Why do woman prefer bad boys over gentlemen?

Why do woman prefer bad boys over gentlemen?

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Some women prefer , that’s how humans are you autistic bore.

Why do you always create this same shitty thread? You are always proven wrong by multiple posters but still refuse to acknowledge even a single fact.

"gentleman" can mean a lot of different things buddy

It actually doesn't matter why.

I've found a lot of things in life are like this. You just have to accept it and either choose to play the game as-written or leave.

They don't, they prefer Chads, and chads can be bad boys or gentlemens

Because women find status important, and if you treat a girl like shit it gives the illusion you are a higher status than her

My take on the 'they prefer bad boys!' is because the guys that aren't bad boys are often wet, limp wristed doormat faggots. Of course a confident asshole is going to more attractive and exciting than the doormat faggot. But a guy that is kind, romantic, etc. but also strong, confident, won't back down when it counts, is comfortable with himself, 'gets' the girl, etc.? I imagine he is more attractive than the bad boy prick.


they want a dangerous man who can protect her offspring

and I want to kill her and her offspring, so I am more dangerous

no, beta losers are generally not really dangerous but weak

And I would kill you too

I don’t.

However I will say, any guy that identifies by some self proclaimed label is pretty much an instant turn off, so don’t describe yourself as a “gentleman”.
Show instead of tell.

Women hate boredom more than anything
They'd rather be with a drug dealer who beats them occasionally than a square who plays video games and watches netflix all day because it's more exciting, and it gives their life the drama they so desperately crave

>this is what incels actually believe

lol! makes sense actually..

They don't, you just mistake bad boys with being a person who doesn't agree with everything to impress girls.

No, but if that square is barely a person because all they do is consume entertainment, then it is pretty obvious they will not be a pick

Neither. Not being a doormat, which is what most "nice guys" actually are, is the key here.

This is always inevitably code for "Why don't women date complete and total pussies with aspergers."


A trio of posts that actually get it. I swear the fuckers that ask these questiions can only think in terms of binary logic.