyway, he sort of warned his mate not to do it ever again, but I guess it was all a fake promise coming from him.
The third time occurred the big shit. He finally had achieved to get this new girl, and was pretty proud of it. I believe he began to love her at a certain point... But his crush wasn't of the same idea; she started looking for new adventures, and guess what? Who was waiting for a new opportunity to have freeeeeee sex? So it happened. My dude smelled the rancid shit from a mile and ran to threaten his mate not to do it, then asked him why, and eventually begged him not to trick him again. 2 months afterwards the cheating bro announced he was getting officially "engaged" with her.
They haven't talked to each other ever since, even if he broke up with her after 1 year...

Yes, it can be worse, a lot worse, dear OP.

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That really sucks. I hope you friend finds someone loyal to him.
I have known guys in the past whose entire life revolved around scoring pussy.
Out of 2 cases both of them were really shitty people. They were conniving and underhanded pieces of shit.

I had a friend that always tried to hit up women i hooked up with. It was super weird and we are of course no longer friends. But i do wonder what the fuck was wrong with him, like a very specific kind of fetish?

A friend of mine fucked my sister. What a scumbag...

Friends can be trusted, however most of you are bad judges of character. Here are some questions: Do you know their parents? are you invited to spend time with their family regularly? have they done fucked up shit to anyone? do you share the same taste? are they spending time alone with your partner? can they maintain stable relationships? have they changed? do they share your moral code? is your partner a flirt? have you pissed either off?

I think those kinds of guys have an inferiority complex because you won over a girl they feel they could not. And so they want to feel superior to you and "conquer" what is yours. That is what I always thought at least.

Truly a piece of shit.

I believe you are right about judging another's character. The hard part is that in some aspects the truth is not revealed until after the fact. These kinds of people often will lie and hide their sinister true intentions.

no man should trust anyone 100%
you can say you do trust them, but in the bck of your mind never trust a man around your gf or your kids.
its up to you to be smart enough never to let them be alone together.