How to have sex?

About to lose my virginity this afternoon with a girl I met in a club. We are going to her place. Thing is, how to have sex with her? What I’m supposed to do exactly?

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Put penis in vagina

How do I do that? Do I ask her permission to remove her clothes and put my penis inside her vagina? Do I not? And what do I do after I put it there?

What kind of club? Where is this club? How did you find out about this club?


>bump without answering
kys faggot
i hope that """woman""" has a bigger dick than you

Enjoy yourself. Communicate. Don't rush. Make a memory, not a trauma.

Slap her in the face with your flaccid willy. 9/10 it will get her wet and ready. Scream like a sexually frustrated walrus so she knows you are the dominant male.

If her penis is bigger than yours expect to take it in the pooper.

Make out a lot before fucking.

Once you're deep inside and in missionary:
Double under hooks.
Pull her into you while thrusting.

You are now sex God.

Like pic related lol

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Did you ever play Sims 3? It's been taught there.
Make compliment, first kiss, cuddle, make out, woohoo


How old are you?

Lmao, all I gotta tell you is you’re not gonna like it, but you’ll come out of it a better man.

Don't do it unless yall are married.

>try to put penis in vagina
>can't get fully hard
>keeps slipping out
>penis only like 70% erect
>too nervous

There is a good chance you will get performance anxiety and not be able to do it your first time trying so don't even worry about how to have sex. Worry about if you even will be able to.

you cured inceldom

want your dick be diamond hard?
make sure you have foreplay with the girl before pushing it in

>About to lose my virginity
I don't think so lol

>start by making out
>start caressing her back/arm/leg
>if she doesn't push your hand away or tell you to stop then start caressing her breasts and inside of thigh
>if she doesn't push your hand away or tell you to stop then start rubbing her crotch through her clothes
>if she doesn't push your hand away or tell you to stop then start pulling off your shirt
>she will probably pull of her shirt at this point but if she doesn't then start removing it for her
>unless she tells you to stop of course
>next comes off the pants and underwear
>continue kissing, caressing, grinding for a bit
>kiss her EVERYWHERE
>you may finger her and she may grab/jerk your dick a bit
>ask her if she is ready
>if she says yes then on goes the condom
>do this

Congrats on the sexing.



you know how when you try to get the last bit of piss out your dick kind of twitches? do that over and over again