I hate my career

Software Development. I completely do not give a fuck about software. I've had a job for about 8 months now and i hate it. I make "decent" money 55k a year at 23 and it's easy as fuck I slack off 80% of the time but it is so boring and unfulfilling. In part the company I work for is shit, and I have interviewed at a few others but I simply do not have a passion for this at all. Like I said the at least I make good money I might have an offer for $35 hourly. I just graduated in May and have 30k student loans so it feels like I am stuck.

If you dont want to hate yourself dont do comp sci lads. I wish I was an archaeologist

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wtf that sounds amazing

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Get a hobby outside work. Work isn't supposed to be fun.

Same, I want to go back to school and pursue my actual interests, but I believe it is considered cringe and a waste when you are older than 25.

If you're that deep in loans, then suck it up and pay that shit off unless you can practice archeology on the side and find a way to make money from it.

Find something outside of work that you’re passionate about. Don’t make work your primary focus. Always have your personal life be where your best energy goes or you will be miserable your whole working life. If you’ve got all this time to slack off, start listening to audiobooks so the time goes faster until you can get off work and go do the thing you love.

Move into UI design and start your own agency. It's quicker, easier, and more fun. You will never make enough money working for someone else.

>23 y/o
>makes 55k per year
>easy job, can slack 80% of the time
You're a fucking asshole. Most people have to work their asses off every single day and their salary comes nowhere near yours. You make a very handsome income for your age doing dick all 80% of the time and you're making a thread about it how we should feel sorry for you?

Fuck off.

Software engineer 8 years ahead of you user.
It doesn't get any better and imposter syndrome is real.
The money is great though.

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needing life fulfillment from your job is a modern meme. very few people get that luxury, most people will never even come close to that and will work shitty wage jobs forever. you still picked a career path that pays well, gives good hours (outside of certain startups and mega silicon valley memecorps), and flexibility. you have a leg up over 90% of the people our age just because of that. if youre bored and have time and money, whats stopping you from finding fulfillment outside of work (hobbies, personal goals, friends, family, etc.)? you stated an interest too, you've already started

t. also a recent-grad software engineer that works for a boring-ass company, getting into gamedev, digital art, and fitness to fill my free-time has helped immensely

>needing life fulfillment from your job is a modern meme. very few people get that luxury, most people will never even come close to that and will work shitty wage jobs forever.
wageslave mentality.

OP here. My last project was done last week. Next one I can't legally start working on until Wednesday when it gets approved. Today and tomorrow I have nothing to do besides some paperwork so I stayed home and spent the day browsing Jow Forums, playing video game and smoking weed.

I envy my friends who have restaurant jobs at least they get out and socialize.

maybe but its a realistic mentality. if being gainfully employed is still being a wageslave fine whatever. think about how many actual wageslaves originally tried to get careers in some art or other passion, maybe even dumped 100k on schooling for it, only to find they cant get hired in that field because there's just not a market for it, so now they're thousands of dollars in the hole and the job opportunities theyre left with are the same jobs they could've gotten with just a HS education and no debt. gainful employment is a more realistic and attainable goal for most than fulfilling/passionate employment, you only have so much control over what you're passionate about and you have no control whatsoever over how marketable that skill is

>gainful employment is a more realistic and attainable goal for most than fulfilling/passionate employment
that I agree with. I'm not saying mindlessly "follow your passion". I just think it's sad how so many people resign to just bearing their job and calling it being realistic.

so many ways to make money out there, that require less time than a job you hate

Agreed, it just gets harder as you assume more responsibility as you gain more experience.

Work really sucks. You work for money.
There are career paths you can take to make it more enjoyable, but it will not be fun. You could get into management, business analyst, IT server-side shit, or even UX. But for now you are a code monkey.. Look around you and see what job you want to have. You will appreciate getting paid when you have a family

I actually *want* to be a code monkey. The more code the better.

It's easy to say that but office jobs like this are mental torture. I don't think a cashier really understands how much an office job in tech sucks. I've been a cashier and a coder and I will tell you the code job is fucking miserable, as is sitting all day. The office politics are next level and the amount of frustration involved in getting that coder money is 10x a minimum wage job. Hate him if you want but his day to day is like being in a prison watching minutes tick by

Maybe you should get into backend stuff then. The java guys seemed really busy with hard shit whenever I talked to them, and getting paid $$$$

Attending Cardiologist, make 300k a year and love my job

55k/year is so little in software, where do you work? sounds like you need a better company, total comp, a project that motivates you, and some outside hobbies

(am dev, work in SF, pay 1600/mo for a 3/2, and am clearing 286k this year in total comp including stock in a company that's public with 4 years of experience)


I do HVAC work and make 70K a year. I fucking hate this goddamn shit. I would rather have stuck in school for 2 more years doing something else. The people suck ass and the work fucking sucks, having to squeeze into someone's stinky ass attic that is filled with Cat Shit only unclog a drain pan that hasn't been cleaned in 20 fucking years sucks. I wish I could make a decent wage fucking dumping garbage cans, the work seems about the same but the hours seem way more manageable. Fucking working rotating shifts every other weekend because the 50 year old cocksuckers are too old and lazy to climb on a McDonalds to clean out the coils. I fucking hate my job, I worked 77 hours last week due to how hot and busy everything was. Imagine going to some old fucking crows house and have her stand over your shoulder the entire time asking you mundane questions and hearing about her fucking 30 year old grandson who works at another HVAC company but won't service her AC because he is scared he might get reported. Stupid old bags like that are the norm if not the "better" customers I deal with all day.

OP you have it fucking lucky. You make 55K a year and can be learning other shit while slacking off. Fucking learn another programming language or take shitty udemy classes to sharpen your skills. Quit being a fucking shit bag and get out there and start doing something. Goddamn it.

I could've been a software developer but I hate the culture and silicon valley politics way too much. I decided instead to leverage my biology degree to eventually become a civil engineer where I design forest trails and roads. Long story. The money is okay not awesome but do what makes you happy because I felt a lot healthier getting out of tech like day one.

First off, you make absolutely nothing for a software engineer. I was in a similar situation when I graduated from college (with an arts degree) and did shit writing work for years before teaching myself to code and breaking into software.

There is no other industry where you can go from a broke motherfucker with an English degree like me to an engineer working full-time at a trillion-dollar company making $120k in just five years. Do not waste the opportunity you have. If I was you at 23, I'd likely be making closer to 200 now with the extra experience I'd have. I had to work hard and cut my teeth at shitty startups for a few years, but it paid off big once I had enough experience to get noticed.

Moving to the west coast will help a lot. Find a big-name company with billions of dollars and a lot of job openings (they are out there) and work towards them. You will then have the time and money to do hobbies on the side that make you happy.

But Amazon steals your IP =/

You sound like a defeatist. That's not how it works, stop making excuses and decide if you want to live your life or watch it pass by you. This doesn't only apply to tech or .

based blue collar bro. I worked in a sawmill for 2 years, it was the most mindless fucking bullshit job I could imagine. Just pull a lever, make sure it's correct, pull a second lever. Maybe once or twice a week I'd get to press my walkie-talkie to stop the entire mill because shit wasn't being done correctly by the machine, but I didn't get to pull my third lever without approval unless it was an emergency, which it never was. On my feet 10 hours a day (shifts 10 hours long), pulling lever one, looking, pulling lever two. Couldn't slack off, couldn't read manga online or wiki pages or take a udemy class. And all for $15.25/hr

The most exciting thing that ever happened was someone getting run over by the forklifts, tractors, or logging trucks. 2 people were hit while I worked there, one of them was crippled lol.

Go fuck yourself OP.

You know you can get out and socialize without working on a restaurant right...?

If you're bored that means it's your fault. Show some initiative. And stop bitching about everything -- that's your other problem.