Gf breaks up with me 8 months ago

>gf breaks up with me 8 months ago
>cut all contact, miss her
>start speaking again, falling for eachother again
>realise she's fucked at least one guy since we broke up
>get disgusted and unsure what to do now

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If she broke up with you, she'll do it again. Just move on bro.

This thread again?

These hoes aint loyal

What makes you think you were special, op? You were one man in a chain of other men who have been inside her. You either accept this or rightfully remain disgusted and never talk to her again

>at least one guy
oh boy are you in for a surprise

Incel. Women don't have sex outside of relationships

People have sex, get over it. Just cuz you didn’t get none in 8 months. Sheese. Just walk away because you’re a faggot who is incapable of dealing with real life shit.

This. You are who she wants now. The past doesn't matter, op

She broke up with OP so she could go out and fuck. Simply because she tired of it after 8 months and wants a little rest doesn't mean its because she wants OP. OP was a safe spot to recuperate.

Why did she break up with you OP?

You're right. What was I thinking? Be happy she is willing to use you this way, op

It's to be expected that people are intimate with others after a breakup, especially after 8 months.
That being said I'd be very careful about getting back together with her, you are setting a precedent that it's ok for her to drop you and then come back to you whenever she feels like it. You deserve someone who is committed to you and doesn't second guess your relationship or feels the need to "experiment" with other guys.
I pretty much always recommend people to not start dating an ex again for the reasons I just mentioned.
The same issues will come up again and before you know it you'll find yourself in the same situation.

every guy has a story like this OP

>gf of two years breaks up
>cut all contact, miss her
>two months she starts leaving notes at my door
>don't fall for it
>heard she had a crush on a coworker and thus the break up
>she passes pleas to talk through mutual friends
>still don't fall for it but wavering
>waits outside my house, corners me and begs
>she admits to the crush, not cheating, but slept with him the night of our break up
>she still loves me and he's not as she thought
>still don't fall for it but defenses crumbling
>find out bitch is pregnant (her friend thankfully told me) but she finds out after he dumps her
>she drops by again and laugh in her face before she can say a goddamn word
>tell her she will never see or speak to me again
>she's tried over the years but I moved

Naturally this fucked with my head, telling me she loved me but her gushing pussy convinced her to dump me for a guy she knew a few months and flirted with at work. But more-so the audacity to come back and feed me shit and expect me to ask for more.

Watch yourself boys

It’s nice to get closure, but you guys broke up. You don’t owe each other anything. You should resume no contact for the time being if the idea of her with someone else still bothers you.

>date girl for almost 3 years
>last 3 months were off and on
>tells me she needs at least a month and she’ll talk to me soon
>finally texts me after a month
>tells me she fucked a guy because she was “confused” and her coworkers/friends were pressuring her to so she’d get over me
Yep. The sad part is I actually believed she was different, that the all women are whores meme was just a meme.

the hell of it, they think this shit is fine and she doesn't give a shit about how you felt on the receiving end of her experiment

It was pretty mutual, we'd been dating long distance for two years and met a few times. Neither of us were gonna move for eachother, so it just fizzled out

>Just cuz you didn’t get none in 8 months

then let it go, so not worth it. completely emotionally detach and find a girl closer to home

Except I did, but they felt empty as they were flings
I've tried, but I can't just emotionally detach. This girl meant a lot to me. I find it hard to find a girl here who's her level of intelligence and attractiveness.

>what makes you think you were special
I took her virginity

You were all for getting back together until you realized she slept with someone...while having slept with people, yourself?

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Lol you must be really insecure if your upset about that its normal as long as she seems loyal now go for it and try to ignore that she fucked someone else

If you sleep with others and expect her not to then your just a straight up asshole lol

I'm aware it's hypocritical but I hold woman to different standards

Please, don't date anybody.

Did you really expect her to remain celibate on the odd chance that you might get together?

And remember this. In every break-up there is a dumper and a dumpee. It usually comes as a big surprise to the dumpee, but the dumper has been thinking about it for maybe a long while.

So she was not necessarily cold in moving on - she had a head start in the getting-over-it process.

Please take this to its logical conclusion. What if you have a son and daughter? You'll pat your son on the back for sticking his dick wherever, but scold your daughter for taking dick wherever? Do you not understand how that would hurt her? If you cannot, leave this woman alone.

i think you desperately need to fuck another woman, see if you still like your ex after that. New pussy clears the mind.

>Do you not understand how that would hurt her?
Not him, but no I don't.

Grow up

dudes who get insecure over a girl having a body count are the worst. Assuming she even has one makes you more of a piece of shit.

You gotta love flaws and all (the small ones of course).

>Son, go ahead and enjoy one of life's most wondrous pleasures
>Daughter, if you do, you're a slut


But she's not even close so the same issues as before still exist. You should have remained no contact and give yourself more time.

Let that go. That aspect of the relationship is gone forever, there's no recovering what you had.

My opinion is to move on without her and don't get back together.

God this board reeks of reddit trash

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Threads like this remind me why I'm single and wanna remain that.
Inb4 "you're an incel"

Dont listen to these incels
Get back with her

have sex incel

I've slept with more women than you

doubt It incel

I'd want my son and daughter to have different values, because they're different. I wouldn't applaud my son for being a manwhore, but I'd be more disappointed if my daughter was one.

You are perfectly valid to do this.

Men and woman are different. Lock and key.

Move the fuck on I've broke up with my gf about an year ago, we have been off and on for months since then. All I've got from every time we've met was disappointment and headaches, while she would still go out with other people, going to dance and returning to her home at 3 in the morning and having fun with other people and not give a fuck about me. Only using me for one night stands.
Fuck that, if a girl does not appreciate you enough to always wanting to be by your side, she does not deserve not even 1 second of your time.PERIOD.
Sex and love are overrated crap. You have to learn to be fine by yourself. Fucking with your ex is not better than shooting heroine, smoking weed or wanking. Use your time in useful things, life is short

PB you're literally just a dumb faggot just go suck dick and be happy already