How do I stop eating?

I'm at fat piece of shit with no self control. I wanted to water fast but I was only 18 hours in and I just stuffed my mouth with three boiled eggs, toast, and soup.

How do you deal with hunger cravings? Is there an MPA Discord I can join or something?

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You got 18 hours into a fast OP

Good for you bro.

That includes 7h of sleep though.

I'm such a fat fuck I don't know what to do. Like when the craving hits it's like I just zone out and stop caring and I just go on autopilot to obtain food :(

What can I do?

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Just eat less nigga. If you like in the morning to eat 4 eggs, do 3 and if you want less then do 2. Repeat with everything and maybe 2 meals per day or just 1. No need to starve yourself. Just do little by little. Progress is patience.

As far as I understand it the pancreas only works well with good amounts of sleep. try sleeping s bit more. Apple Cider Vinegar helps

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Drink water, it should make you less hungry.
Another trick might be going one meal a day instead of diving directly into fasting.
I used to be a fat fuck too but after a month of one meal a day, it is quite easy to do.
Some days I skip eating all together just to see if I can.
But it is hard at first, I get that.
Self hatred and an unhealthy obsession with my weight was a good motivation. Lost 60lbs in 6 months.

Just leave out the toast and it would have been an alright meal tho? Also fasting never worked for me since I'll just put the weight back on. Just stop eating carbs for some time and you should see good progress. Also start doing cardio / working out. Don't try to take some stupid shortcut with fasting you can do that when you need to drop like 5% bodyfat at once but now you should start with fixing your eating. You can also try to look into keto

Wait for thirty minutes before even considering seconds.

Eat more fiber and start eating more vegetables. It will help you feel more full

This is un healthy

I think there is nothing else to do than be aware and conscious about the decisions you make. When you get the cravings and go to the fridge you probably don’t want to think about that choice. You just want to eat. But you’re choosing to trade 15 minutes of pleasure for a lifetime of being heavy. When you set out to do this, it meant something to you. That’s something you should protect, cause it gets weak and hard to find if you don’t. The voice that wants food doesn’t care about you, it only cares about food. It’s not your friend

>Just eat less nigga
I don't know how to turn off the eat-shit-now autopilot nigga

>Apple Cider Vinegar
Does malt vinegar work? I don't have apple cider vinegar and I don't want to go to the store

Thanks bros. Maybe I need one keto meal and then just graze on lettuce the rest of the day to keep something in my mouth.

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Go vegan like me if you want weight loss but I never had a weight problem anyways. And eat something like carrots or vegetables you enjoy and mix it with other fibery and a little bit of fatty thingd

I would honestly eat more fruits and vegetables along with soups and other things that have protein and fats but avoid carbs

I know but it worked and put me down to a normal weight so now I can easily maintain it in a healthy way.
"Just go for a run" is easy to say for fit people but it is not possible if you are too far behind. Now everything is possible.

Apples are very calorie-consuming, so much so, that eating one actually leaves you with less calories after digestion due to the effort involved in properly chewing it.
Keep always a lot of apples at home, whenever the craving starts, just eat one of those. There's no such thing as eating too much apple, so no matter how much you lose control, it'll never harm you in any way.
Also, if you can't control when you start eating, try controlling how much you chew. Don't swallow until you've chewed 30 times whatever is in your mouth.
You can also try to keep healthy food prepared beforehand so that when the craving starts your fastest option will always be something that is actually good for you.

Eat less, exercise more. It’s that simple, backed by science.

Except apples have sugar, like a lot of it. Fruits are a bad idea to snack on.

Eat a cornflakes bowl of rice with stripes of chicken meat and 3-4 small spoons of greek yoghurt / tzatziki on top.

I did this for several months now and I have stopped craving for chocolate and chips. The tsatiski is both sweet and sour and this helped me a lot. I went from 87 kilo down to currently 80. I also walk about 45 minutes each day, but that is dueto work, otherwise I would sleep a lot.

Water / Milk / Tea / OJ are the only things I drink. On the weekends I eat a little more, like steaks or whatever spicy, but no candy of any kind! Instead I reserve a water melon for the weekend.

What I eat each day. In the morning: 3 slices of bread with pate, 1 apple.

In the evening the mentioned bowl of rice & chicken meat.

In the evening two more apples usually or something else lightweight.

Try that. Maybe i'm insane though.

The question you need to ask yourself when you're hungry is: "Am I hungry enough to eat broccoli?" If the answer is yes - eat something. If the idea of chewing on broccoli doesn't really sound that appetizing - you're not really hungry. Just bored and looking for something to shove into your pie-hole.

You can eat as many raw vegetables as you can fit into your stomach. Not only is this a low-calorie way to fill up your stomach, but it's easy and sustainable for long term.

Every week, whip out your knife and cutting board and meal-prep some salads and/or mixed veggies and fruit to snack on all through out the day. If you have a blender, make a bunch of smoothies and line them up to easily grab from your fridge on your way out the door. You can even make your own veggie-based dips to dunk your carrots and shit into to add flavor.

Eat veggies. Lots o them. Make morning smoothies by blending a shit ton of them and gulping it down to get you full before your actual breakfast.

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>Except apples have sugar, like a lot of it
ye,s but it still takes more effort to chew through it than the equivalent amount of sugar it contains. The math has been done and it checks out, you can't get fat out of apples no matter how many you eat (as long as you're not cooking them).

>Am I hungry enough to eat X
Good idea. I like broccoli so I'll substitute it for some shit I hate like durian.

>Food that takes more calories to eat than
Literally a lie you room temp IQ lardass.

Apples are extremely energy dense because of all the sugar. Even shit like celery are a net caloric gain. If you want a net calorie deficit you're going to have to eat either ice or completely undigestable things like plastic bags.

How is your enegry level?

need to convince your body you arent really hungry.

Does watching food shows increase,or,decrease appetite for you?

Ghrelin is the thing your body secretes that makes you feel hungry.
Start learning more about the biology of digestion and the psychology of appetite.

>How is your enegry level?
Normal I think.
>Does watching food shows increase,or,decrease appetite for you?
Increase, like a LOT.

What's the prognosis doc?

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>Apples are extremely energy dense because of all the sugar.
Apples are considered as low-sugar fruits, user, only slightly watermelon since it's mostly water. I don't know where are you getting this idea that apple is sugary as fuck, but it's not.

Eat what you normally eat, but less. Don't deprive yourself, but stop before you're full. Aim for no more than 1 or 2 pounds a week

*slightly above waterrmelon

Most people include sleep during their fast so don't beat yourself up.

You did good, keep trying to surpass 18 hours now. As far as what to do, stay busy. Try going for a walk or reading.

Think of it as a marathon and not a race.

I used to be a fat fuck. Count your calories. Go to therapy so you can find the root of you anxious eating thing. Try to go on walks. Then runs. Stop behaving like an animal. You are in complete control of your body even if you don't think so right now. Stop with the extreme shit it's only gonna make it worse if you have a nervous eating disorder. Stick to one meal that you like, it has to be a healthy thing with raw/steamed veggies in it tho. Count it's calories and just eat as many of those dishes as you can fit on your daily calories.
If you are too fat to run or walk get to swimming this ain't gonna work with no exercise chief. Best of luck user

Going vegan has nothing to do with weight loss.

lol wrong

Workout more if you are hungary.

Your body could be in the habit of releasing ghrelin when you are bored.
So to keep your body "reset" on hunger.
Fasting helps when fasting for the day use appetite supressants.
Mainly speed. caffeine is good, limit sugar please. A vitamin b suppliment oelr niacin might help.
Do not do any amount of speed however longer than two consecutive days.also important to stay hydrated.
Hallucinogenics also suppress appetite.

Stricly regimen your diet.

Breakfast at 9 or 1 hour after waking up
lunch 5-7 hrs after breakfast
and dinner at 5 pm, or two hours before bedtime
Snacks between meals should be healthy, veg, whole grains, fruit.
Food in general should be low glycemic index.
Soda once a day.
If you diabetic im sorry, lookslike you gonna get your sweetness elsewhere.

if you feel hingry otherwise
suppliment with
exercize for 15-30. Moderatly.
If you are still hungry after working out then have a snack, again low glycemic.

If you cant follow this, just have a doctor suck the fat out of your fat adhd body.

Should note some medications increase appetite.

Examine those times where you didnt feel hungry or were distracted by something else.
Just start doing that more instead.

Jesus fucking Christ, I've gone 18 hours just by forgetting to eat.

OP, you need to go heavy on the nicotine.

Going on a run is an appetite killer. I can tell you that this morning I ran 8 miles and I won't be hungry until like 5 in the afternoon

Don't fast, count calories, reduce portions.

You could also keep trying what you’re trying, but in addition all meals have to include 500g of veggies that you can’t leave. Something like that

Amphetamine. Thank me later

It’s not wrong, sugar is vegan, cookies can be vegan, oreos are. Potato chips are. You can pound fruit juices all day. Starch is vegan.

Starting to eat a lot more veggies might help due to fiber etc, but that’s not going vegan

Otherwise enlighten me