Did u kno commenting on Instagram its ok to be white is consider as hateful

Did u kno commenting on Instagram its ok to be white is consider as hateful

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Yes, it's an inherently political (and probably intentionally racist) statement when placed in the context of everything else about "whiteness", race, identity etc. Words and actions don't exist in a vacuum.

Does that mean it is not okay to be white?

Are you asking permission?

probably the best psyop Jow Forums ever came up with. Seriously effective.

No, you dipshit. I'm telling you context matters for statements, and that being crypto fash sure is a great way to spend your 20s, I'm sure. You're not being clever.

So it is okay to be white?

You may call it what you want. It is a legitimate reaction to increasingly normalized anti-white racism.

the only people that post this are trying to cause shit so to answer the question if you post this it’s not okay to be you, specifically

"people are mean to me therefore i'm subject to structural and institutional inequalities based on the fact i'm white"

I don't remember saying that
You may choose to believe whatever you want, but a large number of people perceive it that way.

Anti-white racism is a meaningless phrase, understanding what racism is.

kill yourself
it's OK to be white was always meant as a jab to niggers and lower races that they will never be white and that whites still exist
which makes most races seethe
brown people think it's not okay to be white
but brown people have only been weights attached to the legs of white people
so whatever
you know what hurts progressive brownies the most? a white man laughing at them
it hurts them fundamentally
a happy white man who doesn't need any minority around him
so instead of bait threads
be a happy smiling white man and make every brown person in a 5 mile radius seethe

What is racism?

This. White pride is inherently racist and should not be tolerated, least of all now. Maybe in the future it can be tolerable if white supremacists grow up, but we all know that's never going to happen. White supremacists are absolute morons at the level of a first-grader and should be treated as such, or rather how first-graders used to be treated.

Why now?
Should black pride be tolerated?
Also your estimation is factually wrong, there are plenty of highly educated, intelligent white racists, both currently and historically.

if thinking about this shit from one side or the other is a takes up any part of your day or a concern for you i consider you a npc

>posts a thread on adv
>doesn’t ask for any advice
Kys polfaggot

It seems like you have some unresolved mental issues. The post said nothing about other people, just that it is okay to be white. The jab at other people is in your head, not mine.

Join the 40%

I didn't know Jow Forums was filled with so many libtards

Probably the most pathetic and thinly veiled attempt at gaslighting I’ve ever seen. Thank god the left is years ahead of morons like you when it comes to understanding psychology. You’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.

It is ok, though

You guys are some fucking retards

Until it your kids getting mowed down by a fucking weapon by a white fucking Trump loving racist I just hope you all fucking die.

tumblr thread

Seriously? This place is retarded. People get angry when I tell them not to chop their dicks off here.

Nah I've literally had people tell me "you don't know what racial profiling is because you're white."
>She says while profiling me.
Bitch I'm Japanese Italian. Also I just got profiled because of my skin color. What else is that?

>people are abusive to me therefore I am being abused

I didn't know. Isn't it ok to be white? I'm white. Please advise. Anybody? And is it okay to spell okay as ok?

there is no brown people
africa has thousands of ethnic groups, each different from each other
melanin is also not exclusive to africans
you are fucking brainwashed
time to get out of the house more

there is no 'white pride', literal amerimutt invention with no real ethnic meaning
there is also no 'white people', white race does not exist, it's a burger notion

everywhere in the world there is ethnic pride, and it is tolerated
polish pride
russian pride
spanish pride
catalan pride
italian pride
finnish pride
I could go on forever

time to turn off CNN and learn about reality, you little faggot

eye did knot no that.

>le prejudice + power
no it's not
if you start your """opinion""" with a skin color then it's racist.
But the real question is: is it, or is it not OK to be white? No deflections, no bullshit. Yes or no?

But it's not ok...

reported. gr3

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When I grew up nobody asked "Is it okay". I feel so sorry for you all.

Why do people hate the white man so much

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it's just that particular strain of white people, the retarded kind living in the US. white pride is perfectly acceptable, white supremacy is not

So far ahead of racism the left is the majority of racists again.
The KKK was originally Democrats remember?

You realize the past isn't the present, right?

the kkk are now republicans. and so is the alt right and neo nazis. try again

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How is this Jow Forums related?

I don't think "brown people" usually refers to Africans. More like Hispanics, Indians, and Middle-Easterners.