Woman here. When should you tell your partner that you have an STD?

Woman here. When should you tell your partner that you have an STD?

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Before you start dating.

before you have any kind of sexual touching.
Also, if you have mouth herpes, BEFORE YOU KISS.

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Who cares. It aint gonna kill him

As soon as you date the guy. Depending on the person in question I probably wouldn't turn the person down but I would want to be careful naturally.

There shouldn't be any partners to tell. You should be quarantining yourself.

Not true if they have the same thing why can’t the bump uglys? Can’t catch something you already have


Depends on how contagious it is.

When you both go get tested together.

Early as possible without it being random to bring up.
Maybe if he tries to make a move, say “wait” and tell him. I know it kind of ruins the mood but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you wait until AFTER sex to tell him.

What STD? Herpes. If it is life threatening then yes but regardless you need to even if it is not.

It can mutate and get worse you dumb slut.
Go to the doctor and stop spreading illness everywhere you go.

This. I've never mentioned any of my shit and no guy has ever brought it up after the fact

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I'm going to tell you my story. I was dating my soon to be husband and I found out I got herpes because my dumbfuck ex was fucking around with other chicks. When I found out. I told my fiance and he hated me and was going to leave me but then he got himself check n he did not have it. I went to my gynecologist and she rechecked me. I guess the medicine she gave me cured me or I never really had it. Anyways you need to tell him. He will hate you if you don't

guy here, had a short break up, got back together and ultimately married then I got deathly sick and in hospital and all kinds of test to find out what it was, hepatitis B and only after the doctors dropped the bomb it is sexually transmitted with my wife in the room did my wife confess she suspected it came from some nasty ass carnival guy and his cousin she fucked during our break up. Anyway we're divorced and thankfully no permanent liver damage.

almost 70% of people have oral, most get it as kids as well and never have it again ,now genital ones are a different story

what std are we talking about anyway *

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Reeee I get a cold sore every 3-4 months.

I havent had one in like more then 15 years, had once as a kid and thats it, depends purely on your immune system like most majority of people had it as kids but the body becomes immune to it and most dont even know they have it.
its almost like a vaccine ,when they vaccinate you for a virus your body builds immune to it, same with this

you can get some sort of cream to prevent it, every drug store sells it

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This is where is matters, and hurts, the most.

You will spend decades of your life with your husband/wife and shouldn't ruin this relationship. Even the best of dating relationships are not worth damaging your eventual marriage.

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Before you have sex