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I want to see you.

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Me after the aliens transform me into their kind so we can mate

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>go on vacation to greece alone because why not
>usually a socially anxious freak
>take valium to stop anxiety from destroying my vacation
>insane confidence out of nowhere
>everything i do feels completely normal, no idea if I'm being too loud, inappropriate or anything
>get back from vacation
>benzos wear off
>think back at what I did while I was away, look at photos
>have about 10 new contacts on my phone
>been on 4 tinder dates
>made out on the beach several times with different people
>thanked one of my dates for breaking my 2 year dry spell, probably admitted some other random shit too
>rode a motorbike across the island despite never having ridden even a bicycle
>somehow learned conversational greek
>in 7 days

It feels so surreal, like it wasn't me. I need to go back. And take valium again.

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I might be able to do it this time. Just maybe there is hope after all. If I think about it logically there was nothing except curious mystery, and not every mystery must be unveiled. Sometimes its obvious the quest isn't worth the reward. Its hard to let go of something you've always wanted, but sometimes you just need to. Goodbye, to you and your family. I have been enough of a pest.

Just leave me alone. You’re a bad person.

What a difference a new lawyer can make.

I'll always deserve somebody to harm and abuse

Still blaming the senpai?

I want to harm them

Do some exercise bud join a club

I want a snickers blizzard

I want to lure a woman then abuse and harm them I want them to die


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I won't talk to you anymore. I got the hint.

I'll try my best to have eyes for someone else.

Fuck Im in the same place. I just want to talk again like we were a month ago, I just want to get a second chance to not fuck things up

How'd you fuck things up before?
My situation is that I need to take the lead. But I...don't know how. Don't think they want me to either, so.

I have a girlfriend, but she acts so distant and doesn't text or hang out like she used to.
I feel like I don't have a girlfriend.

Is this normal? We've been dating for 9 months.

I have over 100 thousand pounds (UK currency) to my name from selling illegal shit online and physically for the past 3 years and i still live with my parents as i have to clue how to deposit it without drawing suspicion. Only 21 and have one year left of uni, so if i manage to stay low one more year i should be fine.

42,453 pounds is in physical cash i last counted, the rest is in a series of investment accounts. I literally can't buy anything with it as i would need to deposit into a bank and the bank calls up DWP if a large amount is deposited from what i hear. The investment firms gladly took my money but i don't think the banks would tbg.

It's not drug money or anything - i sold highly caffeinated drinks without disclosing on the nutrition label - i know for a fact that's illegal. Each bottle had around 480mg of caffeine from what i remember. So i guess it is technically drug related.

I could pay off all my uni debt with that money :(

Any advice would be great.

I feel like I've lost the ability to connect with people. No drug makes me more talkative, and believe me, I've tried pretty much everything barring meth and heroin. I can't even talk to my best friend anymore. When we hang out we just sit in silence until he says something. It's not like I don't want to talk, it's not like I don't realize I have to initiate conversation. My brain just feels so empty, like it has literally lost the physical capacity to form words in a conversation. It's like, someone will bring up some topic I am interested in and I try to engage, but my brain just gives up and goes blank. It's so frustrating, how I am I even supposed to practice my social skills when this happens with someone I have known for years and had countless conversations with, let alone a stranger?

I feel so empty. I think my brain is broken. My social anxiety just gets worse and worse with every passing year. I'm just going to totally isolate myself and hopefully it makes me so lonely that I can't stand to live anymore.

Aw man I'm not gonna make it

I'll always want somebody to abuse

And no one will ever want you, always.

Did the abuse make you feel powerful and in control?

I'll lure them in then abuse and torture them when I feel like it

I'm the one who's been abused
I want to do to others what has been done to me

No one is lured by bad bait.

Have you tried medication for anxiety?

I'll have somebody that I string along then torture them when I see fit

That person will never exist in your life and you know it. You will never get your wish, no one will ever even look at you.

>Spend actual months getting turned down by females who I felt genuine connections with.
>interested in their backstories, interested in their hobbies and skills, interested in them as people. I hugged one and god she was fucking warm. I loved it.
>Get a match with a girl.
>Shoot my shot with a hail marry. She likes the outdoors, I like country driving and hikes.
>She tells me to come up with a better opening message.
>"I'm a lonely nerd, not Shakespeare. Wysiwyg motherfucker. Why'd you put 'I want someone who can be themselves around me,' if you wanted me to play games?"
>She waits a few minutes. "What are you on tinder for?"
>I tell her "A relationship, but I wouldn't say no to bending you over every piece of furniture in my apartment and fucking you for hours."
>"Well that's all you had to say! Give me your number. :P"
I show abject contempt for this sorority-looking lady's way of life, her social games, her expectations of me, of men in general, and her bio. I talk to her like she's a hooker, and this gets her rearing to go.
I swear to god, if this bitch actually texts me back tonight, my hope for the human race will die with my virginity. I will ACTUALLY nut whatever good I saw in you fucking people into that rubber, tie it up, and make her wear it on her tits like a Victoria cross.

You're dumb as shit yes I will

you gave me aids tyrone and i forgive you

No you won't.

I'll always want a torture victim

i’m in you’ll just have to castrate me first

I want to abuse women


You will continue to post here about what you want and deserve because you will never get it. See you tomorrow in gioyc because another day will go by without you having anyone at all.

I'm so tired of having no one to talk to. I work in a shitty small mall store by myself. I can occasionally make small talk with customers, but otherwise the only people I talk to are my co-wprkers. And even then it"s just small talk because it's only for 5 minutes when we change shifts. On top of it all I'm just boring. I've been an anxiety ridden shut in for most of my life, and all my interests are weird and niche. I feel out of touch with "normies" so to speak.

I have to admit, when I look back I've really come a long way from what I was a year ago. But the deep self-loathing and lack of confidence I built up over the years is still too strong for me to be rid of. I'm socially inept, and I have so lityle self esteem that I don't really try to reach out because O can't imagine anyone liking me enough to want to connect beyond being occasional acquaintances. I've dug myself into a pit I can't escape from.

I want to get a stick, glue cat food lids to it and lodge into your head

I will push you off a bridge.

I have "tried" benzos plenty of times but they don't really do anything besides make me sleepy and lose my balance a lot. I talked to a therapist once about taking medication but all she suggested me was some pill that just makes your palms less sweaty (?).
Thank you for the suggestion but I don't know if this is a problem that can be solved or aided with medication.

I'm actually really creepy but I don't know how to stop or whatever.

>lesbian coworker/best friend is in love with me
>won't stop asking how it's going with the guy i'm trying to talk to
>literally won't stop
>shows me pictures of girls all the time and asks if i think they're pretty
>say yes, cause they are, why would i lie?
....just because i say some girls are pretty does not mean i want any sort of relationship with them
>she doesn't get it. persists, asks me to go driving around town with her every fucking night. when we do, she plays message music. she'll search through her spotify for forever, too, just to find one song.

She's a great friend and we have a lot of similar interests. However, I can't help but be annoyed and feel really uncomfy when I'm with her. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but she really can't be this oblivious. I'm not interested in her like that. I can't make myself feel things, either.

I feel so tired each and every day. I don't really know where people get energy to 'do' things. I barely have energy to get my regular work done.

i NEED a tumblr gf

scissor her and send pics user

helllllllllllllllllllllllllllll to the no my dude

did you just assume my gender

Oh god life is so scary and stressful and anxiety provoking but when things are nice it's pretty damn nice.

i sure did. did i assume correctly, user?

noooo nerd

sorry about that, user. should've asked for your pronouns before i spoke. oops >:(

it's guy not dude

okay my guy, please accept my sincere apology

See you in the threads tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day

I'll always want to kill

Letting go is so. Damn. Hard. I envy people who can just move on without much effort. I am so weak fuck.

You ain't getting my attention bitch.

Aliens are real. I've talked to them.

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I never belonged with them, but I really wanted to. Its good I have a place in this world after all, but I am sad it wasn't with them. Its bittersweet.

I talked to them too but they ghosted me after a few days.

Well the only difference between man and animals are that man has fear of punishment, which means a lot of people have wanted to at least punch someone in the face at some point it wouldn't be hard to believe a lot of people would want to kill other people . im surprised trump hasn't been assasinated yet

I know the feeling user I know the feeling.

i should be happy with my life but im not somehow.

That is a terrible feel. Everything seems so great except that one little thing and that one little thing is fucking your emotions up. I wish I didn't feel anything sometimes, but that would also suck.

Conversely, those who move on, as if their partner were nothing, are usually unable to bond with someone on a profound level, and therefore jump from relationship to relationship once the initial dopamine rush wears off. They often cheat on their partners as well because there's no real bond between them except a one-sided one.

I would argue that it's stronger to allow yourself to be vulnerable to getting hurt in order to truly bond with another than it is to not allow yourself to be vulnerable and thus unable to create a true bond with another person. A healthy relationship means both sides make themselves vulnerable to each other, but if one person walks away without a care then there was no vulnerability there and, unfortunately, no relationship.

>tfw someone makes a joke about rednecks in a comic I read and some commentor derailed the community discussion into how the artist hates Trump

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I love you.

But you already know that.

We're all going to make it, user.

I hate my girlfriend.

She is fat, ugly and annoys me about 90% of the time but she is rich. Buys me anything I want. I think I might kill myself.

Maybe I'm misjudging her, or maybe my expectations of other people have been warped this entire time. This shit flew off of my cuff right after I started drinking with other men my age. They're terrible. They use expressions like "Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score," they trash talk people who put in the effort to be better than them, they get into bar fights and really hurt people.

I read somewhere that you need to learn to be a man before you can learn to be a gentleman. I think this is what they meant. I think my boys, these giant fucking dickheads I'm hanging out with and learning from, killed the nice guy in me.

God I fucking hate it, though. I'll post here if she actually texts back.


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Whatd they do?

I want you to stare at me again. I miss those days...

Always, I miss you. I miss your face. I miss your voice. I miss your smile.

What do I do? About you...

Just gotta keep reminding myself I have so much to be grateful for, I have a lot, really. The desire for more can quickly become a self destruct button. When I live day by day, momet for moment, I really feel happy and complete. As long as I don't worry about the what ifs, I will make it. Just have to keep myself distracted from my obsession, which isn't that difficult when I focus on the moment. Focus is the key.


pls name a movie and I'll watch it
preferably something with good music and not too slow-paced

boku no pico or beelzbub

Stop recommending anime jesus christ
i'm adding one more requirement it has to be either american, german, canadian, or swedish

Its fucking me up, I am in a very committed marriage, even if I could go back in time I would choose my current lover over them. But I STILL think about the first one. I feel like its ruining my bonding experience even though I have bonded with him more than anyone in my life. I should have moved on ages ago but I still feel something for the first guy even after all this time, even after my husband has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Why am I like this? I think I am a terrible person because what the fuck is this? It shouldn't linger like it does. I have never been able to be this open with a man before, never been able to share absolutely everything, even the lingering feels I have for guy 1, and I know I will never find a relationship more honest and open, where I can truly be myself and say anything on my mind to them. I really love them, but I feel awful I still think about someone I never even got to know. He shouldn't be in my head at all and yet...


Saving Private Ryan


I'll always want to kill them no matter what

That's almost 3 hours long but okay I'll watch it.
Already saw it. Was pretty alright.
I'm not really into war movies but I don't feel like watching my watchlist.

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Beelzebub's pretty good though
Watch the first episode and you'll get hooked

I can't wait to murder

start with yourself pls fampai

I don't like anime stop trying to get me to watch it.


No I'll take others with me I'll always want to and will

i just want justice and for no one else to go through what i had to.

I don't usually believe in "signs" telling you what you need to do in life, but I consider today an absolute sign I need to gtfo of this job. I was originally gonna stick it out until they at least try to change my shift, but it's definitely not worth it anymore.

My brother just got diagnosed with Graves’ disease at 26. My cousin is being induced tomorrow and her baby needs heart surgery within the next couple days. I want to know how they’re coping but I’m not coping very well with all of this news so I don’t want to bring it up and have them think about it more than they probably already are.

Dump him sis
Both of them


Just remember he is right, he has always proven himself to be correct. You are just a limerent object, there is nothing much I can do but be patient and find other things to occupy my mind. It will fade because its not really love, never was and never could be.

I want to stay high constantly

I could if I wanted to

I want to rape a 30 year old woman dressed like a highschooler.