Ask the opposite gender anything thread

ask the opposite gender anything thread

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Best joke I've heard all day. Why aren't you on TV?

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Girls, how do you act towards guys you find creepy at the workplace? Do you talk to them? Smile at them? Avoid eye contact? Blank them?

If I think he's creepy, I'll probably interact with him civilly and still smile at him when talking and stuff, but you'd be able to tell the difference between my interactions with him and co-workers I actually enjoyed interacting with

What can I do to make my bf's birthday great? This is his first birthday in a relationship and he's older so I'm a little worried of getting underfoot. Specific sexual advice is okay but mostly irrelevant cus I don't think we're getting laid today.

why do women get turned on so much by altercations?
>inb4 I don't
the autistic 5% doesn't count
whoever says "I don't" in this thread shall kill themselves

Would you label a guy a creep and act that way if he's just generally quiet and there do his job, not have a big social gathering?

I don't, women don't on average and you're a retard who refuses to even entertain the concept you might be wrong. I hope you learn to grow as a person.

No, he sounds like the kind of guy is be trying to befriend tbf. A guy is creepy if he's a skeeve and says skeevy things, at least imho.

>No, he sounds like the kind of guy is be trying to befriend tbf
What does that mean?

Is = I'd, sorry. Phoneposting.

have you ever seen your man fight?

I have, yes. I can't wait to see where you go with this. You're aware, of course, that I've been in altercations myself or had female friends in altercations that I've seen as well.

didn't you feel good when you saw your man not being a pussy?

>why does x do thing after y
>if you say x doesn't do thing after y you're wrong and autistic
swallow cyanide

that's completely subjective. you should know what your bf likes

>why does thing X provokes a B reaction in a majority of a group of people?
>don't reply just to say you don't get B because you are in the minority of said group, but try to explain to me why does X could lead to B
nice try

you sound even more autistic
>why does thing X provokes a B reaction in a majority of a group of people?
>yes it's the majority trust me
>don't reply just to say you don't get B because you are in the minority. shut the fuck up you're the minority don't say otherwise SHUT UP SHUT UP SHU-
go lick a turbine

Birthdays are a good excuse to invite people over. If he doesn't want to do that himself, do it for him. Push him to see other people with you, family or friends doesn't matter. If this is something he planned, help with this plan to make it as easy as possible. I know this is boring stuff, but there is a ton of extra things you do when you have people over, so doing those things without asking or talking about it is really great.
Sexual favors disguised as gifts is weird and comes with a ton of weird implications. Give him a proper gift and do the sexual stuff if you want to, not because it is his birthday.
You wouldn't be happy if every birthday, he gave you the gift of his dick as your only present either.

Unfortunately my reaction is to laugh off any awkwardness or inappropriate touching.
If someone actually made some kind of move on me though, I would put my foot down and stop it. Or if I felt disrespected.
It’s never been disrespectful, just borderline things like compliments that are out of line.

Asking about this again for more advice, except less horny and hyperactive and on my meds this time. I saw a really cute guy cashier at walgreens the other day and I'm totally upset with myself for not talking to him. He was this shy, tall, cute guy with cute hair and a cute smile and i'm kind of obsessed. What's the best way to approach him without making it super awkward? I don't wanna like hold up the line flirting with him, and I was like really shy the first time we spoke. I think he's into me. His face kinda lit up and he mouthed 'Hi!!' to me when I walked in and when i went back to his line he got smiley, soft-voiced, and couldn't maintain eye contact, totally different from the people in front of me (I honestly regret not going back inside immediately and asking if he wanted to hang out or something). Are these all good signs? I thought of just giving him a note next time I see him, but it feels kinda awkward and I think I'm over that initial like 'oh my god what the fuck' that i could actually approach him. What do I say?? He's so fucking cute, it's literally bothering me constantly. I asked a friend about it and he was like 'He's shy? You're gonna eat him alive' so how do I not come off too strong and scare him away?
I try to be nice cause I never know how these things will go, but if he seems dangerous then I'll be flaky and avoid communication. also this what do you mean by altercation

>cute guy with cute hair and a cute smile
even in my shy days i would want a girl to approach me. go for it and be direct

So just to be clear, you wouldn't consider a creep to be a quiet/awkward guy, but more of a slimy, inappropriate sort of guy?

Just be honest, flat out explain that you see something in him that you’d like to get to know better. Just be a kind person to him and give him a way to contact you. You’ll make his day if the guy is single and tired of spending days off alone and bored.

If you're 100% sure he's not gay then literally just give him your number and tell him your name. That does two things, it registers your interest in a pretty non-ambiguous way, and also puts the ball in his court. If he's not interested or a complete beta he won't message you.

A creep only wants to use people to get what they want, they have no concern for the wants and feelings of others.

she said he's shy you dumb fuck

Take the direct approach. Last time you mentioned calligraphy. Give him a handwritten card with your name and number on it.

And I'm a shy guy you dumb fuck. Only the most pathetic beta (which she probably wouldn't want) would back away from at least TEXTING a girl who has an obvious interest in him. Assuming of course she's attractive and not crazy.

Which are you replying to? Presuming I had had sex before, if I was attracted to her but she was not my type, sure. I'm a little unsure about having my "first time" (in quotes because I've literally done everything but sex) with someone I wasn't in a relationship with, but it's still probably a yes.

>only a complete BETA shy guy would be shy

Sh y=/= completely socially avoidant autist

Women, under what circumstances would you date a narcissist? If you found out someone you were dating was one, what would you do?

I think I might have NPD. I don't really want to start a relationship hiding it, part because that feels like lying and part because I'd be more able to prevent myself from acting on it if I had someone to hold me accountable for it. But it seems like it's probably a deal-breaker for most, and I don't really want to live my life alone.

I mean it depends what you mean by awkward. If he's staring at people then it's weird. If he has like, anime titty figures at his desk then it's weird and creepy. Why?

Okay, part 2. I don't know if I wanna be in a relationship, but I definitely wanna get to know this guy/be friends/be fwb. Do you think that would be weird?

If he works there, he is probably there today as well.
Go up to him, maintain eye contact and smile while talking.
Obviously don't make it impossible for him to do his job, but of there is a window, talk to him and figure out if he wants to meet up after work.

I think I've been used by one of my closer friends of a couple of years
>she breaks up with her bf
>all of the sudden starts being more "friendly" and touchy/flirty with me, says she "loves me"
>compliments, pretty much tells me she would like to be with me in various ways, that I'm the 'perfect guy'
>she's a close friend so I can't make any moves, not without thinking about it a lot at least and it was a lot to take in so I need time
>she starts treating me like her bf
>feels nice but weird because we're not dating
>she asks if I want to sleep over at her place
>we never did that before so I'm asking where I'd be sleeping to gauge her reaction
>she says "in her bed"
>I know she has a free couch so I'm assuming one thing obviously, she is kind of "easy" so I wouldn't be surprised
>then on the same night tells me this guy said hi to her and she's thinking of going out with him. That was during the same conversation
>I feel like she's playing me somehow, or plans on using me but its like she forgot that she shouldn't tell me about this guy that said hi to her so that leads me to think the following:
>that she's playing some mind games and tries getting me jealous to gauge my reaction this time
>at that time I felt pretty shit about it so I initially thought I wouldn't want to date someone like that
>told her that if she wants some space so the guy has easier access to her, I'm ok with that
>she starts arguing about it
>I'm not in the mood to argue so I don't, and I just reply to her messages
>it felt very one sided and I thought that I don't need shit like this
>tell her we should go our separate ways
>she says "ok"
I feel pretty shit about it because she was a good friend, but this made me feel very weird and like I was being used, or the mind games really fucked with our friendship and I didn't think I could do this anymore.

I feel like I fucked up tho, did I overreact? it all happened very quickly in retrospect

Yeah it'd be pretty weird to write all that into a note

why girls shows so much alittude in front of boys

Is there a way for you to like... work on being less narcissistic? Like go to therapy or something?

Narcissism is a very unattractive trait to me personally. If I realized my partner was substantially more narcissistic than normal I would break up with them.

you played it well user. If she brings up another man don't play her goddamn game. You called her on it and can walk away with your dignity intact. If she wants you for real she'll come begging.

In regards to a workplace environment, my criteria for “creepy” is different. It’s totally fine to be shy or a little awkward. The only thing that makes a guy seem creepy is if he creates a sexual atmosphere. Even a very attractive guy I would think of as “creepy” if he transgressed in workplace professionalism. Maybe that’s just me though. Also I have a job at a university and office- at a retail job or something less “professional” I would imagine it would be more ok to flirt or something with coworkers.

In personal every day interactions outside of work, it’s much easier for me to perceive people as creepy. That’s because at work I’m operating under the assumption that everything is business. If someone shy, ugly, and awkward talks to me in my personal time, I think “is this person talking to me because they want some kind of relationship with me?” and go on the defensive. If someone like that talks to me at work, I think “they’re talking to me because we are coworkers and it’s productive to be on good terms”, so i’m not on the defensive.

I stuck to my decision and tried to be nice to her since we see each other every day in college not to come off as an asshole since we do have a lot of memories together and its hard to just forget that.

She keeps playing the victim tho, like she doesn't know what she did and that gets in my head because of it, like I fucked up and misread the whole situation. She's also reaching out every now and then but it feels weird, like on one hand she's upset I'm gone, but on the other acts like her life is going perfect without me and she resents me for leaving.
It gets in my head, so naturally I'm going to have second thoughts about what I did. Like I said, we were really close friends for a couple of years so its hard to let go, but the way she's been acting in the last few months we were friends really started getting to me and making me feel uncomfortable. I feel like a shitty friend despite all this though

that's the exact definition

yes, also very shallow since you only looked at him once

didn't you already post this?

she knows exactly what she did but it didn't work. you aren't friends, really, you like her and I think she likes you but she doesn't know how to make the transition from friend to something more

I did but I felt like I missed out some things and needed to re-word some things so that you guys know exactly how it went, so the answers are directly related to my situation and not something that may or may not be accurate. I've gotten replies before but they felt like they didn't exactly apply to my situation and I wasn't content wit them, so I re-posted. I knew someone would pick up on it kek but I've noone to talk to about this and would appreciate some outside perspective

>I just want to whore around
What is the point then?
Stop torturing this poor guy and learn to control yourself.

I wasn't going to write that down? I just meant I think he's cute and i wanna get to know him as a person/fool around but not really commit
Is it shallow?
How am I torturing him, I just wanna talk to him and maybe have fun together if he wants to. If he doesn't want to, or wants to commit to a serious thing I can back off.

so the crush I asked out a couple of days ago just messaged me out of the blue saying
>I don't think it's smart of us to go out, I have a boyfriend
which is obvious bullshit I think.
I responded with an
>ok lol
and deleted her number

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Was the lol out of passive aggression? Don't act like that.
Nothing in there indicates you liked her so stop caring about it.

I guess. Not like she cares anyways.

very shallow. you literally know nothing about him except that he's cute. you essentially want to "befriend" him for eye-candy.

>Nothing in there indicates you liked her so stop caring about it.

I wrote that I've been close friends with her for years. How does that mean I don't like her. Obviously I liked her, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I just feel like a dick for leaving her because I know why she's doing what she's doing, but its immature and she's not acting like a friend anymore. If it was some random girl I met I would just get over it, its the fact that she is a friend, a close one at that. Its different

m8 are you stupid. Like in that post is meant in a romantic sense.
>Nothing in there indicates [you want to date her, or that you like her romantically,] so stop caring about it

I never understood guys dropping girls like nothing when they reject them.

doesn't matter, romantic or not, that wasn't the point of the post. I'm asking if I did the right thing leaving a friend because she was playing some mind games with me because she appears to like me. As if its enough to leave

why the hell should I bother with some wishywashy cunt who plays mind games?
Either say you have a boyfriend or that you aren't interested outright, or fuck off. I'm not 15 years old.

Same reason some people don't want to stay close friends with an ex even if the breakup was amicable

She wasn't playing mind games. She just wanted to reject you, and rejecting someone can be as hard as asking someone out.

An ex is different from a friend, though.

>doesn't matter, romantic or not, that wasn't the point of the post
Holy shit man you're making this difficult. You didn't see her the way she saw you, and you weren't solid on this stance. If you want to make amends, call her up and apologize but maintain a stance of friendship. You handled this completely poorly with shit like
>told her that if she wants some space so the guy has easier access to her, I'm ok with that
You were too wishy washy when you could have and should have said
>[Name], I like you and care about you as my friend. We shouldn't act so flirty with each other.
So call her up and tell her that in that way only you two communicate.

If you DON'T CARE, and DON'T LIKE HER, then don't call her and leave it alone. Fucking hell why do I gotta hold your hand through this?

she could have said that when I asked.

She probably wanted to, but it's a lot harder in the moment.
I don't know your situation, but if she doesn't know you she can be legitimately terrified of how you'd react at worst, and really doesn't want to hurt your feelings at best.

when I asked she immediately said "yes, when?".
she knew from before that I liked her.

Maybe she changed her mind then.

In both cases ex or friend who you have romantic feels for but the feeling is not mutual, it can be emotionally hurtful to not have your feelings realized, and distance can be preferable to that hurt.

I find it funny how she thinks it's not smart to be alone with me.

“Ok lol” was the respond to you had to someone making a good decision and actually given you a reasonable letdown? What’s wrong with you?

yes, I don't really care about proper etiquette after getting rejected, I just drop them outright.

1) It could be that she's an idiot and legitimately thought you just wanted to hang out with friends only to realize your intentions later (unlikely, I assume).
2) It's not that she thinks it's not smart to be alone with you, just that it's not smart to hang out with a guy alone, who likes you, while you have a boyfriend (which sounds like an excuse anyway).

She's trying to turn you down as politely as possible.

Befriending includes getting to know the person, he seemed like a genuinely positive and it was attractive to me. You're acting like i've only seen still pictures of him. While yes, he's cute and i wanna fuck him, i don't wanna drag him around and show him off or objectify him or whatever. He's still a person, and his desires matter. I'm saying that I wanna fuck him and also be friends with him, as opposed to getting into a committed serious relationship. You're saying I just wanna fuck him.

Who cares whether or not she cares? If you leave that shit unchecked, you let it creep into your normal dialogue.

>ok lol

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I made a female friend last year and things are still going great.
Last we spoke, she brought up that she lost her job and started to do pole fitness. While I didn't fall for the trap of making fun of her inability to use her masters degree and instead went stripping, I also didn't knew what to say. Running and CrossFit is easy to support. I run too, so I could even join in and talk about time and distance etc.
I don't want to say all the creepy things in my head and push her away, but I also think she is a good person and don't want to see her become a thot.
If it was a male friend, I would make fun of him for doing something dumb just to get with ladies and that would be it.
I feel this conversation is a minefield I cannot navigate safely.

What do I do?
And no, she is not my gf and I don't want her to be my gf, it is not that. I just want to be friends with her because I think her life is good and I want my life to emulate hers somewhat.

The best birthdays I've ever had were with my girlfriend and she took me out for a picnic. Just her and I and happy together. It was great

What is wrong with the advice from the last thread? like what exactly are you looking for

How do you hire someone to find out if someone is cheating and what does it cost?

My bud's wife is a personal trainer and is going to nursing school. Recently everything he does is wrong. Everything is his fault. She gives him shit for not cooking anymore even though he's the bread winner.

I've seen this before with work friends that divorced. The women that were doing this were cheating and they wanted the man to piss off and divorce them .

How do I help him prove she is cheating? It could help a lot if custody comes up.

Stop asserting control over her decisions and support her?
I don't care who my female friends fuck.

Women want to be treated normally. You're not doing that. First fucking reaction should've been to tease her about her masters.

Private investigator

PI, but not your business. Fuck off

For girls.

If you have an attractive male friend in your group does that make you feel awkward? How do you go about not wanting to hook up with them?

It’s super easy, we just don’t. I don’t want to hook up with friends, don’t care what they look like. Where did you get this idea that it would be awkward? How old are you?

So she did good by rejecting you. She probably knew you were an asshole and went with her intuition.

how am i making this difficult? if you knew how to fucking read you wouldn't be projecting your bullshit on me right now.

>You didn't see her the way she saw you, and you weren't solid on this stance
My attitude towards her and how I act around her never changed since the day we met, it was her that changed and every time she'd do shit I would raise my concerns and she'd always justify it with "its ok i'm just being friendly". Why should I make amends then if its her that fucked up and refused to take the hint, in fact ignore them completely and push regardless.

>You handled this completely poorly with shit like
...because I'm not interested, thats why I said it, to imply I'm not interested. Besides I had no idea what her intentions were because she wasn't being direct and first she says one thing, then another, so I've no idea what she wants and what you're suggesting would just make it awkward and I'm sure she would just turn it around and once she realizes I'm not into her she'd say "I wasn't into you, not sure where you got that idea" and just turn it around.

Maybe re-read the post and either reply with something relevant or don't reply at all because your input so far is all over the place and not even applicable here

We're done, m8. Professionally. Enjoy your indecisiveness ruining a friendship.

I don't know what normal is when it comes to girls. I have only made 2 female friends and I once tried to make a lewd joke and it was NOT well received. I don't want to make them uncomfortable, I want them to think of me as their friend too.
It is not a useless degree, but she needs to apply to get work where I got headhunted before I completed my degree.
She brought up another new hobby and I gave her shit for having too much time, so I don't think I am excluding her, but it is difficult because I think there is a line I shouldn't cross and men don't have that.

nah I'm a good guy, I just don't pick up the spaghetti I drop.
Why bother?

>What is wrong with the advice from the last thread?
nothing, really.
>like what exactly are you looking for
Varied viewpoints, opinions, and experiences to help me come up with my own thing. i kinda like input.

Because you’re on Jow Forums advice board wondering why someone turned you down. That should be enough signals for you to realize that you need to change.

>i kinda like input.
You dirty whore.

if anything it signals that I'm more caring and attentive of my actions and their consequences than your regular guy, shit-for-brains

No, that's getting things put-in. I like that too so I guess I am a whore, but I like input/criticism/arguments/debate and stuff. I like to thInK abOuT ThinGS

No. It shows immaturity, a lack of socializing and... intelligence. You’re not fooling anyone. And if you think you’re clever with this and above the average dummy you are just sad.

note that my post wasn't even a complaint, but a status report.
i don't know why a simple "ok lol" got your panties in a twist.

And seeing this is advice board, might as well give you some. Otherwise this would just be you rambling to the only friend you got; Jow Forums... and that’s just too sad.

For girls
I'm trying to talk with girls online but I don't know how to keep a conversation going or started. I can tell that I'm not being interesting and yet I'm unsure of how I can overcome this. I don't want it to come off like I'm interviewing the girl either. Generally, are there questions you like to be asked when first talking with a guy online?

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keep projecting sweaty


Gonna be my business if she tricks his ass into hitting her and then gets full custody.

Guys want to fuck all their hot female friends. Or any girl hot, really.

There is a single coworker right Cross from me with a nice butt. I'd fuck her right this very second if she asked.