How do i time travel back to highschool when my life was slightly happier and i can fix all my mistakes?

How do i time travel back to highschool when my life was slightly happier and i can fix all my mistakes?

I am in physical pain over how miserable i am

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Realize that high school doesn't matter for shit.

I dont care

Give yourself amnesia

How? This is something ive been praying for since highschool actually


I dont do that

Alcohol/drugs, head trauma

Aint that hard to just pack up and start a new life somewhere else.

You can change you name and boom.

look at it like this.
The world pretty much stops developing after high school. College, office all same bullshit high scjool politiks, bosses teachers students co workers.
So if your last high school expierence was horrible, dont worry becuase the next stage of "life" turns you into a transfer student at a brand new high school.

Tl dr
dont worry kid gonna have many more high schools to go through in life.

I dont have that luxury. I have all my support here . my life is wasted

all your luxury is with you becuase you have all your support there.

To change your situation you must go into the unknown. Be prepared.

Im sorry if its actually you cripplechan.

The fact that you're not content with peaking in highschool is what's making you misery.

> DO
> IT

start a new activity, go outside, get a hobby, meet people. At this point, doing anything is better than doing nothing.

I cant find anything and the only people in my vicinity are thugs

Ive tried many hobbies and none stick.

Going outside does nothing
Eating healthy does nothing
Working out does nothing

have you tried moving to a different state?

Moving to a different country?

Getting a new job?

Do it like Michael Jackson. Do a lot of Benzos and Opioids all the time so you can sleep all day and dream of better times.

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I dont have a job. I dont want to move

Then im sorry you suffer and hope for your deliverance from oppression.

You can't. But it is never too late to start. So you missed out some stuff? So your are enjoying it right now. Who cares? It is important you are doing it now. So drop that self-defeating attitude and move on with your life.

I just wish i had something to do

>I just wish i had something to do

So develop some interests. Start like this: You like the outdoors? Go on hikes, start collecting herbs/mushrooms or learn about different plants. You like water? Get into various aquatic sports. Like eating? Get into cooking and different cuisines.

If you do this for some time you get a catalog of interest and have something that makes you interesting.

I wanna write video game rpgs and fiction books :)

sometimes dreams should stay dreams

That's such a vague question, user. What mistakes did you make? Almost every person I talk to that isn't a 999 GPA try hard says they regret high school. We all did some cringey stuff; don't let that get to you.

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Smoke weed and hangout on the corner.

I wish I could do the same. not because I actually miss high school. but because I made so many different mistakes in my life at that time that I would change if I could. god I want to die.

Honestly, feel free to call into my live show on

Its not just a show about mormonism but ANYBODY an call in and ask for advice and just feel the support of a good community.

hope ya feel better OP


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I was a 999 gpa guy and i regret it

This but, unironic.

Literally me.

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"Literally", huh?

Create a time machine. Come to an understanding of time, space, reality, and existence that no man before you regardless of his schooling or personal education has ever come, make great strides in engineering and physical science beyond what is more than likely currently possible, and invent a time machine.

Or you can move on.

You know, whatever's easier.

Nothing to move on to. High school sucked but it was my peak

Make better memories now!

How? Im just sad listening to music i liked in highschool. Im not even sure i really like music anymore.

Stop looking in the past for answers about your future, if your life seems like hell ask why it all went wrong and objectify.

Nothing is beyond repair, however sacrifice is may be required to move on.

Why do you feel miserable op?

Sit and be sad for a while.

>I dont want to move
You're not happy here. Why would you not want to move? Are you that lazy?
Full disclosure: I moved (spain to ireland) and became happier. Now I'm moving again (to japan) because I believe I'll be even happier there.