Need medfag help

Is this shit infected?
How the fuck do I stop all the pus and clear liquid coming out

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Also I’m gonna try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, is that a good idea?

Looks like granulation tissue, does it hurt? What did you do exactly? Fall of a bike?

If that's your penis you should really go to a doctor

I ate shit going down a hill on a skateboard

Is granulation tissue the grey stuff? I just poured rubbing alcohol on it and reapplied bandaids
It’s my elbow

Looks fine. Wrap it up in some gauze

You shouldn't put rubbing alcohol directly onto that. Was it previously wrapped up, or is this how it looks after it's been in open air for awhile? It doesn't look infected or swollen. I'm also curious to know if it hurts.

It was previously wrapped with neosporin and a bandage. It stings to touch. I already poured the alcohol on it.

>I just poured rubbing alcohol
Don't, retard.

Not everyone is a pussy like you. That is what Alcohol is for

This is not pus just skin rebuilding
t. had this shit on my knees and was anxious too

No, you mouth-breather, you don't use alcohol to disinfect wounds, as it damages and irritates the tissue, you only use to to disinfect intact skin, you stupid cunt. Your Hollywood movies and hillbilly grandpa were wrong, sorry.

Maybe you should write to the rubbing alcohol company and tell them that the directions on their bottles are wrong.

Oh boy! Take a pic of the rubbing alcohol bottle where it says to dumb it directly onto open wounds! I'm excited to see that one.

In all actuality though, the rubbing alcohol will slow the reformation of the skin. If possible, loosely wrap it in gauze rather than using a bandage. The neosporin might be contributing to its wet look, to some extent it needs to dry out in order to properly scab.

That isn't an open wound. It is an abrasion. Whatever puss.

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I don't give a shit about their instructions, they're not medical experts, and I am one.

No you ain't. Besides, plenty of people are incompetent at their jobs.
Time to let that shit breathe.

>plenty of people are incompetent at their jobs.
Yes, like companies writing shit instructions on their product just to sell it and like you failing to listen to people who know better. It's medical consensus not to use alcohol as a disinfectant on any sort of injuries. Google it, you stubborn retard.

If I was retarded, I wouldn't get all these (You)s. You must know that google is not a provider of approved acceptable data. There's all kinds of misinformation and disinformation. Read a book dummy. Most of those are proofread and fact checked so the publisher doesn't get sued.

Infection would look like yellow film growing all over instead of the edges slowly hardening and shrinking. Neosporin and gauze it after a wash and keep changing the gauze. That's not gonna be comfy again for a long time.

>You must know that google is not a provider of approved acceptable data
An expert like myself who read actual books and works in a hospital is, you spastic cunt. But I have to go down to your level if it's ever going to go through your thick skull. And you must know that village "wisdom" and movies are not a provider of approved acceptable data.

You misused the word, "myself." Poser.

Looks fine so far, Just wrap it and wait.

Good to know
So should I refrain from using neosporin? What difference does gauze make from a band aid?
Should I just keep it open to dry?

I’m trying to heal this up as quick as possible, the stinging from when I extend my elbow has been making work a real bitch for me.
>That's not gonna be comfy again for a long time.

Here it is from yesterday

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Yeah. Try to let it dry. And wrap for sleep. Keep it off the couch and rug. That's called a "beef jerky." Keep your arm bent when you chill, otherwise it'll split when you bend it.

Wait, you're not an amputee?

Alright thanks man
>It’s my elbow