Incel whose worldview has come crashing down

First thing first, I'm an incel but without the woman hating part. I just have lots of hang ups with women and am stupidly shy.

I made a Tinder yesterday because I was bored in a road trip, dunno even why I did it. I picked three pics and went at it.

Imagine my fucking surprise when I got like three matches and 4-5 likes in a day. My view of myself as completely undesirable was such a core belief of mine and this has shaken it completely, this means that there are some girls out there actually willing to talk to me and who do not feel repulsed. This means in my life I've probably missed lots of chances to get to know girls that WERE interested.

What do I even do now? I matched with a super cute girl and unmatched immediately once she said hi because I got an anxiety attack

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I guess just talk to all the girls? Idk. I've never gotten a single match

People who use tinder have low standards and just want sex
Sorry but itz true.

Gosh, men are stupid. No (big) offense.

Even more people at Tinder just want to chat around a bit than actually ever meeting up for sex.

I have no idea how to talk to them, I'm still processing what to do.

Being in someone's low standards is more than I had ever expected.


Well, you made a pretty good step towards getting better user.
Now take it slow and easy and start striking conversation. Overcome your anxieties and self-esteem issues little by little.
Remember: this tinder thing won't solve everything, but it's wonderful that it made you realise that you're worthy of attention, and also so much more.

>failed normie who pretended he was an incel has to decide whether he wants attention from being an incel or if he wants sex instead

He was an incel. And just like all the former incels he grew out of it. You too will one day.

>implying my penis is intact
Yeah, really easy to lose your virginity when you have no penis

I'm going to try to talk a bit to the next one and see how it goes. After all exposure therapy is the best way to go through it, isn't it?

Botched circumcision?

Well, I did have phimosis earlier in my life but I had that treated. I actually was in a bad car accident and some shrapnel ripped through my junk. Now I've got a semi-permanent catheter. And I want(ed) sex so I am, by literal definition, an involuntary celibate aka "incel."

I believe so, indeed!
Be careful to not hurt yourself though, user.

Stop looking at life as if people fell in videogame style classes it will probably improve.

Was the phimosis surgery before or after the accident?
I am wondering if I need to go cabriolet to fix my penis, but I haven't had sex so long I don't even know if it is worth it.

Before, obviously. I have no penis anymore

Hurt myself in what sense? Getting attached?

No. Sorry, normie.

Then why did I run out of girls without a single match?
It is hard to stay positive when every girl thinks you are not worth the conversation.
I just want someone to smile when they see my face.

Well dicklet. What is your recommendation? Cabriolet or solid roof?

Some males aren't fit to breed and will never garner willing female attention. Your options are die alone or pay for sex

I guess cabriolet

Don't best yourself over it. Tinder is a woman's market and even above average guys don't get that many matches.

I expected that going in but now I only see women 5 hours away, there aren't any girls in my area it can match with.
I have literally been rejected by the entire city.
Do I just wait a year and then try again?
I don't want to move away from all my friends to meet a girl I don't even know exist.

>Why? Attention I'd imagine

I have no idea there friend. Lots of people use Tinder in my area and I still get very very few matches compared to how much I swipe right.

Maybe try the other ones like Bumble?

Just talk about anything. Sometimes it's going to be awkward but that comes with the territory. Contrary to what your incel tendencies tell you it takes work and effort to socialize and be sociable. Some people have an easier time at it, but they still have to think about it, manage it, and still fuck up from time to time despite plenty of experience and practice. You'll have to do the same even if it requires more effort.

Can you post a pic of yourself? Or maybe post a pic of someone that looks like you? How tall are you? I'd like to know if there's any hope for me.

Also, where do you live? Women's expectations somewhat differ depending on country.

I'm not very comfortable with a pic but I'm 5'8'', my looks is short hair, three day stubble and sometimes a bit more, pretty round face and kind of weak chin. I've been told I look "relaxed" and "calm" so not very manly at all. I'm from Spain

Seems pretty hard, and I hear in Tinder people immediately unmatch once the conversation isn't flowing, but then again I don't have anything to lose.