How did you meet your significant other

Since just asking how to get one doesnt work

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Right here on Jow Forums

Mutual friend at a party

My friend met his wife on tinder, i'm going ti be 28 end of the month and ive been using all of the sites. I been meeting,fucking. Dating alot but am hoping to meet someone who wants longterm too. So far theyve all been too young for that kind of thing though.

Im 100% serious. We met drawing naked people.

In college, we took a figure drawing class for our major (illustration).
We had to draw naked people for 3 hours each class. I couldnt help but notice my S/O because from across the room, they kept staring at me from behind their easel. Like, not even trying to hide their stare at all.
I stare back too cuz dayum. Theyre better looking than any of the models we drew that entire semester.
Pretty soon we move our easels together and start drawing next to each other, giving each other tips. During lectures, we sat next to each other. Then started eating lunch together during class break.

Then we started talking about hentai and pokemon. Next class period, they drew a shiny version of my favorite pokemon, which i always have on my team in all my games. They wrote their number on the back.

We went out on a date and 1 yr later we moved in together. Now we have been living together for 4 yrs making glorious art. Ok well, not GLORIOUS art per say.
They draw bara art and i draw hentai for a living. So technically, we still draw naked people.

Ironically, we have drawn each other several times but never naked like the models we drew in class.

Your gender and your partner's gender?

We are both men.

I have dated several women and men before him. He has dated several women before me and I am his first man, but his longest relationship.

On a cruise. I was playing my DS and he called over to me from another table and asked what I was playing.

I've met 2 through tinder that ended up as relationships

This right here really helps break the ice. Video games are more popular than ever and if your under 35 yrs old, then chances are you can relate to a potential date using conversations about video games.

You hear that a lot on Jow Forums, did you meet through /soc/ or did you run into one another on a discord server?

Literally had the worst two years of my life meeting a female from Jow Forums. Married to okc

league of legends

Flatsharing. Bitch ended up breaking my heart anyway.

Cutie worked at Subway. Went up to and got her number, been in a relationship for 2 years now

We met at work.

"Don't shit where you eat" bla bla, I know the drill. Sometimes it works though, especially if your current job is not that important and you can easily find another one if things go south.


I created one in my imagination but even she was disinterested

my bf at the time introduced us

Walked up to her on the street and said hi. Been together for about a year and a half now.

Based whore


After two failed romances in there, I guess third time was the charm. And this one is a dream come true, a sweet nerdy girl.

Still 90% of bitches in service are just attention seeking used goods with daddy issues. Approach with extreme caution.

Playing FFXIV.
I'm on the fence about it when it comes to my feelings 2 years into it now.
She can be the sweetest girl but then turns into a person with a princess complex. That shit gets wearing.

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you cannot help you you love

I know.

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other than meeting up to talk and making out once I didn't cheat before breaking up with my bf. The first time I met my SO I knew so I didn't really want my bf to be sexual with me from that point on because I felt I was cheating on the guy I really needed and wanted.

I met her on Tinder. We live together and we're gonna get married. Best person I've ever met and best sex of my life.

how many other tinder hookups did she have before your match and has she closed tinder her profile?

You don't have to rationalize your actions to me. I don't know you or care about you and your whorish tendencies.

At a bar. He was staring at me and I thought he was so beautiful I approached him first, so it was pretty easy

but you imply I cheated and I didn't and I took a leap of faith and broke up with my bf before having sex with my SO.

It took a whole week to break up and my bf kept trying to convince me to stay with him so I finally had to tell him I loved someone else and felt dirty and like a cheater when we had sex and couldn't do that anymore.

My SO never said anything but assumed I was still having sex with my bf (only twice for two months though and I cried after) and I could see it was killing him inside.

gay bars are like that

Again, you call it whatever you like and justify it in whatever way puts you at ease.

In a mental institution after I tried to kms
I left my abusive husband shortly afterwards
Then he scooped me up and rescued me

Im doing better
He's not

I'm a woman, plus I doubt many gays who at least meet at bars tend to have long lasting relationships

She had gone on dates with 2 -3 guys before me but didn't fuck any of them. She has definitely closed all of her profiles and cut off contact with her ex. I've had access to her phone and verified everything. She's about as good of a girl as you can find these days.

Your ex-bf was a total cuck. How dumb do you have to be to introduce your girl to other dudes. Everyone guy ITT should take note; keep their whorish tendencies on a short leash or you pay dearly

You left out the part where you cheated on your husband(the man you made a sacred vow to) the day before you gave him divorce papers. Hope you're ready for hellfire

It's basic knowledge I thought but it becomes obvious in half the threads on this board that most "men" are fine being cuckolds, are too naive to know these things, or genuinely trust women.

Very few men are into cuckolding. Stop projecting your own fantasies on others.

It's good I gave alternatives, isn't it then?

You are a very angry young man.