In college

>in college
>in the classroom a girl sits next to me and keeps touching her body and putting her butt close to my face
>at the entrance waiting for the bus three different girls get too close to me even though they could go somewhere else
>when getting on the bus some other girl touches my hand or my ass sometimes indirectly
>inside the bus i get glances from some

I know I'm tall and attractive but how do I make it stop happening? I am a volcel to me women are demons, despite knowing that many wanted to be in my place.

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If you really want her to stop touching you next time she does it, look her straight in the eyes and REEE as hard as you can

1) Just act as autistic and retarded as you can any time you see a chick. Just sperg out.

2) Stop taking care of your physical appearance, arbitrary shit like hair and beard, start wearing shitty clothes, just make yourself as unappealing to women as possible.

3) Tell the cunt to fuck off straight up

God I wish I could be as free as you

Say "Don't touch me like that"

where the fuck do whores like that exist
i've never seen one in my entire life


the fuck OP
just say no, or tell her to get her whore ass out of your face.

its because they can tell you are desperate

They want you to rape them but don’t know how to ask you. Major hints bro

Why would you want it to stop lol unless you already have a girlfriend then just tell them that you have a girl and assuming they're decent human beings they should stop

let me clarify

i literally have never SEEN with my eyes one of those women being in the proximity, not even once in my entire life

Haha before i knew i was attractive I would get these same glances and sexual tension from some sloots, but it really was a non issue until you notice it. Women don't make moves. Oh wow some of them have squeeze, so what.
I remember one black girl have a grab and when i turn to her suprised she asked why i don't have a wallet. I laughed because it was ironic that she covered up her sexual assault with attempted robbery.

guess which virgin angel is going to depravedly get his holy virginity taken and torn from him by demonic succubees :)
hint: You are sweety
better learn to ride the demon

Wear graphic t shirts and socks with sandals. Drool down your face and turn your head slowly side to side while making drawn out sheep sounds intermittently sprinkled with uncomfortable laughter.

>dear diary
>all these boys are constantly hitting on me
>it's like I'm a piece of meat
>I wish they would leave me alone

The only difference is you won't be crying for them all that attention to come back in ten years time unless you get fat or age like soup. Stop whining ya bitch

kek'd but unironically this

How do you know if you're attractive or not? When I'm in public I actively avoid looking at people. They may be in my field of vision but I'm never looking at their faces or enough to notice if they're looking at me or whatever. If I'm ever being checked out, I wouldn't notice. And if my gaze happens to meet a girl's, I will look aways immediately. Hell, if that happens and she smiles, I'll look away and feel like shit because I feel like I'm being mocked or something. I'm pretty sure if have pretty bad/autistic body language too. Not sure if this overrides whatever good features my face may have.

I don't wanna look like the weird or gay guy
Because I want nothing to do with them
>Women don't make moves.
Yes, instead of them saying they want to be with me, they're doing that kind of thing, they're cowards
>How do you know if you're attractive or not?
People tell me

Females are shit

>People tell me
How often? What context? Friends or strangers? What country are you from?

Post face or someone who looks like you

every week, strangers, brazil
like pic related

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Ah. I live in England. We're pretty reserved. My cousin legit done modelling in the past, is 6'2, and I've been on the lookout before for people miring, eyefucking, etc. him. I can't catch of this stuff. He's better looking than the guy you posted too.

I'm 6'2 too, and here in college there are a lot of short guys