How to relax? I can't relax

How to relax? I can't relax

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super dark room think about your past memories for 2 hours then do vipassana

Road to fucking panic attack, not OP but have the same problem; can't even sleep if nothing distracts me from my thoughts.

Jerk off.

Also not OP, but holy shit, that's the one thing I need to STOP doing.

Turn off your distractions for a moment and sit like this, straighten your back. Have normal thought processes and focus on an object in front off you. Or just focus on nothing that works too.

Put on some ambient music or sth as well.

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Just sit down and try to focus on your breathing. Think about breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing and nothing else

meditate (essentially what the 2 above me are saying)

go far from any noises, distractions, interactions with human beings or any other beings. then just sit and think about... anything.
also, watching your breathing can help you relax. there are some techniques for that. google it.

Ambient music, asmr, or just watch/listen to stuff that you find comfy. It is easier to relax after a hard workout so start exercising if you aren't already.

Saying 'You are safe' out loud, remind yourself that you are in no physical danger.

Don't resist any thoughts, just allow them to come and go from your mind.


Progressive muscle relaxation
Cardio. A bicycle ride can do a lot, running even more
Sleep.. Really good sleep and really good sleep hygiene
Diet. Eat close to Paleo if you can afford
Stretching, big big big problem for tense people

Grounding exercises
Rhythmic Breathing
Smelly goods (candles, perfume)
Having a cuddle pillow
Small puzzles/brain teasers
Sip water from a nice cup
Music or hum a song

You are AI

I am Love?
or Artificial Intelligence?
As if?

Breathe along with this.

Slowly work with your problems and reaffirm yourself. Then look for where your brain is sabotaging you, for example with catastrophizing, I'll post a series of things, so cont.

1/4 maybe?

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Look up autogenic training

Also breathe out twice as long as you breathe in.

2/4 or so

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3/5, actually

Check and see if you are falling into any of these mental pitfalls. All of these thought processes can make everything seem so much worse, and oftentimes we do multiple of them. Analyze your thinking and try to catch yourself doing any of these.

Shit, forgot pic

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Try using these when you catch yourself falling into negative thought patterns. Use whichever one or ones work for you. There is no wrong answer when it comes to trying to change your thinking into something more positive. Even if it's "weird", if it works for you, that's what matters.

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You can also use this worksheet to try to talk yourself out of specific thoughts. It might seem excessive but this kind of stuff can help you gain control of and retrain your thinking.

5/5, that's what I got.

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