Why are girls on Jow Forums so mean and entitled? I asked pic related for her contact politely and she said no...

Why are girls on Jow Forums so mean and entitled? I asked pic related for her contact politely and she said no, and ignored my posts afterwards. How do I deal with this, Jow Forums? You'd think that since we're both crabs in a bucket here, the girls on Jow Forums would be more supportive, but of course not, they all just want Chads to fill their holes.

And if you see this post, here's a quote by Lil Wayne that reflects my feelings for you right now:
>Lil Wayne - "I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes. Hate in my heart, love in my mind. I've seen nights full of pain, days of the same. You keep the sunshine, save me the rain. I search, but never find. Hurt, but never cry. I work and forever try, but I'm cursed, so never mind..."

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You are a fucking weirdo dude. Do you really think some woman is going to dox herself on Jow Forums just so you can have a fake internet GF?

Jesus fucking christ you must be a top notch nigger.

OP, I am gay. Give me you contact so we can chat. Be supportive.

and here is a future school shooter

Thanks for not offering any advice!

It's not just women - if you asked for my contact info I'd tell you to fuck off too

You're welcome. Please get the fuck off the internet you incel fucktard. Ask anyone to dox themselves and see how well they deal with it.

I didn't want her to dox herself, retard, I would never hurt her. And she could just create a fake one, so we could get to know each other and delete her post a few minutes later.

Wow, you didn't even reply to my post. Why are you so mean and entitled? You'd think you'd help a gay guy out since we're both on Jow Forums but you just want to fill Stacy's holes instead of my gay ass, tight? So mean and entitled, you asshole.

What a fucking creep. Have you been diagnosed yet?

reject the pleasures of the flesh, celibacy is the way brother.
meditate, pray to god, stop masturbating and watching porn, flog yourself when you give in to the sexual urges.

Any man can be a disgusting pig-like animal who has sex all the time, disease ridden and with a fragile mind that depends on instant gratifications.

Only a true man can master himself. The greatest pleasure is the pleasure of not needing any pleasures.

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Thank you for the advice.
I did it for a year consistently, but stopped for some reason. Last time I meditate was around February this year though.
>pray to God
Do it every night before bed.
>stop masturbating and watching porn
I'm currently on 10 days of nofap and although I checked porn yesterday, I didn't touch myself.

But I'm afraid that I will relapse again at some point. How do you keep on going, brother?

to be honest I am only in the beginning as well (6 days into nofap now).
I guess you just measure the pleasure you will get from masturbating versus the much greater pleasure of living a righteous and virtuous life.

Also, see sex for what it really is: friction and semen discharge. There is nothing more to it, only a fool would place high value on it. Sex is for reproduction ONLY.

I see, a man of culture as well.
I'm in the 6th day too (even if I had a 10+ test run before)

christ man you are seriously desperate
chill down, i think i can help you

Yeah man posting about someone with their picture ain't the way to go about doin it. She said no? So what! There are 3 billion women in the world. Go download chatous and talk to cute filipinos.

>nofap and although I checked porn yesterday, I didn't touch myself
Might as well just fap if you're too weak willed to quit porn. Also you can't "relapse" because it's not fapping that is bad, it's watching porn.

If I was desperate, I'd go for a landwhale. -.-
Instead I chose to go for an angel from Jow Forums who rejected me sadly.

how old are you man?
you are desperate man, please listen to us

>I was desperate

There's your problem and I know you don't wanna hear this but desperation will lead nowhere most of the time. Have you tried talking to women in real life? Why the hell would you post the girl's picture here anyway imagine how she feels posting herself on a site like this.

19-year-old young man.
Yes, I have tried. But they mostly aren't very enthusiastic about having a conversation with me. A few girls were fun to talk to though, but it lead nowhere.

OP here
I am ready to support your scrotum with my mouth

When I was your age I had a couple of average looking girls into me but I didn't initiate anything so nothing happened. It wasn't until I stopped developing that I had more options. You have to work on yourself though, make something out of yourself and talk to people and you'll get something eventually.

Post face. I guarantee you look like a school shooter

Post yours, I guarantee you look like a faggot.

Are you ok retard?

This coming from the incel who’s trying to pick up girls on Jow Forums. Do you realize how pathetic and creepy this thread is?

Keep bumping my thread, haters.
Here's another Lil Wayne quote for you:
>Lil Wayne - "Throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower."

You are delusional

Kek nice bait nigger

literal retard op


>OP has an interest in a girl
>does what a man does in that situation and asks girl for contact
>girl ghosts because she isn't interested and girls are very unconfrontative
>sucks but isn't the end of the world, happened to the best of us
>OP accuses her of being mean and entitled
The last point is where you failed and why people in the thread are shitting on you. In none of the earlier points did you do any wrong

None of it matters.
Being chad and having girls throw themselves at you is the only thing of value in this era. Imagine being paid to exist, like supermodels. Alas not the case for me.

Hat heSaid

Ahhh. Drunk posting. "What he said"

Who gets paid to exist? I want that kind of a job.

>think you are entitled to her contact info
>she says no
>call her entitled


>You'd think that since we're both crabs in a bucket here, the girls on Jow Forums would be more supportive
Buddy, no, we're here so we can stop being approached by you creeps and try to help in ways that have nothing to do with us, while we also mostly have the option of not looking at you directly.

You are a complete stranger on a website filled with trolls and socially deranged individuals. That’s why trying to meet someone though this scum pile is a bad idea.

Cause you a freakshow.

Holy shit nigga this best not be you. Like god damn nigga you dumb as shit.

This is some of the stupidest, cringiest post I've ever seen in this shithole. You deserve a pat on the back, champ

Cringus maximus

Can't argue with incel logic

>a girl rejected me!
>I'm going to whine about it!
She really must be missing out on the catch of the day here.

if she puts her contact info on Jow Forums she will get about 50 incels all up in her koolaid.
Even if she actually liked you (probably not) how would she know it's really you?

This isn't Tinder you idiot. Gosh, summer holiday times get worse and worse every year around here.

>waaahhh waaaah why are girls so entitled and meaaaan
>but I am entitled to this persons contact info because we both browse the same website

u wot mate

Your first mistake was giving a shit about attentionwhores online.

Yeah, she's legit pretty.

You deal with it by realizing that you've shot your shot and she doesn't agree that you're both "crabs in a bucket."

Why are you asking us?

We've all thought we'd found someone who understands us who turns out not to.

If it's not routine at this point, then you must be really inexperienced.

Sorry to hear it tho.

I'd tell you that it gets better, but It's always terrible.

Maybe eat a sammich or something and try and ignore the disappointment.

Holy shit this cannot be real

Yeah, I was just hoping she was different. Thanks for not being hostile to me.

>mean and entitled?
we're not mean and entitled but fearful and very wary

Good friendships don't come from shared misery. OP you somehow accept that you have nothing better to offer, so the only thing you offer is "shared misery", where in you have accepted that your life will be hopelessly miserable forever, so if you can find someone else with so much despair, then you can leverage your mutual suffering as some sort of asset.

The thing is, once a friendship like that starts, you need the misery to last in order to keep the friendship alive. If one of you fixes your life up and finds hope, then everything you liked about the other person is gone instantly. So the other will do anything he/she can to pull them back down.

It's very toxic.

Friendships should sprout from love and what all you have to offer. Cause then you guys would actually like each other and can grow together.

But why did you turn hostile? You’re a weak hypocritical cunt.

You're not entitled to pussy. Grow a pair and fuck off.