I have become existentially depressed after watching one video about how the earth is environmentally fucked and that...

I have become existentially depressed after watching one video about how the earth is environmentally fucked and that there is nothing that we can do about it. I am a humanist that believes in the ingenuity and good will of humans to overcome bad problems but any action I could take does not seem to be enough. Any pointers on how to deal with this other than excessive masturbation?

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humans are dumb and they are going to die from their own stupidity this is an inevitability that you need to learn to accept.

Trying to promote environmentally friendly policies, is sometimes like treating terminal cancer with yoga.

Nobody is listening and it doesn't look like we are going to make a turnaround in time we are procrastinators.

So whats the point in living or doing anything? There's no point building a career because we're all going to die. There's no point studying for a degree because we're all going to die. We might as well all just give up and kill ourselves because the apocalypse is going to be absolute hell and involve excruciating pain and misery for everyone

Hey OP, I have simillar issues;

I'm a sucker for animals and I get very down and depressed when I watch videos of stray dogs in some seriously shit conditions.

But what can I do?

One day I may, just may own a farm and be able to rescue many strays, but there are 800.000.000 (eight hundred millions) stray dogs out there and not much I can do about it.

So do as I do, swallow it up and hope Jesus or some kind of asteroid come through and end this once and for all, for humans are lost.

Oh, you're one of THOSE existentialists....

You were going to die even if the world wasn't environmentally fucked.

We have the technology today to capture carbon directly out of the atmosphere. It will only be a matter of time before we employ this technology on a wide scale. It is also only a matter of time before we transition over to lab grown meat and cut down on our factory farming. Then ultimately we will build a space elevator, transition to space based solar power, and in the very long run much of our industry will transition to space. Also populatiom growth projections show that earth's population will stabilize around the beginning of next century, so we'll get our growth in check too.

Basically the way to feel better about climate change and our impact on the environment is to unironically get into futurism and future optimism.

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We post about it on facebook.
Thoughts abd prayers
thoughts and prayerd.

yeah pefrect fuckking stategy right.
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Hah, I felt the same user, except instead of existential dread, I immediately learned (or am learning) to garden and grow my own food, so I do not have to rely on the failing economy to provide me with food, which will soon not come. Find out how to survive the inevitable apocalypse instead of beeing a faptard. You won't regret it my friend.

Yes but I wanted to die at an old age, with children and grand children to succeed me, and with a full life of accomplishments. At the very least, if I had to die young, I would at least have died with the knowledge that my friends, family and the world would go on without me and that I could be remembered by those who love me.

Now, because of the inevitability of total apocalypse caused by climate change, I face the almost certain possibility that I will die, sometime before the age of 40 and maybe even before 30, of something horrific. And that the entire rest of humanity will die along with me either. And it's not going to be an easy death, it will be something horrible, like slowly burning to death of unbearable temperatures, starving slowly to death, or being killed by rampaging gangs in a society where all law and order and governments have collapsed. In that last scenario, I might not even die, I might just be taken hostage and raped and tortured and used as a slave in the wastelands of the post-apocalypse.

Literally what is the point in living when this is the only future that awaits me?

Are you going to make a thread about this every fucking day?

Calm your tits and just enjoy the ride.

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Why do you not care? Maybe you're suicidal and insane, but I'm fucking not. I dreamed of having a long life and seeing children and grand children grow up. I don't fucking want to die young all because the apocalypse just so happened to occur during my lifetime. I feel like breaking down and crying every time I think about it

Shush, pussy. It never mattered what you did or were going to do, you were going to die. Whether it was the apocalypse or an accident or old age, you and your kids and their kids were destined for misfortune long before their own existence. Get over it or off yourself.

Because I do what I enjoy, what gives me satisfaction, and what gives me meaning in life. I follow my moral code so that I make no new regrets, I accept all suffering to atone for my past mistakes, and I continually work to improve myself so that I can be a better man tomorrow. Not because I have a specific goal, but because I know that the path is what gives meaning and not the destination. Should I die tomorrow then I’m fine with that, should I live to be a hundred then that’s fine too.

so according to scientists shit's gonna hit the fan in 2050, that's 30 years from now... are you telling me you don't want to do SHIT for 30 years???

Based and asteroidpilled.

What's the point in living when the world is just going to end? 30 years is very very short in the grand scheme of things. It feels like all of humanity has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and we're just waiting to die.

Humans are quite good at surviving stuff. Much better than most animals. We'll be fine. We have seed vaults, we have science, we have a lot of stuff. Things are going to get hard, but we'll survive.

> no point in studying anything

You know, you could study things relevant to the problem and contribute. There are things we could do to make the impending disaster less of a disaster. If you want to complain about how bad things are going to get, fine. But at least try to do something about it.

If you don't, YOU are part of the problem.

what is the point of living? period lol
the world ending is just as meaningless
you only lived ~20 years out of billions of years, stop acting like you're special

>not being a religious man calling down God's righteous wrath upon us
This world needs to be destroyed.

>so according to scientists shit's gonna hit the fan in 2050
Yeah, that's not true.

Also, the point of working and studying is to create the necessary conditions for the ultimate genius to bring us into technological singularity at which point we ascend as a species and remake the universe to our liking.


Scientists always make that 30 years away bullshit.

>Climate change is irreversible in 30 years!
>We'll run out of fossil fuels in 30 years!
>The apocalypse is in 30 years!
>Yellowstone is going to erupt in 30 years!

Literally they always do this and nothing ever happens and it's fucking annoying that no one notices.

Anyway, to the OP, you're going to die ok? There's nothing you can do to prevent this. There's nothing your kids can do to prevent this.
The climate is already destroyed beyond repair, the polar ice caps are melting RIDICULOUSLY fast and only increases at an exponential rate. And the weather lately has been sucking more and more.

Don't just give up on your own life because of it. If anything you should enjoy this planet more while you still can!

TLDR: Scientists can't predict shit. Live your life to the fullest and set your kids up the best you can and shut up and die like everyone else and the planet is going to.

For fuck sake, why do none of you care? Why do you have the attitude of some edgy suicidal teenager?

I DON'T WANT TO DIE! Why can't you understand this? Telling me that "you're going to die in a horrifying apocalypse, suck it up" just makes me paralyzed and depressed and makes me want to throw myself off the nearest bridge to just get it over with

It's not fucked. The earth used to be covered in giant mushrooms that grew larger than trees, now mushrooms are barely 2 inches tall.

Life, uh, finds a way.

Why do none of us care? Because there's nothing that can be done dude lol calm down.

We can't even get an entire country with every citizen to recycle.

We can't even get everybody to piss in a toilet when they use the bathroom.

At the end of the day, people are going to do whatever the hell they want to do whether you try to force them to care about the environment or not.

I care about the environment and I do what I'm willing to do to save it but getting everyone on the same page with anything is impossible.

Because of this, the planet is going to be destroyed by humans.

It's not necessarily that we don't care, it's that we know that it's inevitable. No need to get depressed about it, it's not happening tomorrow or even in your life time. Just relax man. Smoke weed or something. jeez.

No need to be suicidal, that would be a waste and then the planet would be destroyed anyway. How about you dedicate your life to becoming rich and using your money to help save the planet instead?

You get mad at us for giving up on the planet but the you want to give up on yourself AND the planet at the same time. What sense does that make?