How is it possible that all these women around me have gotten to travel around the world and the furthest I've ever...

How is it possible that all these women around me have gotten to travel around the world and the furthest I've ever been able to travel is 3 states over to stay with some relatives on Christmas? I see all this stuff on social media and tinder like "free spirit and traveler - London, mexico, spain, australia" and it makes me feel like I've lived an empty life for never having left my small midwest village

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Daddy's money and loans.

Same. I have wanted to travel for years now and the fact that 18 and 17 year olds can go to Europe right after graduating high school makes me want to explode. I don't even want the money I know they have (or don't in the case of loans). I just want to experience somewhere new. I might finally be able to pull off a trip to some cheap trash country in SEA next summer but that's not entirely what I had in mind all these years

I really feel like I'm missing out on experiencing something but I don't even know what it is. I think this small town just has me tired, I've lived in it for my whole life and I know it like the back of my goddam hand

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I go country driving and bar hopping. It's enough.

Yep. I've lived in South West PA (Pittsburgh mainly) for 22 years, with a short stint in Virginia. The furthest I've traveled is Florida, but I've visited NYC, Ohio, and west Virginia too. My family is poor as fuck so we always did free shit in those places and maybe go to amusement parks. I love them for trying and those vacations are some of my best memories but after a while it all runs together and feels the same. America is mostly just strip malls and the only difference in culture you'll get is a varied amount of non-whites depending on where you go. I want to see something that is supposed to be genuinely different. I'd even settle for Mexico but I just cant swing it.
I know, I know. Just make money, bro. Just become wealthy. I'm working on it, but this doesn't help me cope with knowing people younger than me get to go to amazing places all the time

One of the smartest things I got told to do was get a credit card with flight advantages. I have both the Southwest and American Airlines cards, and I put every expense I gave on them, and pay them off monthly.

Haven't paid for a flight in years.

At the end of the day, it's also about your will to do it. My buddies and I used to do summer road trips and I don't think any of us ever had more than a hundred bucks in our pockets. It's not international travel, but it's fun.

A lot of people save up all their money to travel. It helps if you have someone subsidizing your life (parents giving you free room and board).

One of my friends does this with his now wife. They live an otherwise extremely frugal lifestyle in order to be able to afford travel. Both started doing this when they were pretty much working mcjobs but have managed to build up decent careers where they now have more than just a subsistence income.

credit card
then just marry a cuck to pay for it

You'll probably find that they don't have two bucks to rub together (unless someone else is paying for them) because they blow literally everything on travel, even if they should spend the money on something more important.

I've known a few traveler types, when they're back at home base they're practically bums until they get a few hundred to buy the cheapest plane ticket possible and they're gone again.

There are these shieks that pay them so they can shit on them. Open up say ahhhh here come the goat balls. 40 g’s if you suck the sacred nuts. Of course your average American woman won’t bat an eyelash to do this. She says where and when.

Not before a guy from each country gets in her pussy first ol sport

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Jesus I feel u Op, 21 year old girls telling me abt traveling the world meanwhile I’ve never left the country at 25. I fucking work constantly. Don’t have family support. I do everything on my own

Shit fucking blows, I dare anyone to say women don’t have it easier what a joke

The problem is that you are using social media. Get rid of that shit and your life will improve massively.

Incel. You have literally no idea what it's like having to live with content approaches from undesirable men like yourself

Sorry, I'm fired up

Cheap traveling and parents money is how that usually works. And if they are attractive people will give them tickets and travels for dates.


They can fake their trips.
If they have insta they but followers and likes and get a sponsor deal and make a post in exchange for a trip or some cash. Men can and do do this too. Work the system.

It's not but keep living in fantasy land where men somehow have harder lives than women

Whats so good about traveling

For most of these women, it's literally just the prestige associated with going somewhere exotic and taking photos of yourself at the Eiffel Tower or with an elephant or something
You can definitely grow as a person by going to other places and seeing different cultural aspects and ways of life firsthand, but I don't trust a 18 year old girl to do anything on a trip besides go to a beach, go to some restaurants, visit some tourist traps/shops and get fucked by foreign guys at a club

I dont think you can.maybe that was true a long time ago.but with how easy it is to be global i dont think you learn anything at all by being a tourist

Going to a new place and being out of your element helps you figure out who you are and removes you from the real life bullshit. Even if you're only an hour or two away in a motel by the beach, you get away from your problems. It's the ultimate form of escapism. It's the feeling you get when you play a new video game and forget the real world, but what's happening is actually real and doesn't leave you feeling empty and time wasted after, you feel like you've actually lived.

With being a straight tourist, I'd agree. You don't really learn anything from spending 3 days in France and eating at a cafe in Paris once, but if you spend an extensive amount of time abroad or do something that's genuinely demanding of you and asks you to leave your comfort zone, it can be very rewarding. It takes more work than most people put in but there's notable value in travelling somewhere to do something versus absorbing the most superficial aspects of a culture through the internet

I once went to a different state and got catcalled.
In my homestate, no one ever cat called me because I'm ugly.
Also the food was worse.

Since other countries are trash, why don't you stay in the land of the free, bro? It's really not worth it to sink yourself to these low levels.

This country is shit too. Only good thing is I can own guns. I'd like to experience some culture/history, namely Europe but some of Asia is cool too

I’ve traveled a lot because my parents are rich.
Seems like more of a socioeconomic barrier than a gendered one in my opinion.
I guess girls who are slutty probably are able to save for those types of trips even if they’re poor? A mildly attractive girl can probably find some guy to pay for most of her living expenses and put the extra cash aside to travel.
I’ve also seen a fair number of girls that au pair (you nanny for a foreign family and they pay for your living expenses)

because attractive women can easily travel for free by sucking the right dick

they aren't traveling for free. they're having sex with rich older men for it