My mother annoys me so much, she gets angry easily and shouts at me, what to do?

my mother annoys me so much, she gets angry easily and shouts at me, what to do?

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dont be like her and stop getting annoyed by her

It's difficult because I'm oversensitive
should I go to psychiatrist?


get her some super relaxing tea and an appointment for a massage. she can chill out. it's often stress related.

but she's like this since I remember

stress builds up user.
being a mother increases it ten fold and women in that generation were taught to supress it thus they explode. if she gets a day to herself sometimes with no stress it will help.

but she is jobless so she has many days for herself

does she really? what does she do?
how old are you?

buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, taking care of bills, laundry, anything else is not free time. and you likely don't know the whole story.

Move out as soon as you can and break contact with her. Until then, try to ignore her as best you can. Good luck.

Not a good idea. She is behaving like a child. Don't reward it.

If you feel the need, yes you should take therapy. Medication, no.

You are all retards except for like one user. Op is obviously under age, does nothing to help and wonders why his mother is so unhappy.
I grew up with an angry mother and now me and all my siblings have moved out she is pleasant. You would probably be pissed off all the time if you had to pick up after a lazy teenager constantly.

Im 18
So what should I do? If I do something and it's not correctly she shouts at me, but how the fuck can I learn when i am stressed because of her


Ignore her and move out, that's what I did with mine. Now we're cool and every time she gets angry I just leave.



Get a rifle

Stop doing what annoys her

>So what should I do?
Ask her how you can help out around the house?
Is it really that hard. Or do as other user said about treating her to a day off.