Whats the most traditionally romantic thing you did for your partner, Jow Forums? I need ideas

Whats the most traditionally romantic thing you did for your partner, Jow Forums? I need ideas.

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Traditional, hm... i made my gf dinner.

Like half of these, especially grooming them and baths.

Gave her a surprise visit for her birthday across the country. She left me less than 24 hours after that.

I licked her asshole for the first time

Aren't you a transsexual?

how does it taste like?


Flowers, a letter. I don't know, it just seems not worthy these days, you know?

Wrote them a love poem..... yes, I am that cringy when in love.

Forgot to get a present for her for our anniversary so I made a poem in about 10 minutes. To this day it is her favorite present ever and she cracks up laughing when it's brought up. She brags to her girlfriends about it too.

I write my bf letters and leave them on his desk before I go to work. Sometimes I pack him lunches and do cutesy shit like cutting apple slices into heart shapes, and I always put a little note or drawing in them. We also both play MMOs together, and sometimes I'll take care of his dailies before he gets the chance. I think it's better to think about what means a lot to your partner and what would make their day bright rather than going for grand romantic gestures.

It can't not taste like shit.

Jesus fucking christ none of my girlfriends has ever done anything like that for me. Where do people like you hide

Nah, she's just morbidly obese, but I can see your confusion

What the fuck man I need a gf like you

that makes me rock hard

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>and sometimes I'll take care of his dailies before he gets the chance.

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My boyfriend will do small things. He'll get up to get a drink and bring me back one too without asking. He'll take the time to do an errand that I've got to do so that I don't have to spend time that could otherwise be spent at home and hanging out with him. He'll go grocery shopping and bring home a treat or something that he knows I'd like.

It's really the small micro-details of every day life that are the most romantic for me. It shows me that he's thinking about me during his day and wants me to be happy or comfortable. He'll surprise me with a packed lunch for work and I'll find little love notes in them.

That sort of stuff means the most to me. Better than flowers, better than jewelry. Just knowing that you think of me and want me to be happy every bit as much as I think of you want you to be happy. It's nice.

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on the internet i guess. we met like a decade ago from my msn handle being posted on /b/ lmao. since we were both forced shut-ins (due to our families) we ended up talking all the time and having really similar interests.

What do you mean traditionally? That's pretty subjective and hard to pin down.
I was working out of town once and told her I'd be gone for 3 weeks, then took the follow weekend off and showed up on her doorstep with a pizza.
She cried. That was 4 years in. Still together at 6.

I do it a lot it tastes like skin and sometimes this sweet taste. Sometimes bitter if you lick inside her hole all the way.

For the third anniversary with an ex I laid a trail of Hershey kisses from the front door to our room then had a heart shaped from sunflowers (her favorite) with kisses filling it on the bed and a note saying "After 3 years together I still kiss the ground you walk on."

She left me for another guy a couple months later. My wife now doesn't go for that stuff. She just wants me to put away the dishes and not throw clothes on the floor. We're both happier this way.

no and no

>wrote her a letter every day while I was overseas for a while
>surprised her with self made dinner
>did her laundry
>rub her feet
>kiss her forehead
>randomly tell her about a trait I love about her, for example how caring she was in a certain situation or how good her tush looks in a dress

It's the small everyday things that matter most and not some massive elaborate plan or gift.

got married, I guess