Let me know if you're still alive.

ITT: you tell me how sex usually goes, so I can get an idea of what normal people expect when I go to bed with them. I was raised in a cult, and as a result, every country on earth is a foreign place to me. Sex in my cult unfolded like this: at exactly 9:00, women were expected to be available in their room, on their bed, either naked or dressed in sexual ways, and men were expected to come in and just go at it until they came. Our leader advised the men not to mess around too much and not touch women, so it was a matter of in and out and was done within 10 minutes for the most part. It happened every night and was generally regarded as a chore by both men and women. I think our leader wanted more members this way. It turned out that most members only pretended to have sex most of the time.

Help me understand normal human sexuality. (Selina is another cult member who browses this board also, we found it together, but I have lost contact with her and don't know if she still lives.)

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Start with kissing and gently touching her. Touch her in as many places on her body as you have time for, gently though. After you start kissing more "passionately" you can also start touching her in the more private areas, go in under her bra at this point.

Idk about other ppl but when I'm with a girl and we're about to have sex I will either lead her hand towards my dick to let her know she should suck me off. Or I just start kissing her(I was kissing her before too) down her neck/stomach and eventually around the poonani. Eat her out, your tongue should be soft and massage her clitoris, you can have a taste in the vajayjay as well but it doesn't do much.

Then just go with it and stick it in when the both of you are hard and wet and ready to go. Go slow if you have a big dick, fuck it go slow to start with regardless and work from there.

Still me. Remember that you don't have to rush anything. I would touch her around her head, neck and face. Kiss her gently everywhere with soft lips. Kiss her forehead. Lean in towards her ear and just breathe normally at/around the ear(gives you shivers, try it). Be gentle with her. I myself have a bad habit of being so drunk or on some drugs so I'll go at it aggressively, shouldn't be like that imo desu. Good luck anons.

>I will either lead her hand towards my dick to let her know she should suck me off.
Is this real?

Yes. At least the last few times with more experienced girls I just gently move her hand down my pants. It gives them the go ahead, if they only start jerking you off then you've already begun anyway. Or you can be the one who kisses her all over her neck and chest and stomach and end up eating her out.

In my cult experience, women actively enjoy oral sex, to give, I mean; is this also your experience?

Depends on the girl. Also your dick should be clean, you should wash it once per day. Shower daily, you don't have to use shampoo every time. I stopped using shampoo and conditioner completely, just body soap.

The last girl I met with was better than any other girl I've been with at giving oral. She was a special kind of girl also.. We 'broke up'/stopped dating 2 days ago and now I'm just high and lonely, off from work for 3 days without anything to do but be sad. Sorry for hijacking ur thread.

PS girls should never ever touch either part of your dong with their teeth, then they're doing it wrong. It should always be soft and it doesn't have to be DTFing. Porn and especially hardcore porn is skewed afk desu

This doesn't seem too complicated and rather intuitive. Do people normally speak during sex?

>Sorry for hijacking ur thread.
I don't mind, this is interesting, go ahead. Enough room for everyone here.

We showered daily in my cult, so I still do that.

The only oral I ever received, I felt teeth very regularly. This girl was an awful kisser, so I guess it makes sense. I imagine good kissers are good suckers, but I have no idea.

What is DTFing?

>always be soft


You don't have to talk if you don't want. I think I don't talk much. Once you get to screwing you can just grab her by the hips to move her around if you want to switch positions and you don't have to say it out loud.

You can moan as a guy btw, it lets her know you're enjoying yourself.

Oh just fuck off.

You know nothing about me, at all.

>You can moan as a guy btw, it lets her know you're enjoying yourself.
I moan. Do women in your experience especially enjoy this?

Prove it's you.

Yeah fuck teeth. It hurts dude. Tell her how to do it. I'd also tell girls to not grab my dick and jerk me of so fking hard lol. It's not an almost empty toothpaste that you need to squeeze something out of.

Deep throat fuck*. She can just play around with her tongue on your glans and that's good enough is what I'm trying to say.

>always be soft
maybe not with all girls. as I previously mentioned I'd get drunk or coked and then I might go a bit crazy. The girl whom I broke up with recently told me I have to be more gentle.. I have nothing to brag about, I'm lonely now, again, and I'll probably not find a girl any time soon. Feelsbad.jpg

Ends with an E. Go to hell.

I'm almost dead, don't worry.

Can you tell us more about the cult? How is it called, what is the purpose and how did you end up there?

I'll never tell you fuckers anything.

I tested you, you all failed the test.

>Ends with an E.
Try again.

I don't want to give out the name because we were not many and I don't want to be traced in any way.

The purpose was to create an ideal society away from normal society, which was perceived to be degenerate. Children were raised on mildly hippie principles combined with military discipline. Everyone was not to feel bad about their bodies and sex; the way they did it was to have nude days when EVERYONE was naked. We were forbidden to show any signs of feeling bad about it. All members were also made to have sex with every other adult member. Hence the sex schedule. We were meant to feel intimate with everyone.

I was born there, for my part.

What am I talking about, do you even fucking know asshole?

I don't, which is why I don't think you're Selina. She would never have spoken to me this way, either.

>tfw Selina is never coming back

For how long was this crazy experiment conducted? Was it legal? What about education. Are you back in normal society?

It's ongoing because of odd legal circumstances. The cult is on an island, legal disputes make it impossible to just storm or do massive arrests. I've tried, but it's a legal deadend.

Education was given to us by the members who had been teachers in their previous lives, when that was available. It was mostly standard education without much bias, in truth. Sex was the central element that was different. Our leader focused almost exclusively on this as the thing society did wrong. I now think our leader had a sexually traumatic past and tried to make a new world with his own ideas, but it was even worse than the old world.

I've been assigned to a special unit that helps people who escape cults and slavery and other such things. We are made to learn about the real world and how humans function in normal society. Fortunately for me, I have a high IQ and my background isn't the weirdest. Some of the other cultist escapees were made to believe that every non-cultist was a demon in disguise, so these have a hard time trusting anyone now.

I'm studying as part of the program so I can get a good job once I'm out of here.

That's so interesting. How old were the kids/you when you were made to have sex with someone. Do you feel traumatized by what happened?

Was there a religeous aspect to it as well?

18. In my case, I made a pact with every girl I met at night to pretend having sex. There was a girl I liked, who liked me, and eventually we stopped pretending and we did it. We were like a real couple.

I'm not too traumatised but I experience massive issues with normal society because I don't know what to expect. Movies are my basis for almost everything.

Our leader thought he could understand the ways of God outside of any sacred text or anything. He didn't think God spoke to him, but he thought he had the same mind as God and therefore could simply guess what God would want.

That's very narcisistic. I would love to volenteer to help people that have been in cults and have problems like you. I didn't even know there were organisations just for that.
As for your question I don't think you should focus too much on it. Sex is not like porn so I don't advise you to rely on it to shape your views on it either. I think it kind of comes naturally from wanting to be close to your instincts and find someone you love to do it with

Very good advice. Unfortunately for me, my first time with someone from the outside, I thought normal sex was like what I saw online, so I pounded into her like a mad man as soon as she seemed to moan. She didn't say it at the time, but she wasn't moaning with pleasure, but pain. This ended up being very traumatic to both of us. I don't know why she didn't say anything at the time.

Oh that sounds terrible. I hope she finds a way to get over it ..
I think sex is very much about wanting to make your partner happy and if both of them are on the same page it's great. Most important thing is to pay attention. Learn how to read people and your partner. She won't have to say you are doing good or bad you could just tell by her bodylanguage. We also I think need space to feel in control as well. It's not about dominating the girl. You should be least start there until you build trust. It's all about trust.

>this entire thread

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I hate you and that's why I don't talk to you.

>this entire thread

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