I honestly don't know if this is the right place to post this

I honestly don't know if this is the right place to post this.
Basically I'm a poor fag here and I want to buy a new phone, the iPhone se seems really good but is it reliable for like the next 4 years if I buy it now?
Thank you very much.

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Buy an Android u retard. Idk why the fuck Americans are so fucking obsess over iPhone.

Watch reviews and u will notice how iPhones are shit.

One plus, that's the answer.

Why not user?

First of all I'm not American, second all the phones I used before we're android so I've never used ios b4
Third which oneplus? Is it cheaper?

I switched to ios after using android (a 1000$ phone) all my life and it's just better

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Git gud newfag

OnePlus is honestly an awesome brand, look it up. You can buy a phone that's two years old, and it'll still perform better than an SE.

Look them up. You won't regret it.

t. A OnePlus owner that has been happy for over four years.

Well I'd love to switch to a 1000$ iPhone lol, what about the se user?

dont go for an iphone if you are on budget.
iphones are really worth it only if you dont know what to do with your money and you've already bought everything else in your life. they are good for people who want to burn cash, nothing more.

Look for Xiaomi if you are on budget and need a low/mid-range phone.
Look for OnePlus if you want premium phone with stock Android.
Look for Xiaomi and Samsung if you want premium phone with custom user experience

I don't care really, you know.

Yes but the thing is I've heard that iPhones a really long lasting not like other brands which will start to lag after 2-3 years... I don't know..

You cared enough to reply. Any (You)s are good (You)s

For you.

nope they aren't. this belief is based only on apple supporting iphones and ipads for longer with updates than android counterparts.
but that's it. it doesn't say anything about their performance, optimisation and many other things, especially regarding physical durability.
they don't use any sort of magic here, iphones are as durable as any other smartphone on the market. and they tend to break by itself as much as other phones too.

Will I wasn't expecting this.
So user if I have 300-350$ which phone you recommend that will still be reliable in 3-4 years?

>I'm a poor fab
>I want to buy an Iphone


Jesus christ, I just finished watching all the 7 Saw movies and I almost agree with jigsaw's work

Get a refurb google pixel 1 on eBay for like $150. Install Lineage OS. Install Amazon App Store & F-Droid.

I specified which Iphone I want to buy, i didn't say I want an iPhone x.

Redmi note 7, most bang for the buck.

If you'd be able to stretch the budget up to 400 usd, I'd definitely say go for Mi 9 or Pixel 3A (depending whether you like MIUI/stock Android or not)
If not, you should focus on something like Mi 8 and Mi 9T (Preferably the second one, as it's just newer phone so it will have updates for longer period of time from now on).

If you want to go on a budget, Redmi Note 7 preferably. Superior price to overall performance ratio across all of the market right now.

That's according to USA pricing as for a quick look up on Amazon. If you are in Europe, it may be a little bit different. Definitely don't go for low/mid-range Samsung devices, only S and Note line-ups are worth their money, both of which are premium and ultra-premium devices.
Also, don't look for any Huawei made phone (This includes Honor sub-brand) as their software is slow as fuck. I'd only consider them if you'd get a NEW phone from them on like 30% off the original price.

Just a quick note, if you keep your phones well and you treat them with respect, every phone will survive for a longer period of time (if excluding some random breaks that unfortunately happen in every thing that is created by a man nowadays).


Never heard of it, i look it up rn thanks
Thank you so much for the help user ill look up what you recommend.

iPhone 6s is great and not too expensive for how it performs

Try it out user

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This, Xiaomi Rednote 7 is the best phone on the fucking planet right now.

>64gb storage
>48 MP camera
>Long lasting battery
>Fully responsive, HD screen

Less than $200. Never again will I fail for the Apple or Samsung meme.