What are women attracted to?

I cannot understand what in the fuck are women attracted to. Some times I believe they want chad until they pick some random loser and reject chad. At other times the incel memes come 100% true. And some other rare occurrences I get laid but I don’t understand why.
What attracts women then? So I can be that

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A small, almost negligible amount of chance and subjectivity overlaying a large and unshakable foundation of objective attractive criteria

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Nice smile, sense of humor, great conversations, polite, not a man whore, nice face, head on shoulders, hard worker. That's it, rest are just bonuses.

Face, height, frame. If those pass it's mix of your personality and compatibility.

But sometimes women are just insane.

Women have different tastes. Some women are attracted to certain traits that others are not. But incel memes are never true.

I prefer a half point down from chad at the very maximum due to the chad syndrome making most highly attractive men retarded/psychopathic.

Sometimes we want so save a loser, sometimes the stable comfort of nice mr steady our mothers insist is best and sometime we want to live on the edge with a hot badboy. Admit at times I dated them all including a loser/badboy I am still hung up on though I haven't seen or talked to him in years.

Just assume they are attracted to you and show them your dick.

It quite literally depends on the girl. Much like how most guys aren't attracted to the same stuff, most girls also look for very specific things.

All you gotta do is ensure that you're fairly sociable and don't look like shit. After that it's just a waiting game until you find someone or someone finds you.

Wow, it's almost like women aren't a hivemind!

Women love social clout. Why do you think they go for sports players and frat Bros? It's because they have tons of connections. Not saying you need to join a sport or a fraternity. Just try and build your social circle and make connections.

Wow its almost like we're individuals instead of some conglomerate hive mind

Not surprising and as an incel I can't blame you. I'd do the same. Although I would argue a truly hilly attractive male would necessarily not be retarded/psychopathic.



Well, not met.

First off, incel theory is just a crock of shit. It would be like asking a vegan how to cook a steak. In reality women are attracted to a guy with good self esteem, who is strongly passionate but also light hearted, ambitious, positive, and genuinely kind hearted.

Short answer money

Long answer resources

The only universal thing all women like is a man with power. Because that gives them stability, and they all have a biological urge to seek stability.
But "power" is highly subjective. It does not only mean money. Social dominance over your peers is power, for example
Self confidence, passion and the ability to hold a conversation are all signs of power

As far as I've seen, I'm batting 100 so far.
I'll give you one doubt that they are usually extremely used to hiding their stupidity/psychopathy. Because who else would ruin their own image that way? If they're open about it, they quickly find out that people won't stick around them except to abuse them.

>says incel theory is a crock of shit
>completely seriously goes on to generalize women

That's fair enough, but I'm saying a genuinely highly attractive man (as in an actual 10/10) would not be like that whereas it's probably common for 9/10s to cover these things up and appear to be 10/10s

It’s almost like different women are... DIFFERENT???

In all seriousness though OP what is your goal here? Are you trying to attract high quality women or just a large quantity of women?

High quality stable women are not going to fall for pick up artist shit. They choose good men who are handsome, kind, and dependable. Women like that look for characteristics like : loyal, hardworking/motivated, honest, physically attractive, social, in-shape, intelligent, mentally well adjusted, patient. These women usually possess those qualities themselves, are usually slightly prudish, and are rarer.

However most women have SOME Kind of issue (as do most guys desu) like insecurity, daddy issues, narcissism, etc. those girls are drawn to more of the “pick up artist” characteristics like playing hard to get etc and are more likely to have casual impulsive sex (usually to try to “win over” the guy)

Your point is?

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Incels are attacked because they generalize women

Incels are generalized because they attack women

Everyone can be generalized at various levels. It only becomes an issue if the generalization becomes an inaccurate representation of the majority of the group being evaluated. The reason I say incel theory is a crock of shit is because they are sourced from individuals with no credible experience in the field of relationships and are used to distract from the real issue which is their personalities. From what I've seen, the source of their dislike is more often attributed to their immature worldviews and without a doubt their sociopathic views and actions on others. Incels being attacked because they "generalize women" isn't a very productive view on incels because as I hinted at before, generalizing isn't inherently a bad thing and it doesn't provide an explanation on why they are that way. And besides, isn't claiming that incels generalize women a generalization in itself?

You don't have to be the best guy in the world, you just have to get your life sorted out, a good deal of love and self respect, stand out a little by being a leader in something, have fun, be a man of action and do your mission your priority.

You need to have ambition and always seek the next level, this is the secret.

Women are attracted to both successful men and men of great ambition, an ambitious man with a promising future is extremely attractive to a woman.

One of the greatest wishes of women is to be part of their journey, they love to closely follow the evolution of a man.

It’s easy being a winner, that’s why it matters so much. The easy way is the main road for normies. like you mentioned there’s other roads, and sometimes having a dream with big goals is enough to build a life on. Everyone has something that inspires them, what you do with that energy makes you either boring or interesting.
Most people are boring because it’s healthy.

>It's ok when I do it: the post

>What are women attracted to?
Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice", apparently.