Can you still be happy by yourself later in life?

Can you still be happy by yourself later in life?

Asking advice around here I've come to the realization that the experience of being completely invisible to women isn't at all something common and that I'm basically fucked beyond any chance of improving, so the question I have is if it's possible to be happy later in life when the whole area of relationships and ships is unknown to you?

Right now life is bearable and I'm even somewhat happy when I try to not think about the subject, but I'm thinking about my 40s when I've been living in the same home alone for 20 years and have nothing to look forward to and it gets harder.

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Why give up without trying?

Why seek happiness? Rage, o, rage, against the society that has cursed you.

I tried but without success. I lost 30 pounds or so, noone so much as commented on it. I forced myself to go to more social events, it did nothing. I started getting haircuts more often, grooming better, taking care of my skin, again the only one who noticed any difference was me. I am just as invisible and have the same "loser aura" around that I've always had. I've just about given up on socializing with anyone who isn't my mates.

So in other words you gave up without trying.

Is happiness the proper goal for life?

Just drop your "haha im better than u" and be done with it

If not happiness, then what?

All you did was get yourself to the bare minimum that everyone else has. You have never once asked a girl out, right?

From all I've heard it gets harder with age. You may choose it deliberately as a spiritual path and make something of your life. But you will suffer.

Wrong. It gets easier with age.

Who knows friend? I’m currently 23 and it’s already harder than when I was 20. My current plan is to get a doggo as replacement for social relationships.

>If not happiness, then what?
Bringing the fullness of good into Being, by voluntarily bearing the weight of self consciousness and transforming pain, suffering, and death into excellence, virtue, and life.

I have a puppy and it helps. Granted I'm not going entirely isolated, just not having the heterosexual relationships part fulfilled.

This is what scares me the most. Being in my 40-50s with my parents dead, only my sister and no family of my own. I think at that point I'd seriously start considering offing myself.

Up to a certain point. But wait until you're 60.

There's a long way from 20 to 60 you know.

Yeah. Ample time to make something of your life and prepare for the future.

Most people aren't even in shape

Maybe in Burgerland.

Yes, you can be happy by yourself. I have lived a long life and have in practice never even held hands romantically, though I will admit that in my youth I had a semi-arranged marriage and that we unsuccessfully tried to consummate it. We did not even touch each other during the following years, nor did we speak much, and in all practical terms I was already alone.

I was the only one in my circle that did not have children by twenty-five. There is no use sugarcoating how it felt at the time. It was an awful feeling, above all because I had been dreaming of a life with that girl long before I first spoke to her. I had been watching her, convinced that if we were together, the world as a whole would be a better place for us. It was a different time so I was able to marry her without dating or much courtship, but as I said, we did not do any of the things that married couples do. It drove me down a dark path but finally I accepted that it was better this way.

Any doubts I had left were gone when my peers' sons all died in war and I was the only one spared that heartbreak. That was when the instability of the cycle of life and death truly hit home for me and I was glad I was alone. I will also admit that when they bonded even tighter over their shared loss, it was painful to be an outsider.

Thinking back to that time still brings tears to my eyes, both because it marked my final separation from the group I was so close with before that we called each other brothers and because I feel like I did not learn a valuable lesson that they all did. Ultimately, I am still glad that my marriage was unsuccessful and that I have lived a life of a loner because I have not gone down any paths I may othewise have gone. Those paths would likely have been full of pain, whereas now I have lived a life largely free from pain.

You can find happiness and meaning in your life by yourself. It may take time, but live as if you had all the time in the world and you very well may.

Interesting perspective. Do you mind telling me how old you are and what country you’re from?

>If not happiness, then what?
In order to live a meaningful life, start doing thing that have meaning.
Happiness is not a state you reach after doing x y and z. If you are only happy when you are on vacation, you will become miserable the rest of the year.

I'm currently in my seventies but feel and act much younger. The majority of my acquaintances are in their fifties or younger, though I do also maintain contact with those of my old friends who are still alive. I believe my youthfulness largely stems from how I have lived my life and the fact that I have avoided many of the tragedies that most would have experienced by this age. Another part may be my usage of the Internet and the sustained learning of information that I could not have even imagined to learn in my youth, and I was a teacher. The amount of information available online will never be short of astonishing for me even if younger people often take it for granted.

I wouldn't mind telling what country I'm from but I have come to learn that on this site, and indeed the wider Internet, people do not like my country and many tend to reject anything said by users from within its borders. In all honesty I do not like my country much either when it comes to politics, but it is my ancestral homeland and I do feel blessed to be able to live here after so many generations. That should be enough information to know exactly which country it is, but I prefer not to type it out for several reasons in addition to the ones already mentioned. One reason I feel obliged to mention is that in strict terms I am not a member of the majority, as in I do not identify with the religion and while I am on paper considered to belong to the titular ethnic group, I do not look the part.

He's right, though. At least one country on every continent has an obesity epidemic, not just the USA.

Threadly reminder that these meek, depressed, and sad about not having a gf are the same mentally ill incels who are calling eomen whores and subhumans in every other thread around here. Carry on