How to get guys to be interested in me?

How to get guys to be interested in me?
I'm not ugly, I get compliments all the time on my appearance, but when it comes to dating all I get is ghosting or just people who are flaky.
They will show interest at first, but any time I show that I might be interested too, it's like they withdraw or can't tell me anything about themselves.
I dated previously about a year ago, back then talking to guys was easy and it's just frustrating.

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Did you gain weight?

Nah I'm average, got a nice ass and a skinny waist.

uhm, we can't make a judgment without a picture of your face, also race, nationality and age
although having a nice ass should be enough
are you sure you are not aiming for the top?

What kind of guys do you date? Are they shy? It sounds like it's more of a problem on their end.

Not sure if I'm comfortable enough for face, but here's a body pic. White, 24, American. I'm thinking it's because I'm introverted af, but I still go out and party and meet lots of extroverted people.

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You're the fish, what question is this

Well if they’re interestsd at first but flaky later then either theres a red flag in your personality or you give off signs that yoy’re not interested in them

Actually I'll ask ahead of time and they'll tell me they're really outgoing, maybe it's an ego thing if it's on their end?

People are strange. There doesnt seem to be anything wrong with you. Assume its a problem with them and keep trying

I’d have to say, that it is probably your personality.
Some girls try to hard and scare guys off, if I were you I’d try to make some male friends and ask them seriously what makes you “get ghosted” and don’t let them spare your feelings.
I’ve dated a few girls that were absolutely 9/10 10/10 but I left because they were BAT SHIT INSANE.
And I mean literally crazy, like two of them were prescribed a lithium supplement.

Damn maybe, I'm just trying to be myself tho. Just feels like I have people chase me but once I mention anything about liking them, it's like big huge nope bus.

This sounds bad but...
Sometimes you shouldn’t be “yourself”
If you’re having this issues and it seems that you are the problem, then take steps to better yourself; not for anyone else, but for you

i'll be completely honest with you
you have a really nice body, my dick tingled when i saw your ass
however, from what i can see of your face, you are average at best
i'm not saying you are not a good girl nor that you are ugly, i would date you, keep this in mind, but your glanze gives off oddity
maybe it's just the picture, but it makes my arachnid sense go off

maybe posting a picture of the guy you are trying to get with? or postinc a conversation you've had?
ok we definitely need a convo
that's a grave mistake
but this doesn't fully convinces me
her physical appeal should be enough to at least keep a guy interested in hope of getting sexual intimacy, and i've seen lots of guys put up with mad bitches' bullshit in exchange for a perceived oportunity to get laid
strange case, she looks perfectly ok to me

>then take steps to better yourself
if anything it would be a matter of simply calibrating a lil bit her social act, nothing too grave

if you mean "yourself" as in the things that you thing mold your personality, then i don't see any problem
but if you mean it as the way she interacts or her real intentions, then it would be a great decision

if i were myself every moment, i would tell random women on the street I WANT TO PENIS YOUR ASS instead of just saying hi

Thanks I appreciate the effort put into this. I honestly like to see the good in everyone (probably why I get hurt easily) but you're right there's plenty of girls who are batshit crazy but still get the guy. I'm just not really that person to say I should change the way I am because that's not being authentic at all and lying to get laid lol. I just wanna know why I'm attracting flaky people and not someone who actually wants me lmao. I would post a sample conversation but over half of my conversations are in person or on Snapchat which deletes. If I do have any messages through Snapchat it's me making the effort not them. But if I'm seen out in public, then they'll hangout with me, instead of asking. Definitely makes me wonder if it isn't just people being weird or only interested when convenient.

Maybe it’s a good thing they can’t tell you who they really are, if they can’t tell someone with feelings for them then it’s probably deal breaking level of fucked up.

you mentioned you are really introverted
are these guys' nature introverted? or you are reaching out for more open people?
i'm introverted as well and i feel naturally atracted to introverted people, however, it's hard
it's not like in movies where they inmediately get along like two pieces of an apple, it's awkward and clumsy
extroverted people are easier to talk to because they know you are introverted and they know how to lead the conversation, even by pulling conversations out of their ass like magic

think about that, if they are insecure they may be scared of you, or fear rejection (it hurts)

I do this to many women I'm interested in, and it's because I dont chase. Ill put in effort starting out. Ill make a pass for your number. But if you start giving short replies, or dont agree to make a date, it's all on you. I dont give out free validation, you have to earn it. I encounter this with so many women, they expect the man to do all the work. When you're average, im especially much less likely to put up with your shit.

I get that, but I'm the one putting in the effort and I'm trying to give space because I feel like if I don't then it just seems pushy.

Most of the guys are extroverted but I'm reaching out to people who are more open minded and accepting of my intervertiveness, no one ever said it was ever an issue though.

ooc, if you are so introverted, why do you do something like going to parties which is not something an introvert does, for an extrovert who will be on different vibes from you?

Okay, well a few things that turn me off even when a girl is trying is
>constantly send messages, double texting and all
>just says "hey," "what you doing," etc, and lets the man carry the convo
>wants to talk all day

But if you truly give space, then do like i do. Put in effort so they know you're interested. If they dont put in effort back, you back off and let them pursue or the relationship dies. Going a few days without talking isn't bad. When the guy asks for a date, you better make a plan. If you can't make it on the offered day, you better pick another day coming up.

>They will show interest at first, but any time I show that I might be interested too, it's like they withdraw or can't tell me anything about themselves.
Suspicious of if you reply with autism or with tact but show mental illness.

your introverted nature is surely not a problem, in fact it can make you appear cute for some guys
it's a problem in men because they usually have to take an active role in persuing a partner, and it is impeding
but if you already showed them signs of interest, that should be an incentive to try and reciprocate since it means they have little chance of being rejected
are you sure they don't have a prospect already?

introverted women are not hermits like introverted men, they are still in want of constant social interaction, as well as everything involved in women's shenanigans
they just happen to be shy or don't have much social experience

this is good general advice, maybe except the double texting part
double texting is something people do in normal convos when needed so don't take it literally

on a side note, I'm pretty hard and those are some really nice legs
post some ass on /soc/

Ruthless... But okay. Lmao

Did nice girls start getting banned from dating platforms and start combing Jow Forums?
Because this board is becoming r/nicegirls lite, lately.

i don't mind as long as they smell nice

I figured they knew this website is mostly dudes

real good guess