Be me

>be me
>like an 8, maybe a 9 with no acne
>gigantic boobs admittedly
>good figure but working on losing some weight
>meet this guy when we were 7ish, friends ever since
>super sweet, smart, athletic, good manners
>always had a thing for him
>we lose communication for awhile
>discover we're in the same university class together
>we go to lunch to catch up
>obvious flirting
>he talks about his ex
>obviously still not over her
>later on in the semester he gets back with her
>she's like a 3
>he and I text and he tells me about how awful the relationship is but is totally blind to the toxicity
>we hardcore flirt over text
>he says he can't hang out alone with me or he'll end up trying something
>I am determined to be close friends with this guy at the very least because I miss the friendship we had as kids
>I tell him to ask his gf if we all three can hang together
>not allowed to hang out with other women ever for any reason even if gf is there
>me sad
>I want to steal this guy for myself

What do? I don't want him to hate me for ruining his relationship and becoming the other woman but his gf is literally awful to him and I've always believed he and I were soulmates

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Why would you be with someone you deem to make poor choices?

People in love tend to make poor choices, I have as well so no judgement

>And so she jumped from her majestic yacht into his pathetic sinking schooner

You're right even when you are fully aware of the problems you should dive head first into them

Post your tits tho i want to know whether you lied in OP

Stay out of it. WHATEVER you do to try to get this guy can only make things worse.

The best you can do is stand back and be there to help pick up the pieces when (and if) his romance falls apart

You’re a dumbass and the relationship will fail either way. You’re just a whore who likes a chase. Grow up and find a better guy or else you’ll be used up by 25

OP is one of those 4s who thinks she's an 8.
Either way obviously a 3 in personality.



here's a pic that's a couple years old. i have no idea my true rating number, please enlighten me. also definitely a 3 in personality, no debating that

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here's a slightly newer pic but with heavy makeup and i know you fags don't like that

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You are not the numbers you said you were

his self esteem must be low to accept that shit

compliment him and he can grow stronger. or just admit you like him but refuse to interfere and need distance and see if he chooses you over crazy.

i can only base my numbers on what people have told me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I highly doubt i'm an actual 8 or 9

yeah we've talked about our attraction and i said that i don't plan on interfering, but she completely controls his life and gaslights him and i don't put up with that shit when it's targeting an old friend of mine

The photos are of a girl with fat fingers and fat arms and i feel bad saying that as this is clearly a guy larping.

down to 129 pounds hell yeah

>>like an 8, maybe a 9 with no acne

last pic to prove absolutely nothing

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I've seen this happen.
He's weak and needs to stick up for himself, you can't make him. The thing with crazy is the reaction when he tries to leave and he knows that and fears that and is ashamed to ask for help.

All I can tell you is what I said that actually got a guy to leave. He dated me after a short thing with her which was unhealthy and because of many factors we were apart and reunited. I had already been involved in this drama for a while, I had already said I don't think someone who keeps hurting you intentionally actually loves you to which he said "I know", he had already cried and asked me what I wanted and asked for help and backed out before this.

Paraphrasing it a bit

>"You keep blaming me for how your life turned out but it is your life and you chose this for yourself. I feel stressed and guilty and I shouldn't because I didn't do anything. You should focus on the life you chose and have now"

I guess it finally made him realize he can fight to leave without being afraid and he did. Psycho biatch is gone. He's working on his dreams and happiness now.

thank you, this is good advice. it just sucks to have to wait until he realizes how unhappy he is

7-8 in Ohio maybe...

i'll take it

Kinda similar thing here OP. Just try get over it, I know it's frustrating as fuck.

>like an 8, maybe a 9

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Figure out if you can truly remain close friends with him without feeling envious/bitter/jealous/etc. In the end, it's his choice whether or not he wants to remain in a shitty relationship; regardless of what he says, he's still dating her and not you. And remember that if he cheats on her with you, there's always the possibility that he'll cheat on you too.

That said, it sounds like his gf's mistrust is pretty valid, given that you want to "steal him." You need to get over yourself

I'm surprised people are shitting on your for this. Definite cutie.

>like an 8, maybe a 9 with no acne
I bet every girl thinks this of themselves.

I give you a solid 5, not bad

5 or 6

You looked like Emma Watson when younger but then you got fat. And we haven't seen any evidence of your gigantic boobs so you should post them on /soc/.

>how you like meh LARP faggots?

>8, 9
>gigantic boobs
>good figure, losing weight
>The rest of the shit you said

Okay first of all you need an ego check asap Op. You are not an 8 or a 9 and you absolutely don't have gigantic boobs. Your ego is way too inflated. You have no right to break a relationship because you deem it bad. Not only that but you are not in a position to judge since you want him too. You shouldn't be flirting with a man who's taken. Do you think you would like to be dating someone who flirts with other women? With how selfcentered you are I can already tell you wouldn't. Stop acting like a huge cunt if their thing is going to crash and burn anyways wait it out and make your move. But seriously you need to get off your own "gigantic tits" asap.

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This. What she lacks in the size of her small tits, she makes up for it with a hugeass rotten personality. Don't be a homewrecker wtf. Post his ugly gf so we can rate desu, nothing was true in the post. His gf is probably average, just like OP

>Is a 8 or nine
>gigantic boobs admittedly
>good figure but working on losing some weight
Such a humble person no wonder he does not like you

Just to clarify, a few things

She has:
>cheated on him with his best friend multiple times
>isolates him from all of his friends
>stalks him when he breaks up with her, including showing up to his location
>gas lights him
>controls his every waking move
>completely blocked and cut out her best friend when friend had a crush on him, before he and current gf even ever dated (basically she got mad that her friend developed attraction to someone she was also attracted to)

It's not that I want to fuck up their relationship because I want his dick, it's that I want to fuck up their relationship because it's abusive and toxic

>I want to fuck up their relationship because it's abusive and toxic
lol no but I love how you actually believe it

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IDK you and his gf sound like terrible people to me

>it's that I want to fuck up their relationship because it's abusive and toxic

so he's got two nasty options to choose from. nice.

Strong 5

Post her pic

My personality may be a strong 3 like everyone in this thread agrees, but I'm not so terrible as to post her picture so you fags can make fun of her or harass her. Girls gotta support one another, even if she treats my childhood friend like property

You lack humility. You're more of a 6 or a 7. That lightning is doing a lot of the legwork for you. lmao. You got a bit of miss piggy thing going on.

Yikes, saw your other pics. You're a 5, girl.

tries to break up a relationship, then says "Girls gotta support one another". WTF

I’m gunna just assume she’s the 8 then. This whole story would make more sense if that was the case.

Here's some real advice instead of just a comment on your appearance. Protip: never post pics on Jow Forums as a woman.

If his current relationship is as you describe, it's definitely controlling, and probably abusive, and it's best for him to get out. However, you can't make him see that, and you can't make him do it. It has to be his decision. However, you can support him and help him to realize what's happening. It's an especially tricky situation if she threatens suicide whenever he leaves (I don't know if this is the case), but there's steps he can take to ensure his own safety and hers (inform her friends and family of her threat before leaving, etc.)

Support him, be honest when you recognize an abusive behavior, but don't push him or try to force his decisions. You can wait around for him if you want, only you can decide if it's worth it to you, but don't be expecting anything to happen soon. If you decide to wait, you have to be willing to be patient.

He needs support, though. Isolation is the most powerful tool an abuser has.


I knew not to post pics coming in but my ego definitely took over. I've come to terms with my appearance and have worked on my confidence, so the miss piggy comment doesn't hurt me. Especially since most people here are just projecting/trolling.

Thank you for the advice! I'm an impatient person and I know I just have to wait for him to realize it. It just sucks when he deserves so much better (from me or from someone else). He works three jobs and is a full time student (when the semester picks back up anyway) and I think his exhaustion may be a large factor as to why he stays in this relationship. Plus, he has told me he doesn't have friends anymore, so he gets lonely.

Thank you for your advice. Seeing what I've thought for awhile is good confirmation and sets me straight.

this is the best advice so far. And
control your ego you are not an 8


I mean, it's good you have a good self steem

>thinks she's an 8 or a 9

yikes. look like incels were right about tinder and social media inflating women's self esteem to unrealistic proportions

You’re a strong 5-6 based on just looks, your personality however makes you less attractive so I’ll give you a 3

whats with the black lipstick?

Anyway you are way braver than I to post your pic but I'm gonna help anyway. Whenever I get backed into a situation like this I start dating other guys and let the guy I'm interested in know. Sometimes it doesn't really take a date, just him seeing me with someone else. Do it I promise it works and it will work on this guy too.

5.5at best, if you have acne you're down to a 3.5

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>miss piggy comment doesn't hurt me
I'm into fat girls and to be honest you are not an 8, you are a 7 at most.

Okay OP let me say this again, read it well this time.
I T ' S N O T U P T O Y O U

If he gets himself get abused aftwr all that it's on him. Stay in contact and wait it out.

>She treats my guy like absolute shit
>I got her back tho


You are incredibly irrational. And you sound like a really bad friend to have. Work on yourself.

Cringe and narcissismpilled

You're a fat piggy



definitely a 6, body might bump it to 7

>maybe like a 8 or 9 with no acne.

The absolute state of women in 2019.

Jesus Christ lady, you are a 6 to 7 at most. That's even with you taking favorable pics with your phone. You might even be a 5 to 6 in real life.

this shit is why I don't even bother with relationships anymore

Women need to be hit more often
Btw you're a 3

I’m fem but like the guy in OPs situation, and I can promise you this will backfire. Some girl texted him “I miss you” and some sketchy things while I was holding his phone watching a YouTube video he wanted to show me and I put it down, left without a word, bawled like a baby all night and tried to dump/get away from him immediately. He lost all sense of conscience or shame and somehow talked me into meeting up to “talk about it face to face.” He had a sound explanation (she was a ONS from a while ago that ran into him) I kept running, i was falling for him and know even if I left my partner our whole affair would have tainted any future we had. He followed my sad ass anyway, literally. We’re still talking and it’s misery for me, I want out but I don’t want to lose him but it’s also unbearable knowing a future without him and how much pain I’m causing/going to cause him and myself. He’s aloof now and not as interested it seems and that’s painful too, or keeping his distance because I’m trying to. I wish he’d leave so I don’t have to do it. I don’t really though. I just know seeing him with/talking to/fucking someone else would make it easier to walk and deal with the pain, like Yeah cool he’s found someone who’s not taken GODITHURTS good for him FML I genuinely hope he finds love with them or whatever. It would def make something happen at any rate. Maybe not what you want.

You seem fat OP.


>like an 8, maybe a 9
>Shreks wife

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Don't listen to the guys telling you you're ugly, you're ok and I don't really believe in the numbers scale when I find someone I'm really into. So you want to hook up with a guy because you knew him since you were young? I don't know OP, it sounds like quite a dream you have but do you really know him that well NOW? People change, he's in a bad relationship, but you still want to go through this? Why don't you try to meet other people, have you tried?

>8 or 9
Fucking kek women are retarded

did op post her ass yet

That's enough user, don't be a creep asking women to post themselves in such a manner. Not cool.

hey, i'm a simple guy
i see a female, i want ass
mostly because i never really get any ass

>like an 8, maybe a 9 with no acne
Ah ah, yeah, definitely a 9. (would still polinate your flower).

If your tits are so "huge" just give him really good ol' tittyfuck and all problems will be solved. :3

this works on men femanon. their head works entirely different

I’m telling you this for your own good:

You are a 5.
That is ok, but you need to work on your personality. You could be a great match for someone if you were an awesome person on the inside. But you’re not hot enough on the outside to be able to afford having a bad personality.

That being said, you might still be substantially prettier than this other girl. I don’t know because I haven’t seen her pic.

Anyways try to humble yourself a little bit so you don’t get hurt.

We haven't seen any evidence that you have gigantic boobs.


You're not bad especially if you are sweet and have good manners but I wouldn't fuck you. Like I had childhood friends similar and you aren't really the "I'd love to fuck the shit outta that girl", girl. Thats all young guys want