Can you get arrested for saying shit in here?

I’ve been saying numerous shit about homicidal impulses on numerous random sites and cops came up knocking on my front door. Can the same happen if you say shit in here?

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no, we have something called assumption of retardness
you're just an edgy retard until proven otherwise

Why not? Tell the cops to suck a dick. Talking shit isn't illegal unless you are plotting against a certain someone. People are lucky that the current man in office isn't as much of an asshole as everyone seems to think he is.

Pretty sure you can indicate posts that break us laws when you report them

Why do you need to say shit about homicidal impulses?

What did they say to you?

They took me a ride to the police department. Asked several questions and let me loose when they realized I ain’t no harm(yet)

You won't get in trouble unless the threats are specific enough. They have to actually believe you're gonna go through with the threat. Wanting to kill all niggers isn't a threat. Wanting to go to a specific location at a specific time and gun down all niggers in sight is.

Yes, the same can happen here.

Make sure the URL starts with https://
Otherwise it's very easy for them to monitor your posts as you make them

You can’t really get arrested for messages. Except if you live in a country where free speech is seen as a threat. Or threaten someone’s safety. Or suspect to a crime. I mean yes, you can be arrested for saying dumb shit online. But it usually dosent happen...

In Europe, yes. The UK and Germany definitely have laws against incitement of violence online.

On Jow Forums its hard to connect your own address + name with the post. So far i am not aware of single arrested dude.

But it definitely happens on social sites where idiots jave their own name, photo and often even address filled correctly.

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ho ho ho ;D

nah some guy on the gioyc on adv/ thread makes homocidal threats and it doesn't seem like he'll be stopping anytime soon

go check the thread out


UK is retarded. I remember them arresting a man for reading the Bible in public because the part he was reading was calling homosexuals immoral. Nanny state with thought police.

>been saying numerous shit about homicidal impulses on numerous random sites
Seek help.

Everything written online is recorded now, especially on Jow Forums. There is a mental illness epidemic and the federal government is responsible for preventing attacks. So you can best believe you are flagged in a database somewhere, and for good reason. If you are feeling unwell you should seek real life help, online advice can only get you so far

>implying we all aren’t on a list for just being on Jow Forums

Why is my country's police force is too dumb to use computers? And I'm being dead serious, they really are.

Its not exclusive to UK, this is happening all around europe, russia, kangaroo land and yes even the burger land.

They usually dont end up at court, at most you get a warning or a hefty fine, but this is definitely becoming a norm: getting police trouble because of wrong-think written on a screen and shared publically.

Honestly I want this country to become a police state like China. People do not deserve this level of freedom, as proven by Jow Forums.

>Hates Jow Forums
>Wants authoritarian government

I don't understand, your end goals are the same.

Yes, website will protect their asses is you are a threat and will hand over your ip address to authorities. Expect it to get even more strict with all the shootings.