How have you improved yourself this week/month/year?
Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human being is productive, has hobbies, pushes him/herself to succeed, is charismatic, and strives to live the best life they can.
Share your successes, failures, methods, and everything in between.

sticky: 4chanfit.wikia.com/wiki//sig/_sticky

Improvement tips:

1.) sleep 7 hours
2.) eat healthy / exercise
3.) stop with fapping, watching porn and playing video games
4.) stop wasting time on things that don't help you grow
5.) have a routine and don't fall out of it (cold shower when you wake up, brush teeth, breakfast, something motivational)

- You start of by treating yourself and those that matter to you, with great respect. Your body is your temple so stop eating shit and soda, and start eating healthy (pic related).
- Exercise every day, be grateful for those things that makes you live a good life and improve those things that lack greatness to your life.
- Be protective of your family, your friends and to your community (tribe). Stand up for them and they will do the same for you. Love your family and they will love you.
- Have great ideals, greater visions and the greatest mindset and motivation of your community. Be a rolemodel for the younger and treat elders with care and respect.

Some of the many tips for a man in today’s society.

(Jannies, Stop deleting these threads. they are extremely helpful to our fellow anons and are on topic.)

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"Guide to making it"

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The last thread like this helped me a lot, really hope this stays
Or at least someone can give an honest response to why improving mind and body wouldn’t be allowed on Jow Forums?

Because this shit isn't fitness take it to r9k.

Because it takes up a slot for baitposting and enter the gym threads

Pls jannies stop removing sig

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I really have no idea why they are being deleted. There's no reason that I can see that they would be considered "off Topic" these threads were really helping me to improve my life and then they disappeared. they were the only things on Jow Forums that ever actually helped me.

dumping some motivational shit

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These threads are totally fitness related, what the fuck are the mods/janitors thinking? Please understand this is fit related.

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> Specifically discussing mental and physical fitness
> this isn’t Jow Forums

>YOU are 100% responsible for the way you experience life. Not your parents, not your surroundings, not your ex, not your bully, not your future spouse. YOU. Complete, sincere acceptance of this is the most fundamental step to bettering yourself, and it is by far the hardest thing you'll ever do.
>Work your way to becoming the best YOU you can be - one step at a time.
>Set realistic Goals and have a Plan. Use short-term Goals to keep yourself going.
>Learn helpful and effective daily/weekly/etc. routines, including mundane ones.
>Have a steady sleeping rhythm - one that works for you, so long as you keep to it. Get 6-11 hours of sleep. More Info: pastebin.com/h4CDDtKu
>Learn Mindfulnes Meditation. More Info: pastebin.com/0NMDEUNh
>Learn to be Brutally Honest with yourself. Stop being a slave to your Ego.
>Think critically.
>If you need to put others down to feel good about yourself, you are putting yourself in a position where you are dependent on the people you look down on.
>Focus on the essentials. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll burnout.

>newarcitea.neocities.org/ - Overall Guide
>thework.com/ - "Simple" Mental Health self-help resource. You get out what you put in.

discord.gg/YJQQSQf *Everyone* is welcome

>s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=22578279902195591270 - Mortimer J. Adler, Charles Van Doren - How to Read a Book
>s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=01374239493824328035 - Sam Harris - Waking Up
>seinfeld.co/library/meditations.pdf Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
>misc.equanimity.info/downloads/mindfulness_in_plain_english.pdf - Henepola Gunaratana - Mindfulness in Plain English
>s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=93057425205857796418 - Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Jordan Peterson tier self-help bullshit has nothing to do with fitness, now fuck off.

All it takes is an open mind and willingness to try and make small changes to start

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the two /fph/ threads are totally on topic to Jow Forums though.

I have done nothing this week to improve myself.

Good shit

Did AA service.
Didn´t drink.
Paid off a bit more debt, approaching paying off 11K this year.
Taxed my car

Bad shit

Done no paid work despite having contracts on the go.
Done nothing but watch the Keiser Report for the last few days.
Resenting the EX GF with a passion
Smoking even more than ever
Really want to stop, always tell myself this is the last one, then smoke the next one.
Not been near a gym since last week
Diet and sleep pattern are shit
Not played the piano, practiced Spanish or read anything meaningful in since last week.
Not doing much more than Grunting at people.
Had no luck attracting a woman with Match.com, so closed the account.

I know this mood will pass but just wish I could could be more consistent with my moods and motivation

I don't like them either but at least they're related to physical fitness.

Why wouldn’t Jow Forums include a discussion on how to make oneself better? How is that not fitness?

How is this not related to physical fitness?
> Advice for better sleep
> Advice for better motivation
> Advice for a better mindset
All of these things help with physical fitness

mental health is part of health you fucking inbred cum guzzler

there are already several other boards where you can talk about your life failures, your fee fees, your relationshit garbage, faggy books, and so on

based jannies not giving a fuck

oh look, they did it again.

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Sad, I don’t know why it doesn’t get as much attention here - both Jow Forums and Jow Forums complain when their /sig/ threads are moved or removed, but I don’t see many people coming here for them and I am not sure why

Guys, I really don't know how to improve myself. Every time I try something new, it gets boring and unsatisfying after a couple of weeks, or a month at most. I've trying pushing myself to continue no matter what, but the feeling perseveres. For example, I've been learning tapdance for a year and a half, but got absolutely no joy out of it and eventually just stopped doing it altogether.
This same thing keeps repeating over and over, I've tried trekking, programming, drawing, playing the bass, whatever You name it, i've tried. With any kind of fitness training it's even worse because it also makes me feel like shit every time.
I tried writing down a list of thing I care about as this post suggests, but try as I might, there's nothing I actually care about. Not a single thing in the world that feels like it'd be worth to put my time and effort into, nor something that really fascinates me or compels me. The best I can manage is "well, this sounds nice".
I've mentioned this to a few psychologists and psychiatrists, but they all handwaved it away saying that it really doesn't matter as long as I keep going on forward, but it's really eating me inside.

Jow Forums is doomed, literally rather have brap threads instead of /sig/ threads.. i need to get off this site

because no one really uses this fucking board. and the kinda people who go on Jow Forums, who make the threads good. do not go on this board. that's part of why its so fucking dumb to move the goddamn threads. of all the useless fucking threads on Jow Forums this one gets removed for some reason.

I tell myself the same thing, but it´s like being trapped in quick sand!! you try to leave, then you slip back in.

I dunno why /fit gets so upset by these threads.

I love how the Jow Forums jannies have the time to remove /sig/ threads but there is just an image on the motivational thread of a vagina that has been on there for almost an hour without being removed.

LOL moved to Jow Forums


I think everyone has the potential to make these threads good in a small way
For anyone who has even the smallest, most basic knowledge, share it
For anyone who has read any classic or helpful book, what was it and what was it about?
For anyone who feels they have nothing at all they could contribute, consider questions like
> if money/time/skill was no object, what would I like to do?
> if someone was going to give me what I most wanted in the world if I named the absolute best thing about myself, what would I name?
> If you’ve ever tried to follow any advice here and failed or gave up, what do you think went wrong? (It’s all user so no need to be embarrassed
I’ve only been in these threads a couple weeks, so perhaps this is absurdly naive, but I think we could make /sig/ a good place even here

I work in IT (currently develop Java)
For anyone wanting to start in IT, I would recommend checking out w3schools.com or tutorialspoint.com
Start with HTML and CSS, move to JavaScript, and then try to tackle more advanced languages from there
For any who want to be creative types, it might be worth it to glance at tvtropes.org - it catalogs items that can be found in practically all media
Pic related might also be helpful

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Jow Forums is for fags, /sig/ is the only true board

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Being alive is great any struggle is good

I need to vent. Hey buddies I have problems. I have almost zero discipline and often lack motivation, and have been struggling to regularly work out and maintain a routine. Any tips for building discipline and motivation?
My other problem is social situations. I often lack confidence and embarrass myself around girls and everyone for that matter. There are two individuals in particular, one at my job and one involved with my hobby that I don't know how to really deal with. Both are manlets with napoleon complexes, and are extremely condescending and arrogant. They often talk down to me or make fun of me and I don't know how to respond to them or put them in their place. Part of it is my lack of confidence and lack of social skills. While I could beat them if I had to fight them, I don't desire to seek violence as an answer, as it may lead to more problems. How do I gain confidence, build social skills, and stop bullies without knock outs?
Also how do I make friends?

Can’t help with everything but Regarding the discipline/motivation thing, it might help to just do one very small thing each day - it doesn’t have to be much at all - read a page of a book you know you should read, pick up one item that you know should be put away, do 10 push-ups
Keep doing that each day for a week, then try to add something else, or increase (2 pages, 2 items, 15 pushups)
If you fail one day, don’t be done, try again the next day

>how have you improved yourself
Got a job last week.

Congrats, that’s great news, what industry?

I too have failed in some aspects of bettering myself in the past few days, exactly what is irrelevant. But what I want to say is that I fell off the wagon, so to say, but I dust myself off and get back again. THIS is what separates us from the people sleepwalking through life, giving in to every vice and not doing anything about their lives besides complaining - when we fall, we dust ourselves off and get back at it again. And this is normal. We are only human. We make errors, but they should not define us or be the end of our self-improvement journey. We fall and then pick OURSELVES up again. That is what we do.

Keep on trucking, bros.

i'm stuck in a hole
>no friends
>never had a girlfriend or sex
>never had a job or a car
>sheltered as a child, made me fearful of everything
>am aware of what i need to do but to fucking scared to do it
>also very dumb and low intelligent
i'm only 21 and it feels like i missed out on so much in life, i swear i'd rather just fucking die than improve, i missed the crucial social learning stage, doing it now would just be torturous because people would expect me to know everything already but i don't, i hate it i fucking hate myself so much i just wish something could fucking kill me already

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Fast food restaurant, but it isn’t too bad, especially since I’m just fucking around in the kitchen for eight hours at a time for $9 an hour starting. Pretty young with no prior stuff aside from under the table and odd jobs, so it could be worse I guess. Just doing it to save money for whatever, whether its going to whatever school future me will go to or messing around in Alaska doing fishing/merchant marine stuff or whatever. Fucked up my knee and got discharged from the Navy as a result, so at least I can say I have seamanship experience [spoiler]even if it happened right before I was supposed to go to my first command as a corpsman[/spoiler]
Basically for something that is only just to build up a base for future stuff, it isn’t that bad. The people are pretty chill too, and lord knows I have done and went through much worse.

This - it reminds me of that quote that I can’t remember exactly so I will paraphrase
> It is not the falling down that matters as long as you keep getting back up

Lynch siggers and their trash advice and their trash threads

That sucks, I was raised religiously and although I went to a school, I knew some other kids that were home schooled and they always seemed so socially underdeveloped and sheltered
It sounds like you have a lot of hurdles but absolutely none of them are insurmountable even though they may feel that way all taken together - try and separate out one thing and focus on just that

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of anger friend - have a (You)

No need to bump your stupid thread

bump, will check this thread when i return back home

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How do you guys do it?
After work I am just too tired and fed up with everything so I cant bother to do anything and end up playing video games. Leaves me no time to work on myself.

What should I do if I've genuinely been feeling suicidal lately? I planned on playing video games and working on my guitar skills but as soon as I got home, I just laid in bed for a solid 3 hours or so and didn't feel motivated to do anything.

What are your daily schedules like? From waking up to going to sleep, write out a timetable and I can possibly help you.

Second user you replied to.

>6 AM: wake up, get dressed, go to work
>2-3ish PM: get off work, go home
>3:30 - 4 PM: take shower if I'm not being a disgusting, depressed fag, in which case, I do it before I go to bed
>4 PM - 12 AM: Fuck around on Jow Forums, watch YT videos, play vidya, sometimes read, or watch a movie or a tv show

It's a boring life. Occasionally I go out with friends but it's rare.

I would suggest 2 things (just suggestions, but could be helpful):
> Try going to bed a bit earlier, work toward 10 or 10:30 ish in half hour or even 15 minute blocks
> Commit to showering right after work every day
After a few weeks, maybe try to throw in reading a book - start with one you expect to be interested in
These are just my suggestions, but I’m definitely no expert

Moved back to my hometown 4 months ago. am currently living on friends couch. unemployed. no car. almost everything I own is in storage. I just can't seem to any jobs I want and am too scared to work a shitty job that I will hate. but I have already been living on my friends couch and I know he is starting to hate me. I have no where else to go. I am completely broke and not having a car makes it hard. I have fallen into the trap of playing video games all night and sleeping all day. I really need to get my life together but I just can't seem to break the cycle. all of these same things caused my last relationship to crumble. I am so depressed and am considering suicide. I really want to get my life in order. but things like social anxiety and procrastination always stop me. I really need help but I have no one.

I love these tips. People sometimes call into our channel on twitch to bully us, but a lot of the time similar advice is sought. I really like the list that OP compiled. I wish people would call into the show and offer good advice because a lot of people strumble and fall.
Good luck too all who are having suicidaility issues. You can make it through!! -Carson

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So, I thought hiring a prostitute would make me more of a man and more confident.
Bad idea. I'm a broken man now, I lost $100 and my dignity.

Don't go to prostitutes, lads.

Speaking as that person who had someone on their couch for too long, I hate to say it but you’re probably right
You will most likely hate a crappy job: get it anyway - find a better one in your spare time but you need to find some job and work toward getting somewhere, anywhere to live
A lot of people hate their jobs and still go - it won’t be fun or comfortable but if you’re lucky you will meet one or two cool people, but that’s not important - what is important is getting a place you can live at that isn’t a friends couch

Not proud of it but in my past degeneracy I went to several prostitutes - in my experience it depends on the Whore, some are better than others
But overall even the best aren’t worth it

Fucking jannies, man.

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I need to vent. Hey buddies I have problems. I have almost zero discipline and often lack motivation, and have been struggling to regularly work out and maintain a routine. Any tips for building discipline and motivation?
My other problem is social situations. I often lack confidence and embarrass myself around girls and everyone for that matter. There are two individuals in particular, one at my job and one involved with my hobby that I don't know how to really deal with. Both are manlets with napoleon complexes, and are extremely condescending and arrogant. They often talk down to me or make fun of me and I don't know how to respond to them or put them in their place. Part of it is my lack of confidence and lack of social skills. While I could beat them if I had to fight them, I don't desire to seek violence as an answer, as it may lead to more problems. How do I gain confidence, build social skills, and stop bullies without knock outs?
Also how do I make friends and not be lonely?

Banter back with them with the intention of turning your bullies into friends, that is the only way everyone wins.

I've had a huge problem with porn and internet ever since i was 14 (24 now). Last night i was fapping to snuff.
I have fear that i will always be degenerate unworthy of love.
I usally get productive out of shame for about 1 week but then i get too stressed out and i just fall into my degenerate habits.
I'm fully aware of the dangers of porn and try to implement NoFap. However, because of my consistent failures, i have a hard time believing i will be able to change.

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In the past when I actually had my shit together I also had people on my couch. so I do know how annoying it can get. I guess the only positive is that I actually clean and help out whenever I can. the people I always had on my couch made messes and didn't help at all.

3 things are really fucking with me right now

1.), Women. Idk why but all the women I meet suck. All of them are selfish and rude af. It's like I can't even get near one even though I'm actually going out there and trying to land a date.
2.) Jobs. I haven't been able to land a job that starts at $15 an hour in ages. I'm stuck at 13 even though I have 4 years of training from a voc tech school
3.) Busy days. I've been trying to make the most of everyday by working out, lifting, reading, studying, etc but it's so much that I tend to lose concentration and everything goes haywire. Combine all this with work and everyday errands and everyday feels like it's just one big never ending campaign

If I can just land a decent job and meet a nice girl I'd be golden

>failed year 1 of CS
>joined another uni, CS too but more shit tier
>used to lift but stopped during first year to learn more
>lost like 25 lbs because I'm an ectomorph mofo who is never hungry

Is there any point to start lifting again before I finish university? I'm a really slow eater and can't really spare that much time. Is it any good to lift if I'll half ass it anyway because of the diet aspect?

It's been a few months dealing with a difficult smart person at work, and it made me realize that I have a few problems.
1- critical thinking is bad, when people ask me to do something I just do it without even thinking twice.
2- keep forgetting
3- bad organization

Maybe I can fix the forgetting thing with better organization
About critical thinking maybe starting doing mind maps and ask questions why things are like that.
What other things or exercises I should do to improve that?

Also bad communication skills, which I believe can be fixed with better critical thinking

Anons you can check out this mega, someone posted it before on one of the Jow Forums threads, it's so helpful

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Go to church friend, find Jesus

I feel like I'm approaching a crux in my life, and I don't really want to fuck it up.
I'm 26, graduated uni in '17 with a business degree, and I've working renovation/construction for a year. When I started they said that I would get transitioned from field work to office work in a few months once I'd been familiarized with the general workflow of the company. When I talked to them in December, the owners said it would happen at the end of first quarter. In April, they said a month after the college help shows up. It's now the beginning of August and I'm scared that they're just going to leave me here in a shitty position that I'm overqualified for.
How do I tell my boss that I need a '6' month plan for what the company plans to do with me? I don't really want to quit and leave the company, I'm just getting more and more anxious that they're going to leave me here forever and never change my position.
Any advice?

It sounds like they are jerking you around - I would be firm and if you don’t get a satisfactory response start looking for another job - since you have one, you are in a good place, as you can be a bit more choosy about which ones you consider

>stop watching porn
man...that is legit a hard one for me guys.
I've been watching it since i was 14
I've had years to grind that into a solid bad habit.
I've been trying to stop but I can't seem to make it past 2 weeks.

I can only assume it's not out of negligence, because the company has a bad habit of planning to do things, and then just not following through with them. All of our yearly work reviews were cancelled and rescheduled TBD because the project managers are all busy on Fridays at noon when everything was scheduled. Also a 2 hour block meant to teach everyone how to use a time-keeping app for jobs to help out our payroll people evaporated because we were all busy on Friday at noon.
The only advice I've been getting lately is to pose questions that make them do most of the work. Like, asking them how do they think we're doing. And what I should do after 6 months if we're not on track for my work change.
I'm never one to be a squeaky wheel, so I hope that just by saying I need to meet with them I'll get the wheels turning, but at the same time it's scary to have to go through with a work situation where I might have to put in a 2 weeks notice.
My most concerning point is that it doesn't even appear that they have any sort of position that I could fill at the moment. Or even a physical space I could use, the last desk went to a project manager's daughter so she could be our marketing department or some shit.
I dunno, I've just never been in a situation like this, and it's not how I've been prepared to deal with jobs.

Post body.

It depends on what your work is and the level of decision making you need to do using critical thinning.

Same, a decade of porn doesn't go away that easily
I reached many of my /sig/ goals but I just can't stop watching porn, even if I have been trying for years

Yeah you're not alone. That shit get stuck in your head. Try to block the site totally. Worked for me because everytime i wanted to watch porn i had the blocker reminding me my goals.


>cold shower when you wake up
All that does is compromise your immune system. It does speed up your metabolism and make you burn more calories, though, because your body is trying to increase it's internal temperature. It doesn't even help you lose your weight, if that's what you're trying to do, if you have any food in your stomach, because it will just make you burn that food more quickly.

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Fitness is not a choice. Treat it as your second job if you have to.

As for other hobbies, find something social and fun, or that aligns with your goals. Learning guitar (and bass) is hard work and a major time commitment. I only managed to learn guitar because I wanted to start a band. Without a goal, I wouldn't have been able to commit to the instrument. Hiking is an extremely rewarding hobby in my opinion, but it's not always fun. Unless you enjoy soltitude, you have to find someone to do it with.
If you cant find a list of things you care about, try this exercise from 4 Hour Work Week (totally worthwhile read btw). Write down, on paper, where you want to be in your life in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years. This includes finances, employment, skills, material goods, friends, happiness, etc. Then, rewrite all those "dreams" as achievable, measurable goals. Now, with a goal and a deadline, you have something to work towards and you will find hobbies based on that. Then, plan out what steps you need to take to achieve those goals, and get to work on that!

Try taking a nap after getting home. A 30-60 minute nap usually leaves me fresh enough for 3-4 more hours of work after getting home. The only thing is that I find it hard to force myself out of bed after 30-60 minutes, and occasionally end up sleeping til 2AM. But when I do wake up, my productivity is through the roof.

Also, go to sleep earlier. 7-9 hours of high quality sleep per day is mandatory. Without it you can't work out and you will not be as productive as you can be.

>I came blood

Okay boys, today was the first day of my Self improvement journey. Cleaned my room (yeah Peterson is a political meme, but his self help stuff is actually pretty helpful) tried it as my first step and did a fairly good job, tomorrow I'm going to vac it, then I'm going to clear out my wardrobe and get rid of all the shit I don't need. I ate no fast food all day, and drank two bottles of water. Pretty happy with myself, gonna use these threads as a diary of sorts to update how I'm feeling. I have Cari Mora by Thomas Harris sitting there to read and im going to force myself to read a chapter or two before bed. Also gonna incorporate some push ups and situps tomorrow. Tomorrows jobs are to drink two bottles of water again, vac my room, exercise, and rework my entire resume to hopefully find a meaningful job.
Any recommendations of more things to try would help.

Yea blocking the site would likely help - I did something slightly different
I usually would watch on my phone right before bed - so for about a month when I was ready to go to sleep I plugged my phone in to charge across the room, so it wasn’t close at hand
There are also services that will e-mail a copy of your browsing history to someone you select (like a parent) but that seemed a bit extreme for me

Damn sounds awesome - no additional suggestions but I would say if you have trouble making your goals one day don’t give up, just keep trying

Just came across this while going through old archived /sig/ threads
Thought it might be helpful

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>raw dogging a hooker


Speaking of which, why aren't they on Jow Forums anymore?

Why is it wrong to blame the world for my problems? I mean a lot of my problems are only explained by bad luck. It does not mean I should not try to work to solve them and I do try, but Idk why these self improvement things insist that I should blame myself instead of blaming the world.

Does anyone have a podcast to recommend on Spotify? I listen to them on my commute, mostly true crime stuff and I'm figuring I should incorporate more constructive ones.

I might need some help with these
>- You start of by treating yourself and those that matter to you, with great respect. Your body is your temple so stop eating shit and soda, and start eating healthy (pic related).
I have very little time to eat at work and Idk what makes food healthy. Can I have some examples? There aren't any healthy places to eat around my workplace. I sometimes eat salads and woks and just eat """healthy""" when I'm at home and my mother cooks something.
>- Exercise every day, be grateful for those things that makes you live a good life and improve those things that lack greatness to your life.
I agree with this though I admit I'm lacking excersise.
>- Be protective of your family, your friends and to your community (tribe). Stand up for them and they will do the same for you. Love your family and they will love you.
Stand up for them and they will do the same for you is false. Love your family and they will love you is false. I loved my family but when I came out of the closet they showed me that they don't really love me back the same way.
>- Have great ideals, greater visions and the greatest mindset and motivation of your community. Be a rolemodel for the younger and treat elders with care and respect.
What kind of ideals are great? Can I have some examples? I mean I have the ideal of being a good person but that's too vague and does not feel fulfilling enough to make me happy. What makes an ideal "great"?

"knows limits" is fucking stupid

>When you realize you are such a pathetic little loser that you need to rely on fancy pictures with words to be almost as functional as the normal people around you

Bro, who cares? You're fine, that works for you and that's okay. It's something positive for you, dont feel bad about it. Wish the best for you, homie.

Thanks user. I just wish I were as normal without it feeling like a superhuman effort, as other people appear to be to me.

That's the hippie and muh Marcus Aurelius part of self improvement which I hate too.
Truth is, it's not entirely your fault.
People who say that usually do it because they are moderately successful and like to feel superior over people with shittier circumstances, reducing it all to mentality and hard work.

That being said, it actually does no good to blame the world. Even if you are right, you can't change shit so it's useless brainwork. You don't have to 'blame' yourself either. Just be honest enough with yourself on whether you are doing your best or not.

The main thing is that the blame game only makes sense in the context of improving systems. If a system can't reasonably be improved by pinpointing a failure, then it doesn't make sense to search for blame.

An example is with a company. It makes perfect sense to find weak links and eliminate them, since you stand a good chance at improving (so long as they were a net negative and not just a low positive).

The opposite is with, for example, how *you* were raised by your parents, schooling, etc. For future reference (that is, how you approach parenting, your children's schooling, etc.), it makes sense to play the blame game and search for areas to improve. But by the time you're really able to see what went wrong with your own life, finding blame with those major things just doesn't make sense: your parents are probably too old and too disinterested to learn better, and you're already "broken" from being raised by their past selves; you literally can't relive your time in school, and so on. You can't improve those systems, in that regard, so it's pointless to worry about blame as it applies to "what went wrong with my life", at least.

I just think of blaming others as being healthy because it takes that weight off my shoulders, I don't need to beat myself up for something that is others' fault or just bad luck, and I also think it's healthy to have soemthing or someone to blame because I can direct my anger towards those people or things and release my anger that way, even if it's just by cursing with them in mind.
I can't work on improving myself if I also have to bring myself down by thinking that things are fair the way they are and that everything bad is my fault.

I feel like people who try to motivate me are often the same people that get in my way and try to decide what is in my best interest. So in the end I realize I don't know who I can trust and that I'm just confused about what I should do. I have to over analyze every piece of advice I get but I guess that's the way to go. But I also feel like I'm not really improving for my own good but to satisfy the ego of the people telling me what I should do on my best interest.

There's an Anthony Bourdain motivational quote. Didn't that guy literally kill himself?

Anthony Bourdain influenced the world in a positive way.

I'm going to improve myself by maintaining a positive moral tone. And by setting an example for others.