Question our short/booty shorts to femanonss

I'm genuinely curious what it feels like when women wear booty short shorts, short skirts, etc. and have their naked legs exposed. Men don't wear that kind of stuff but if I mentally place myself in that position I imagine feelings of being exposed and vulnerable to be present. Is this how women feel? I'm assuming it's mixed with more positive things like feeling sexy and validated know you're being mired and desired.

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A woman's existence is centered around finding the best genes for her children. Dressing like this attracts all men, but it intimidates all but the most virile. She feels alive, sexy, attractive, etc. She has no feeling of vulnerability because in the modern West she cannot be held accountable for anything that happens to her.

>imagine feelings of being exposed and vulnerable
that only happens if you've had negative reactions in the past.
women have had positive affirmations to get naked their whole lives.

I don’t wear anything that exposes my butt. In regards to how it feels to have my legs shown, it feels normal. Like how it feels to wear a T-shirt instead of a long sleeve shirt. I don’t think of my legs as a “sexual” part of my body usually.
As a guy, think about what it’s like to wear shorts instead of jeans. You don’t think of your shins as sexual, right?

Although I don’t wear booty shorts, I weak bikinis. That does feel a bit exposing. You know you’re attractive, but you also just feel naked. Whether you like it or not depends on whether or not other attractive people are looking at you. If I see boys my age staring at me I feel pretty and comfortable. If I see old men staring at me I feel uncomfortable and have the desire to cover myself.

Well, am I guy. Was a scrawny as fuck teenager. Now I have broad shoulders, a v taper, etc. Biceps are okay too. But I am not excessively toned. Wouldn't get shirtless ever unless I looked like a Greek god. I get pissed when my mother tells me to wear t shirts during the summer because I consider that laughable unless my triceps/biceps are big as fuck and there's a vein running down the bicep. Could have had sex one time but didn't and was extremely reticent to get naked cause I hate myself and my body and couldn't get erect cause of those feelings. So it's hard to wrap my head around exactly how women feel when scandily clad.

I don't think much of it until I catch the guys staring but oh well, they can wish all they want but not getting any of me.

God I visited one of my female friends last night and she was wearing shorts that went right up her little butt crack and the urge to bury my face in it was so intense. Unfortunately there were our other friends around otherwise I would’ve moved in on that for sure.

They don't rationalize their actions the same way guys do. If it gives her (positive) attention she'll do it

I remember my house at first year of uni the tallest girl there did wear short in general and sometimes shorts like the type your described and when one of the guys said, behind her back, she has nice legs the feminist girl raged at him.

Yeah, being attractive is a prerequisite for expressing attraction. This is what differentiates 'rape' from 'sexual domination' (which is an extremely common fantasy for women); attractiveness of the man involved

Colder than otherwise; a lot more air moves around.

No greater sense of vulnerability or anything?

Wait so is it the girl whose legs they were commenting on who raged or a separate girl?

Separate. Full on feminist girl, i.e. joined the campus feminist society and stuff. It was on International Women's Day too. I was told she gave him a sharp telling off.

>I'm genuinely curious what it feels like when women wear booty short shorts, short skirts, etc. and have their naked legs exposed. Men don't wear that kind of stuff but if I mentally place myself in that position I imagine feelings of being exposed and vulnerable to be present. Is this how women feel? I'm assuming it's mixed with m

Give it a go and try it out, see how it feels

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Nah, never. There is no rational reason as to why I'd feel that

>>imagine feelings of being exposed and vulnerable
Female here, I don't wear shorts outside for this reason.

You too can feel the sensation of wearing booty shorts.
Find a pair of briefs (if you have only boxers, then just pull them up really high so they hug your ass). Now walk around your room like that pretending people are around you.

It feels like that. Theres a sense of shame you have to abandon cuz honestly it is a shameful thing walking around like a thirsty thot, but you also have to be able to do it for yourself out of confidence and love for your own body

They always say they wear shit like that because it's comfortable, but it looks anything but comfortable to wear.
Standard hoeing.

If she has low self-esteem, yes, she'll feel exposed and probably never go outside wearing shorts again.

Everyone else doesn't give a damn and is just glad to have an option to avoid heat.

I know it's hard for most guys, but try not to think like a guy for a second. We aren't sight-minded. Unless we dress up for some event or someone we're going to meet, we don't go "Oh I hope everyone will see how sexually attractive we are", we think "Okay, this fits my shirt and shoes, done!"

my gf gets turned on by wearing skirts with no panties. She likes showing off "accidentally" like if it's windy, without the guilt

>I have low self-esteem and am extremely self-conscious
>Why are others not the same as me?

Geez, why has Jow Forums become a kids attraction in this year's summer. Well, perhaps incel talk will prove to be more effective - any 90lbs tiny womanlet out there who shows skin is stronger than you, OP.

I will say this: I don’t think having low self esteem is the only reason for a girl to not wear revealing clothes.

I know I have a banging body, but I dress modestly because I don’t want to be sexualized and I want other people to treat me with respect.

I think of it like “if I ran in to one of my professors who I really admire, I wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by what I am wearing”.

It's comfortable to get dicked down by Chad for years too

Others being different than me isn't some thing stunning I struggle to compute. But I only have my own POV, hence why I place myself in that situation mentally, I know how I would feel. I am curious if the women who actually are like that feel similar stuff to a lesser degree, something wildly different, etc. I'm also curious cause it's shit men won't really experience because our sexual stuff is our upper body.

I’m autistic about pants (feel gross...) and thankfully those type of shorts are socially permissible right now.

I would wear skirts all the time but it looks weird, and I am shackled by the chains of obeying social convention. Thot shorts it is.

You don't mind your ass hanging out? why not?

We like it when girls wear the thot shirts, skirts, etc. What do men have to wear that women's heart rates going?