How to stop being anxious and coward?

how to stop being anxious and coward?

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You have to become more brave, by overcoming whatever difficulties are holding you back. The world isn't going to get less scary, you have to accept that first.

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You have to find something worth not being one for.

It's difficult... nothing comes to my mind

Stop living for yourself, start putting others ahead. If you make yourself the center of the universe, your feelings seem like the most important thing, but when you put others ahead of yourself, these things become trivial.

For who can I live?


I recommend God, but anyone other than yourself is a good start. Giving to charity or helping people can really be a great way to help yourself. Set some kind of goal for yourself. Have a purpose in life that is greater than just your own comfort. Maybe get a dog? Be brave enough to take good care of him so you can learn to think of yourself less.

By loving something more than yourself.

Stop masturbating

I masturbate max once a day or less


by figuring out how you became anxious in the first place then tackling that memory.
that's essentially what therapy does

Cut back on the caffine and try listening to positive affirmations for confidence

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Pic related in OP will help you

Alcohol, obviously

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Courage comes with experience

Just put yourself in situations that make you anxious more often eventually it'll fade as you realise nothing bad will happen


Train yourself to stop caring. I can explain, if you're interested.

This but ^^^^

But it is a long journey and a hard one BUT worth it. Good luck OP.

Too much
Do it max once a week