Is sex more fun than videogames?

Is sex more fun than videogames?

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Depends on who you have sex with and the game.

why choose one?

Yes. Yes it is

good videogames > bad sex
good sex > good videogames

Videogames are easily attainable for everyone
Sex isn't

So I guess sex must be better

Sex is easily attainable for everyone

I've had some pretty bland sex which some games easily beat

Sex is harder than ever to get

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Sex is easier than ever to get. More men and women just choose not to have it because they prefer to stay inside and play vidya.

But you know this, gay psyopper.

According to my ex, probs not.

For the 3 of us on thread that have sex and also have vidya. Just like some vidya are not good, some sex is not good.
Inwould say good sex beats vidya cause when i with gurl and having it consistently i play alot less vidya.

If people chose to play games instead, doesn't they mean it is better?

>Sex is easier than ever to get.
Except it's more than proven it's not?

Since sex is painful for me, yes worlds more fun to play vidya.

Do you have inverted uterus? I had a girlfriend that had that but spooning sex, doggy, and in general from behind angles worked for her.

Ive dated several people, and i can honestly say that no. In my experience, video games are better than sex.

i can play whole day and fuck the gf in breaks
best of both worlds

Yeah. Me and my boyfriend do this kind of thing but it gets old really fast. Especially if we are playing games near my period and he tries messing with all my stuff while I'm playing a game I actually like. Tbh, I hate it. There is no romance or foreplay or making out.

As much as I love vidya it has produced someone that is obsessed with sex and the only drive he has is towards video games and complaining about having to work. I basically feel like I'm constantly entertaining a teenage boy.

Tldr; I need to shut up and break up with my boyfriend and return to my peaceful hermit lifestyle.

>inb4 that eharmony infograph

Except it has not been proven? Why do you keep lying?

Does the graph with declining rates and sex and this very board not tell you otherwise
I don't get why people push this "having sex is so easy!" when there are literal madmen killing women over not having sex.

Increasing rates of virginity is not proof that it's more difficult to have sex

Its proof that people have issues having sex.

People are choosing to have less sex. You know this and are just trying your pathetic gay psyops. Give it up, your lies will not turn anyone gay.

No it's not, it's proof young men and women are less interested in sex.

Then why are people so anxious about and why does the incel movement exist?

Stop lying retards, denying there is a problem is shortsighted.

Incels are a tiny vocal minority. People are not anxious about it. It's like you can't make a single post without lying.

Most people cope, that doesn't mean they don't feel anxious about it.
Obviously there is a problem here. We can argue how widespread it is, why it is happening, but the problem is here.

You ever masturbated son? Feels pretty good and now imagine it feeling even better.

Sex is like a drug, it always feels good. Games are hit or miss and general wastes of time that result in more frustration, anger, and mental suffering than they’re worth.

Sex is more fun.

Do you apply your same logic to everything in your life? Bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist? Climate change, authoritarianism?

None of those exist. Stop lying.

You claim there is a problem when there is none. It's because you are projecting your own insecurities on everyone else. The actual "problem" is that millennials aren't so interested in sex, despite it being easier than ever to get.

Projection is psychobabble you retard.

Why are they not interested in it?

Yeah, sex requires trying to get your partner in the mood and stuff. Video games require a bit of set up and running electricity. I choose video games.

I don't know, ask them? Millennials are less social and leave their home less than older generations. Many just stay home and play vidya.

No it isn't
There are many reasons why someone can be a virgin beyond issues having sex, therefore a graph showing an increased virginity rate doesn't prove that there's an increased difficulty in having sex
Basic logic

not really but fantasizing about sex sure is

True, actual sex isn't as fun as what you fantasize about.

Not at all, but it's subjective and really boils down to what you like
>turn on video game, play as long as you want, have good memories, make new friends (if on multiplayer), probably have a snack if you really want
>sex requires to meet someone to have sex with, messy, usually one partner is more selfish, not as good as what you imaged, people will want to know your "number", stds/stis, pregnancy scares because only abstinence is 100% risk free, an orgasm only lasts under a minute

So videogames are more interesting than sex?

>So I guess sex must be better
read not really
and that graph doesn't even consider how many men lied out of shame
>More men and women just choose not to have it because they prefer to stay inside and play vidya.
if you seriously believe this you are either incredibly retarded or you are super atractive
i wouldn't say "proven" since i wouldn't take statistical data as proof of the difficulty to get sex
it just means less people are having sex
it's proven that "less people are having sex"
>I don't get why people push this "having sex is so easy!"
because it's easy for them
you're right
you're wrong
>People are choosing to have less sex.
no retard we ain't having sex because we can't get someone to have sex with us,and we are trying our best
just because you can fuck with all the hotties out there it doesn't mean we can, they don't like us, you are just unaware of your own circumstances
>a single post without lying.
nigga lying doesn't mean saying untrue statements or omitting the truth, it is deliveratively telling things which you consider to be untrue
you don't even have to tell false statements to lie
>Incels are a tiny vocal minority.
incels as a mind state? yes
but i know a great amount of men who are still virgins well into their mid twenties and even 30s
ok you are trolling by this point
>There are many reasons why someone can be a virgin beyond issues having sex, therefore a graph showing an increased virginity rate doesn't prove that there's an increased difficulty in having sex
having sex =/= getting sex
>Basic logic
wow now i can disregard you as retarded

This depends on many things.

The more you play games or have sex, the more boring it becomes for you (though not necessarily unfun). If you never had sex, it's gonna be way better than games for you. Same if you never played a good game though this is a sillier scenario.

Also depends on how nervous you are about STDs and pregnancy. Some people get utterly fucked by this and sex just isn't fun for them, poor fellas. Games meanwhile have no risk.

Finally we have the obvious thing that some other anons pointed out - that both sex and games have varying degrees of quality.

Virgin != Incel
An incel is someone who belongs to an incel community and blames everyone but himself on his own failures. Like non-incel virgins he could get sex in many different ways but chooses not to.

those are bold statements for someone in cumshot distance

I wouldn’t know. My experience with sex is very varied and is most likely very different from yours., but here goes.

I’m one of those people who masturbate all the time. I’m also one of those people cursed with a dick as big as or larger than seven inches. Sex for me usually is only enjoyable during foreplay, because I know that I won’t cum when penetrating. It just won’t happen. Neither will it happen during oral sex because no amount of skill giving head makes up for having a mouth too small.

Sex becomes a whole grunting and groaning mess where for the first five minutes I think I have a goal in mind - sometimes pleasing the girl or sometimes trying to enjoy myself - but as I pass the five minute mark I usually weaken my grip on the girl’s ass and just “stand” there while she does whatever the fuck she’s doing. At this moment I start to question the actions that led to this point, and whether I should tell her that it doesn’t matter what she does, I won’t orgasm.

Sometimes, I last another five minutes or so trying to at least please one party, until both of us gets too exhausted to continue.

Due to only finding value in foreplay, I’ve tried to up my game, but again, it’s to no avail. I’ve come to the conclusion that no one brings you as much pleasure as yourself, and that’s the same thing for the girl. When you’re sucking her off, you’re competing against her, and that’s a race you’ll rarely win.

The good part is the cuddling afterwards. There are the times when by some mental leap in logic, the broad decides that I’m actually good at bed, so I get to enjoy the self-esteem boost until I prove myself otherwise.

Proof? What about men who lost their penises before losing their virginity? Are they voluntary celibates?

Men who lost their penises are fortunately very rare.

But that doesn't answer the question

Video games are boring af desu

Bf4 isn't

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How is it not?

Because it's not the same thing. And because it's a fact that getting sex is easier now than ever before.

>it's a fact that getting sex is easier now than ever before.
Prove it

Don't get me wrong I like sex, you definitely won't believe me but I've gotten my dick sucked by a girl that was on America's Next Top Model, again, there's no fucking way you'd believe me but whatever- I'm very nihilistic and I guess very gnostic/dosetic, sex is fun but it's kind of gross even if it's with a really hot girl. I'm 25 and for the majority of my life I'd rather have a good video game (preferably drugs actually) rather than sex. And again, as I stated, I've had unbelievable sex that I can't even bother proving.

The existence of internet. Using dating sites and apps people can find each other in ways that were not possible before. The number of potential partners that one can find is orders of magnitude greater than before.

>Using dating sites and apps people can find each other in ways that were not possible before.
>The number of potential partners that one can find is orders of magnitude greater than before.
and right

your premises are right, but your conclusion is not
women have always been the sexual selectors
that means that even tho technically both sexes have a greater exposure to potential partners, women will discriminate their options based of what they find to be the best candidates
men just play a game of numbers as we are less selective with our sexual mates
pic related, most men will agree that we find must women fuckable -the ones who don't are either gay or hypocrates-
before you say some bullshit about individuals having different tastes, you can't override nature, and what we find sexually attractive is what conveys better genetic traits
everything else is a matter of niche: you don't like goths or cowboys, you like attractive goths or attractive cowboys
so in this selection process the bottom of the barrel will be most probably discarded by the great majority of women since he's not at par with the other options they may have
and our standards are not fixed nor dictated by reason, but they are set accordingly to our available options
and since women have a much bigger sample to select from, over time their standards raise abruptly in comparison with what they would be in a real life environment
this doesn't apply much to real life tho, but this is why dating apps and websites are pretty much useless for the ugliest men
in fact, marriage was not only an institution for the better raising of kids, but it was the way they had to make sure every man would get a piece of sex, and in order to get it they had to work for it, effectively guiding men's sexual drive into a productive activity
in a completely sexually free society, this process of selection is almost identical to that of our primate ancestors
and only the best male in the pack could reproduce

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Competition between men doesn't exist. All men are equally attractive. Stop with the incel rhetoric.

And yet men have no problem at all meeting up girls online. It's a simple fact that any ordinary man has a way larger pool of women to choose from than ever before.

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>women have a much bigger sample to select from
Wut. Do men outnumber women 10 to 1?

>Competition between men doesn't exist.
nice retarded conclusion there
there's no competion within men, indeed
women are the ones who choose based of purely instinctive feeling
>All men are equally attractive.
nice cope retard
>Stop with the incel rhetoric.

And yet men have no problem at all meeting up girls online.
most men don't, indeed

>It's a simple fact that any ordinary man has a way larger pool of women to choose from than ever before.
you just said the same thing i refuted in my last post but with different words

>Do men outnumber women 10 to 1?
hookup apps and the like are mostly populated by men, so my point is still valid
and even if it wasn't the case, because we just indiscriminately send requests to any female that isn't repulsive, women have all of these guys available for them so they can choose who they want to get with, unlike most men who don't receive as many as requests as women
nice oversimplification there tho

guys i love arguing because it's fun to make arguments but it's not that good if you don't put the effort
>All men are equally attractive.
seriously? come on you can come up with something better, something like "men discriminate their options as well, leaving them to the less attractive males which in turn balances out the chances of everybody to get a partner" or some shit idk

>we just indiscriminately send requests to any female that isn't repulsive
that's a lie
see pic in

it was not a lie, it was a dumb simplification
however, that picture is useless since it doesn't indicate what is measured in the y axis
>inb4 messages percentaje
yes retard but there's a difference between % of the totality of messages by attractiveness and % of men messaging by level of attractiveness

anyways, that picture confirms what i previously said: the attractiveness curve peaks at almost the lowest x value, so for most women, at least around 80-85% of men are less than medium and around 50% are not even considered fuckable, compared to the men's perceived female's attractiveness which is a much more fair distribution

Absolutely. But you can’t pummel a girl for 8 hours straight so i do both.

It’s easier than ever to get laid. It can’t even compare, it’s like getting laid hit the singularity when dating apps popped up. But some surveys (although surveys aren’t reliable data) suggest the younger generations have less sexual partners than the previous.

you're just going in circles man let's argue about something else in another thread instead

You’re describing this entire board. What else is there to do here?

Millennials have less sex due to a multitude of reasons, mainly socioeconomic.

You say I'm right in one of posts and call me a retard in the other lmfao

Because how common virginity is and the difficult of sex is to obtain. For example you could explain it as people choosing to save themselves for marriage (it's probably not this but it's just an example to illustrate the point).

Sex is more fun than ANYTHING

Millennials have insane amount of sex because they grew up before dating apps. Now they fuck like crazy. I don’t know a single millennial who isn’t fucking on a weekly basis or in some poly/kink thing. You’re mixing up the generations.

>An incel is someone who belongs to an incel community
Maybe you should find out what an incel is before you post again

>Dodging the question

if you can't come up with an idea of why i would say you are right and call you a retard in another post then you are indeed a retard

I'm pretty sure you're an incel

I lost my virginity not long ago, and it was not the great joy I thought it would be at all. And it was with a lovely girl, we chatted a lot, she has a hot body, and still it just felt 'meh'. I did cum eventually, but it required great effort from me and even then, it kinda felt like ejaculation without orgasm. Not sure if the condom's the culprit, my inexperience (we did several poses tho), or my penis has some problem maybe (had phimosis back then as a kid), but it was not that awesome, fapping can feel a lot better actually.
So yes, I'd say a good round of Dota 2 or CS:GO, HOMM, etc. can be better actually.
I might be wrong tho obviously, so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

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Your body is just too used to masturbating. The more sex you have, the more you will condition yourself to finding the pleasure in sex. I went through the same thing, started out wondering "Was that it?" then kept fucking and now I'm at a point where I can't even enjoy fapping that much because it just doesn't compare.

Lol. No.

I second this completely. Fapping and porn does nothing anymore. And my performance in bed has skyrocketed. I get harder and last way longer now.

Statistics disagree with you.

Sex is easier than ever to get, but you're part of this cringey generation that can't even look a woman in the eye. It's bot the sex that's hard to get, is the fall in your head you took as a retarded kid choosing to play videogames all day. I hope you'll never get it, incel

Not more fun than WoW in the TBC era.

What's it like being at the top?


Pretty good. But then again anyone can easily get sex these days. I'm just lucky in that I can choose to only have it with top class girls.

Yep, sure is easy. Glad you said so because now I believe it. Thanks m8

>it's a fact that getting sex is easier now than ever before.
Who made you the arbiter of truth. You realise you need quantifiable evidence to claim something is fact. At best you've offered your opinion.
Not even a virgin but I would not say it's easier to get sex, prostitution is one of the oldest form of a job there is. Men have always been desperate for sex, and since they still exist nothing has changed on that front. However as user your arguing with points out the modern platforms are bias towards female tastes. Pretty much all males are going to swipe left to any female that isn't repulsive meaning most females will have just about and endless pool of potential partners being able to pick the ones that are most visually stimulating. I am actually a rather attractive person and have been told so by man people both randoms and people I know. Have had no luck at all on dating sites what do ever. I do better meeting people, which is sort of hard to do these days unless you a club rat.

You're welcome. Now take another look at your tinder account and make it a bit better. You'll get even more girls.

>Not even a virgin
But you use incel arguments
>Men have always been desperate for sex
No. Men have always had sex.
>the modern platforms are bias towards female tastes
No. Whatever gave you this idea?
>most females will have just about and endless pool of potential partners
No. Do you seriously think high quality guys will want anything but high quality girls? Females will have an endless pool of low quality garbage tier males, yes. But that's it.
>I am actually a rather attractive person
>Have had no luck at all on dating sites
Sounds like you made a really shitty profile. Looks are just one thing, but you need to not be a boring autist.

The graph is kinda shit, but I wonder what made it spike in the past. Economy?