How can i stop over eating? please help me i lost 100 lbs at one point and i ate back 50...

How can i stop over eating? please help me i lost 100 lbs at one point and i ate back 50, if i gain back everything i swear to god i'll fucking KILL MY SELF, call a fatty/faggot/pussy idc just please give me some advice on how to stop pleaseee

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You have to desire having a good body more than you desire food.

I love food too, it's my passion, I eat a lot but I eat healthily. Sugary, fatty foods are addictive. You gotta cut them out and stay away from it, healthy food is just as good. Try becoming vegan, you'll automatically stay away from a shit of unhealthy stuff and find new and exciting healthy foods that are just as good!

>I'll kill myself
Please. You won't put yourself down, you couldn't even put down a twinkie.

Killing yourself would admittedly solve the overeating issue.

>food is my passion
you're mentally ill, man. seek help

shut up bitch, if i did it once i could do it again...i just need the proper advice on how to........

how can i go about this?

This is worked for me but we're two different people...

1. If you have free time don't lounge around in the dining room or near the kitchen. You will be tempted to snack and gorge.

2. When you grab something from the fridge first ask yourself "Am I actually hungry?" if no, put it back.

3. Drink more water.

4. Don't eat ice cream

thank you so much, at least i got SOMETHING from this thread


Your diet has to not just lose weight. Your diet has to be something that you can maintain for the rest of your life, or at least until you find something else that puts you at the same weight.
My advice? Measure your calories, guess to the best of your abilities if you can't get a perfect measurement, eat more foods that are lower in calorie density, plan your meals strategically so that you don't feel the need to cheat, keep snacking to a minimum, don't keep shitty foods in your house, and measure your weight every day at the same time of day to keep yourself honest.

Also pay attention to your serving size. People do this ridiculous thing where they ignore calories and other nutritional facts because the thing they're consuming is "healthy".


do 10 push-ups everytime you feel tempted by food

Drink more water and reduce your portions of sugar/fat gradually, don't stop yourself and consuming it. Because you'll be more tempted to give in the temptation.

serving size is a huge deal. you must eat 3 regular size meals (or 5) and NOTHING ELSE.
i used to eat my 3 large meals plus a snack between each, plus candy, plus very little exercise.

to start, try for 30 days to drink water every time you feel hungry when you aren't supposed to be eating.

>waaaaah if i did it once

Clearly you didn't

Pro tip, get into the habbit of ONLY EATING DURING MEALS this should be the 3 meals a day, eat as much as you want during those meals for the start but do not snack in between you can even do 4 meals if you need to the point here is to simply gain some degree of control and awareness of your eating pro tip 2 if you feel the urge to snack drink a bunch of water until your full it removes the urge

You should not stop eating, you should change what you eat.

Usually a good diet provides more food than one would think. Sure, it's more healty and less tasty, but still a lot of food.
What helps me is having one day in wich I can go out and eat what I want. This way, following my diet during the week feels less of a pain, since I see "a light" at the end of the week.

Another thing that might help is drinking a fuckton of water. This not only will help you to discarge the extra liquid in your body, but will also reduce the free space into your stomach.
To help with this, there are special powders to give your water good flavour, like fruits or cola.

Diet is a pain in the ass, but there are actually ways to make ot feel a little less overwhelming.

Source: fatass actually managing to slowly get into shape.

Stay away from fats for a month. Do this and you can do it indefinitely. No sugars or high fat content. Avoid shit like soda and cheese fondue. Cut off some red meats since they clog your digestive tract.

I clearly did, dumb faggot

90% of dieters just keep losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over.

The only diet that works is a life style change. Become the kind of person who eats less. A good start is to eat all your usual foods, only less. Stop before you're full.

Weight lost at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week is much more likely to stay off

1. Exercise.

Not only once you get somewhat used to it, it becomes fun (and somewhat addictive), it'll help your whole process of thinking about food. You'll focus more on "GAINZZZ" than eating. Especially if you focus on jogging.

2. Changing you diet completely.

As earlier, a good suggestion is going vegan. Less un-needed meat and milk-products, which are known to be fattening.

But, I used to do something different and lost about 20punds withing less of a month.
I stopped eating carbs. Bread, rice, spaghetti, etc.
Meat - On a work out day.
Vegetables - Everyday all the fucking time
Fruit - a few every day
Garbage - Only on a weekend, and even then, a limited amount. And even then, only if you worked out that same day.

For me it did fucking wonders. But I had a problem on a smaller scale (ayy)

3. Seeing a doc/shrink.No need to elaborate.

4. Have a goal.
Have a goal. Not something as wimpy as impressing girls, or feeling good about yourself. Neither comes from losing weight for depressed fucks such as ourselves.
Have a realistic, concrete goal. If you like climbing, try reaching a certain level - And surpass it to the next goal.
If ya like boxing, join a boxing gym and be the fucking champ.
If you like idk fucking swimming, get a fucking medal.
Be better than yourself with each passing day, and then be better from others which is fun as fuck boi.
And try gerber. (mashed fruit, basically). It's tasty, sweet, kinda healthy, low on calories. Some brands have 48cal for 100grams
You could eat 200gr of gerber and STILL not consume 100 calories.

Good luck, my fat friend.

Go on a keto diet. Eat only and exclusively animal products to make things easier and dont eat more than 200 grams of any dairy per day. Apart from that you can stuff your face with any type of meat. Provided that you dont cheat at all you will lose weight with ease.

>How can I stop overeating?

Stop overeating.


one last bump

Practice saying no to the good things so you can say noto the bad things

As said above, focus on it being slow and healthy. The reason you overeat now is not because of your will, but because your body freaks out when you lose too quickly.

i used the myfitnesspal app religiously and I'm down 37 pounds since November. Plus the gym twice a week (read: fuck Jow Forums lmao)