I need some advice. i'm doing an art degree and i'm on my second year...

i need some advice. i'm doing an art degree and i'm on my second year. i really worried because i don't know what i'm going to do after uni's over. i'm fucked. i would appreciate any practical advice.

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Speak to a career counselor or your instructors.

Ask your counselor about particular choices for future employment and your instructors about their histories, their choices upon exiting school, and why they ultimately decided to teach art.

They are there to help you. Many people enjoy guiding others.

Barista or McDonalds are the usual art degree jobs.

If they wanted to help they wouldn't be teaching art.

i'm thinking about getting an ma in art just to delay the inevitable. i'm probably going to kill my self eventually.

That certainly will solve your student loans. Good plan.

Drop out and join the military

i mean it's better than nothing. it would probably solve all my problems and i'd have something to do after art school ends.

no. i'm to much of a pussy.

I am in the same kinda boat. I have 3 more years before graduating and my current plan is to find a hobby or just activity that I'll like so I can develop in it in my free time and make it a job.
It is really hard though to find passion being with ADHD

does it involve technical skills?
you can take a little course on graphic design on YouTube, if you have a decent sense of aesthetics you could make it as a publicity designer or web designer

You will have two choices then:

1. Live indebted and without a good job (which is 99% going to be the case) for the rest of your life, constantly working to meet end's need, and die working a minimum wage job without ever having prospects
2. Accept that you've fucked up, do drills and toughen yourself up for 4 years, have tons of benefits, and a chance to reset your life

Now what's it gonna be?

i'm doing illustration because that's what i'm really passionate about but i don't see why can't teach my self different avenues of design. thanks for the advice, user.

well if you are already good at illustration, you can start by making some wireframes, giving it some colors and try to actually develop them
you can get good enough at html and css in 4 months to develop the overall look of the site
having some nice looking websites in your portfolio will be a great show-off for future employers, greatly increasing your chances of success (nobody cares about degrees, we just care about end results)
and this kind of job can be done from your home
i myself am traning during vacations, but the thing is i have no visual creativity whatsoever

I think pretty decent at drawing. Pic is an example of a drawing ive made. i dont know how marketable my style is though. Ill defintly take your advice. I'm sure it'll be useful. Thanks, user.

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Just change your course to somethin which is actually in demand. Trust me, its better you finally realized this now rahter than later when you will be homeless with debt and out of school.


What course/ job would you recomend? Do you know any that are in good demand?

I literally posted a link. Its a magical website where people and corporations fill out what kind of people they want to hire.

Please use your own brain for once and do your own research. It shouldnt be THAT hard. First step would be to filter the jobs by the location you want to live in.

Ok, just asking. Thought you could provide some personal insight. No need to get passive agressive. Thanks for the website, user. Hopefully It's useful.

You cant or at least shouldnt expect internet strangers to telling you what kind of job is best for you. Some peole are into X, others are into Y and rest want to be NEET.

Wanna be creative artist? Then fucking draw and post every single day a new picture online and shill yourself literally everywhere. You can do commisions for gay furries, 100$ per single pic. You can do design in blender for movie / comics / game studios. You can do web design. You can paint walls of rich people hoises with grafity. The point is: you dont need a school diploma for any of this. Its literally all about your portfolio and how many subscribes you have on twitter, patreon and devianart.

People go to school so they have easy secure job. Art cant be taught at school. You either have art or you dont have it.

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I asked for a recomendation on jobs in demand not the best job suited towards me. I'm a fucking idiot thats why im going to art school and asking for advice on Jow Forums. I know an art school degree is practically useless. Thats why im worried and asking for advice what i can do to be more secure after uni's over.

Give man a fish and feed him for one day. Teach man how to fish and you fed him for the rest of his life.

I gave you the tools and basic guide already both about art and about evaluating job prospects. LEARN HOW TO THINK! Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice i guess

Video games. It's a huge industry user