3 dates from 43 approaches, is that a decent number? No fucks yet though. Could probably have fucked the first one although not on the first date, but I didn't want to meet her again. Second one I don't think I could have fucked her, but I walked out of the date because it sucked. Third one was a diva and came half an hour late on purpose so I didn't meet her, even though I could have met her.

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Imagine being this insecure and validation seeking lmao

cold approaches? Ya, you're fine

honestly that's fucking terrible. You're striking at 0.07. It's honestly fucking pathetic, and the fact your asking here even moreso. saged.

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I felt like giving up but then I got two dates in one day the last day, retard

It's not bad, but you seem unkind. You should at least finish dates and not judge them too harshly.

When it comes to pick up, the more you do it the more you know who will say yes, so that 3/43 will improve. Good job putting yourself out there

>3 dates
>walked out on 2nd
>didn't even meet the 3rd
are you ok retard?

It's three dates vs zero dates. I think he did a good job. Takes guts to face rejection and own it

>It's not bad, but you seem unkind. You should at least finish dates and not judge them too harshly.
I walked out because I felt like she was rejecting me and would not fuck me and that she would probably have gotten up and left herself soon. I felt like she was lying to my face too. She bought a drink but then she only took a few sips, telling lies about why. She was a bitch and I don't want bitches to waste my time.

So how many percent of approaches do you get dates from?

admittedly one of them I said fuck you and threw a plastic bottle at her

What's your point? The third was waiting for me but I had left at that point. So that was a date, but I didn't go.

You sound like you need therapy more than sex, user. There is no reason to be angry just because a date is going poorly

are you ok retard?

Guy already made a tbread about his third date. They were both late, and it was raining and this spastic threw a fit. Dude is a psycho. He's the one spamming those daily coffee threads too, I think.

I have a 1 for 1 track record.

>3 dates from 43 approaches
>43 approaches

It wasn't a date. It was a woman I approached and she looked totally disgusted and tried to get away from me before I even opened my mouth. Not even "Nice to meet you. I have to go." or something similar like most cunts, she just walked away fast with a disgusted expression. She wasn't even that hot.

What's your point? That's about 15 approaches per date. During my vacation I only averaged a little over one approach per day. If I can get the average up to 5 approaches per day I could get a date every 3 days.

i dont know
im too much of a pussy asking them out unless i know for sure i get a yes
this also means i score on 1st dates

i think you should let them play with you a bit, let them do girly shit like make you wait or smt
they like to be chased, if you start with asking out, the chase is gone, so they will create it while dating

>What's your point?
i don't think i've even seen 43 women i want to date you absolute manwhore.

I have a two for two.
I also haven't had a date in over a decade but still.

then you are gay

I’m 0 from 100+

Really? What method do you use?

I do almost all approaches in the street. Roosh prefers coffee shops and bookstores but I don't get it, maybe it's different in America, here those don't seem like very good places.

Fuck the people telling you that you're not doing good or whatever. It doesn't matter if a 1000 woman reject you as long as you get a single hot girl to fuck. You're obviously making progress so just keep trying and things will work out.

No method just cold approach and say I find them attractive

that's a method dumbass

That always gets them wet.

you are the male equivalent of what incels think a female is

>hasn't seen 43 women he wants to fuck in his entire life
>not gay

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are you genuinly trying to shit on me for having standards? you're literally fucking jumping on every women in sight trying to fuck them and you're telling me i have issues?

Is that you, Swedenbro? Did you pay for her coffee?

I walked back to my car and didn't answer her texts and call. The bitch was in a bookstore and came to the place we had arranged almost half an hour late, on purpose. She got to taste her own medicine.

Oh it's the potato "ASKING FOR MEN ONLY" user. I wonder what tomorrows thread will be.

Fuck her I hope she burns in hell. I should have raped and tortured her. And I hate my parents for putting me into a world where women treat me like she treated me.

What’s the most common reaction to your cold approach? Is it becoming easier to do with time ?

Kek, Is this swedishgod28?

The most common reaction is probably either they talk for between 2 sentences and 2 minutes, then say "nice to meet you. I have to go" or similar. Or they seem to like to talk to me but it becomes kind of obvious a few minutes in that they're faking and think they're being polite, they start telling obvious lies to get away from me, "my feet are hurting, I have to go back to my hotel", "I'm flying home early tomorrow, I have to go" etc. etc. But I don't know really, there are many ways I get rejected. Yeah it's easier with time, a little at least, but my vacation just ended so I'm worried I can't strike while the iron's hot and it'll cool down again. Of these 43 approaches I think maybe only 2 were total bitches, although most were bitchy to some degree.

>No fucks yet though. Could probably have fucked the first one although not on the first date, but I didn

see s therapist

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That's decent beginner numbers. You want to eventually learn the body language of people / Women well enough to see if she has enough interest / desire before you even ask so you don't waste time.