Be me

>be me
>lives with strict abusive religous father
>lost faith in religion but never telling my parents
>forced by dad to wear only skirts and cover hair
>being hit and yelled at for stating opinion
>basically don't have any rights as a human being in this house
how do i cope.. im kind of losing my mind at this point.. built up anger.. etc..

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Listen to your parents, anger won't solve anything.
Also you have to be 18 to post

How old are you OP?

i am 18.

Age? Past 16 you could probably run away and make it pretty good for yourself with some under the table job farm hand or something maybe, past 18 why tf are you still in that house go get a job apply online in secret if you have to so that they don't kick you out once you have job leave, if your before 16 well yeah you don't really have any rights just wait it out

So yeah your 18 just get a job and leave tons of places hire first time workers w/ no exp

i can't get a job bruv they say i won't be able to leave the house or have a job until i get married.

Such a shame you think this way.

Move out. You farther is a dogmatist and won't change. You're old enough to literally leave. Do that.

Disregard what they say. They're assholes. What country are you from? There may be humanist, rationalist, and atheist communities that may be able to help you if you tell them your story.

You sound like my ex gf.

I had to break up with my sweet Habibti today because her father would never let a non Muslim man date his daughter. He found out our secret and took away her smart phone and ways of communicating with me. He actually follows her to class now to make sure she isn't talking to me. We are at a fucking university and she is 21. It's insane how father think they are doing anything other than make their daughters resentful of them and their culture.

I saw she was under so much stress and I couldn't convert truthfully. After the 2nd week of barely being able to see her for 10 mins at a time. I think she knew that this couldn't last and was probably giving her more stress. I knew I couldn't dangle hope in her eyes so I told her that we had to separate. We had a good time and we knew this might happen going into it. I think deep down she was hoping i would convert and commit, but i only really knew her only 5 months. Even if we struggled through it she'd get disowned by her father and her mother and sister would be forced to never talk to her.

I feel like an ass and I am so upset that she has to go through this. I told her the only way to be free is if she finishes her degree. Then at lesst she could support herself.

Nab a dude and let him take care of shit. Get a nice dweeb 10 or 15 years older with a good job. Do his laundry and buy whatever groceries you want with his money. You're almost done. Hang in there.

Run away. They won't ever change

>humanist, rationalist, and atheist communities

If you are 18 then they have no right to hold you hostage. Run away.

If you are actually hit, as in physical violence, that is a crime and you can report it to the police.

>Yes officer, that's the guy! That's my dad. Get him!

Wut. Domestic abuse is a crime that is taken seriously.

Obey your father.

I too like dogs

Inshallah you convert and marry

Wearing a headscarf and being modest is more respectable than slitting around with a bra on.

Don't want this to turn into a religious battleground but I'm curious, what religion is your family?

Their house, their rules.

Look forward to when you can move out

Wrong. They aren't above the law, inside their house or not. Beatings are definitely not legal.

all these dumbass westerners ITT
run away if you can find a reasonable abode OP, but we both know it aint gonna get any better in that house, nor will calling the cops improve the situation

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