Brain damage outcast

I think my brain disease is turning me into an outcast from all society, all incels, chads, nerds, illegal immigrants. It all looks the same to me and I am here on the outside of all of humanity completely alone.

I Have no understanding of socially appropriate conversation, or how to have a non academic conversation. All I can do is relay information like I do I’m college.casual or informal conversation is impossible.

Should I still be on tinder if I am tricking people about brain damage?

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I was just killed by my own family I got sick and they took advantage of it to hurt me, drug me, and break my body so badly I cannot recover from the damage inflicted.

What motive could my 60 year old parents have to kill their own kid, I’m not a bad guy...

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>I was just killed
What the fuck, are you a ghost?

I am terminal I was diagnosed with aphasia, dysautonomia, sinus tachycardia, memory loss, heat intolerance, unexplained weight loss.

I will die and the doctors gave up it’s too late, nothing can be done

I feel like I just got lynched by my family and doctors, hundreds of people heard my story and nobody spoke out against my medical abuse.

Now I am going to die and my Family is getting even more cruel to me

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People laugh at the sight of my pain and they find my brain injuries amusing.

Sometimes I wish I could get back put lead in their food and give them brain damage get a taste of their own medicine it’s only fair it’s justice for what they did.

He was murdered in cold blood when he was in 10th grade.

>I was diagnosed
Post paper proof.

I think the patterns in what you're saying sounds like you're having a psychotic break

here is the printed diagnosis, I have been accused of psychosis every day for over 4 years now it has never been true. I just wish I was never born I am in pain for the past year

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Your first step is identifying the root of your trauma.

I saw everything coming on one day 4 years ago but nobody listened to me they accused me of mental illness, I have been suffering unbearable pain for 4 years and those around me enjoy the sight of my suffering.

Unbearable physical pain began last July 1 year ago and I am now extremely weak and medically fragile

To men:
Do you ever pretend to be retarded to get out of sex?

Currently in a dead bedroom where my bf will pretend to be retarded, a dog, a horse or a large animal when I try to initiate masturbation to make me feel gross and stop.

4 years into the relationship and we maybe have sex once every three months.

This is so humiliating and Im honestly at a loss here. I've tried googling it but I cannot find any other man using such behaviour as a scapegoat

No he may be a homo who is using you as a fake girlfriend to be undercover

why do I have the impression you've been smelling paint thinner?

if it's 4:45PM, and I have a tree in the middle of my backyard, and an orange usually falls down for every factor in every part of this equation: 4 x 10 + 5 = 45, then what's the result of 5 x 2 ÷ 4 + 12.5 if it's 10:12AM and 12 oranges have fallen today?

Sorry this was posted in the wrong thread... I'll show myself out

no tell us more it's fucking hilarious

You don't think maybe your brain might be misinterpreting their facial expressions and tones of voice as well then?

I have had no clue about those things for years now


15 oranges will fall at 5:15pm?

It’s brain damage what can you expect

Why do you think they enjoy seeing you suffer?

They can see me in pain and then make hostile accusations of schizophrenia and refuse to let me use the air conditioning.

Everyone knows it’s torture


>brain disease
My ass
My ass
How is being a little bitch fucking helping you? Get your shit together. You don't get to have brain damage or brain disease. Some people actually have those problems and they don't go around making a disgrace of themselves.

I am legitimately diagnosed look at the paper I got from the hospital, I am sorry I’m not sure why you are accusing me of delusions or psychosis.

You are reading into diagnosis. That shit isn't anymore terminal than existence and not necessarily a brain disease. Can they see the disease in a microscope? Anyhow, man the fuck up.

I wish I could better understand why people are so suspicious of my disease, yet they are so quick to make an accusation of psychosis.

There is far more evidence to support the claim of a physical loss of neurons, considering the dysautonomia and the dysphasia, a diagnosis of a neurological disease has become 100% certain according to multiple neurologists... :(

>make hostile accusations of schizophrenia
If everyone says that you're delusional and schizophrenic, you should listen to them. You have paranoid schizophrenia, most likely. You're made tons of these threads already, and the content of what you're saying, and the way you're expressing yourself, both indicate that you are psychotic. You can't see it, and you'll deny it, and think that it's some conspiracy against you, but it's the truth.

Dysphasia doesn't mean that you have a "terminal brain disease".

it's just 15, everything else was noise
you are not that bad
the whole point there was to not interpret anything as a variable which could change the result of the equation nigga, it's just 15

There is 0 evidence of any mental illness, and I have already convinced 5 neurologists that there is a neurological disease, they think the mental illness was a misdiagnosis and I must stop all psychiatric drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease.

I am going to study biochemistry 2 in a few weeks, and I am embarrassed about my brain damage, the professor was very proud of me being the best student last year.... I am afraid I can’t live up to my grades last year, I am a changed person.

Paper you posted doesn't mention dysautonomia, which isn't even a specific disease, but more of a pathophysiological term that describes the results of some disease, and includes many symptoms that also happen to be common in psychiatric illnesses.

>There is 0 evidence of any mental illness
All your threads are evidence.

no I did the tilt table test psychiatric illness was ruled out last year... after the test results were positive for bad electrical nerve conduction.

there is overwhelming abundance of evidence for a neurological disease from QSART tests, tilt table tests, orthostatic hypotension, heat intolerance, speech difficulty.

there is still 0 evidence of a psychiatric illness and it was completely unresponsive to all medications.

That wasn't me but whatever.
I'm telling you that you shouldn't wallow in it. Do what you can to improve and last and don't be a pussy. I was told i had six months and its been ten years. I wasn't much of a puss but I wish I wouldn't have been standing around watching the clock. Quit being a fucking pussy. Thats all im saying.

I don't think he has schizophrenia, I just checked if he was making retarded abstract associations to the point where they could fuck his judgment up badly enough to answer anything besides 15
until now, we know he's not schizophrenic nor terminally retarded, just kinda attention starved
don't confuse a consequence with its causes
i see you indeed have an impediment
you are the guy from the spatial inteligence, right?
did you have an accident where you hit your head? because you seems to be too young to have a cardiovascular problem

I have an abundance of evidence to support a cardiovascular problem, abnormal EEG, abnormal orthostatic hypotension, abnormal ultrasound of the heart, and I have polycythemia presumably as a result of cardiac disease. my hemoglobin was 18.4 and continues to hover outside of the normal ranges.

BTW I don't have dyspashia I'm just phoneposting

Do you want to join the ranks of the hermaphrodite woman and the "because I'm black" guy? We're trying to help you, you fucking dummy.

if that's the case your main concern isn't your brain
you are here answering my questions reasonably well

if you have a congenital hearth disease you could die watching a youtube video
or I could start uploading porn videos with screamers so you die with your dick in your hand for your parents to see

there have been many abnormal tests so far and one neurologist is convinced of an autoimmune disease, because of my highly abnormal blood antibodies.

I don't blame anyone for my status as an outcast even a black guy would be unable to communicate with me I am outside of humanity as I said earlier, due to my neurological disease.

You are communicating right now.

>even a black guy wouldn't be able to communicate with me
kek what is that implicating

implying *
sorry I have an terminal intelligence disease

I know but I don't feel like I belong here anymore, the brain disease has made me completely indifferent to life, death, earth, civilization, progress all of it looks pointless once the mammalian instincts have failed following a brain injury.

I have nothing in common with anybody anymore I can't remember who I am my name seems like a different persons Identity, I have no understanding of other people or what keeps them going when they wake up every morning and what it is like to enjoy "living a little" I don't know what that means or how to "live a little".

It is well documented that brain damage can make a person indifferent to everything and they would have no incentive to eat or pursue a hobby, and they would be indifferent about death or anything indifferent about everything.

it feels very isolating I can sit in a room full of people but I feel like I have never seen another face for 5-6 years, the last time I talked for real was 4-6 years ago.

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I’m so sorry man, I don’t know what to say or what advice to give.
It sounds stupid, but what about creating a sort of robotic regiment, made by you, of the things you feel your day would comprise of if you did feel alive... Sort of an imaginary ideal itinerary to replicate for a day. Does that sound whack, or feasible?

as an isolated person myself, I’m sorry man. sending you love.

I already do that on my phone with the reminders app

A missing ingredient in your wisdom is that your feelings are not unique.
This guyThats what I do to. Fake it till you break it. I have had four brain surgeries and godzilla amounts of radiation. I can't do as much as I used to but I can come here and knock some sense into somebody now and then. This is the world. We are people. This is communication.

Oh heck yeah, in that case how have you found it? (asking selfishly here in regards to using it for my own health, ty in advance)
And on that note have you considered transferring your itinerary into a non-digital copy to avoid using internets? I know that when I’m not well I’ll have unfathomable amounts of screen time (embarrassingly, though less-so upon discovering how common it can be)

It’s bittersweet to realize you aren’t alone, though overall comforting
If I figure it all out someday I’ll write an autistic gamefaqs-style strategy guide text so others won’t have to repeat these same sufferings

Chest pain all day, just talking in a shallow voice causes pain in my chest.
Heat intolerance can’t walk outside, and I cannot eat without getting painful bloating.

All my limbs feel weak like jello, and my family has no respect for my pain they continue abuse and want to force me on dangerous drugs for schizophrenia.

Have you had an MRI. Your head?

I just found out my father is a Jewish zealot who believes I will go to Disneyland if the disease kills me, he knows I am dying

They ordered an EEG but I need to sleep in the hospital it is a sleep study so I will feel horrible all night and the next day

It’s possible that you do have that disease, but that it is also causing symptoms that resemble schizophrenia.

Are you on a diet meant to control autoimmune disease? Who knows it could make a difference

I’m sending you some love right now

shut the fuck up about schizophrenia I do not meet the criteria for any stupid diagnosis, even if I did the DSM has no other evidence in the form of nerve conduction tests, blood pressure or blood tests.

I am terminaly ill and my family is abusing me in my last moments I have nowhere to even sleep I am not safe with my parents causing heart issues and they want me locked in a mental health hospital until I die from my heart issues

They really need to change the word for schizophrenia. Never seen a more unappealing word in my life. Makes the whole situation worse for everybody.

Sounds like you took finasteride, and now you have pfs or something. What do you think caused your condition OP?

I have brain damage I am diagnosed, and I have autonomic dysfunction of my heart i have had memory loss for 4 years.

Btw I am getting clomiphene for muscle loss, I may already have high testosterone who knows

I am worried testosterone will make me aggressive and I have a neurological condition so I am not sure if more testosterone is safe for my brain damage?

Yeah but what do you think caused your brain damage? Like you're diagnosed but why

The neurologist thinks it’s a genetic disease

Well someone who's been dealing with many of the similar symptoms you describe for about a year from taking some hair meds. I find a carnivore diet is one of the only things help me put on muscle and deal with the brain fog and other derealization symptoms, maybe a water fast or some other highly restrictive diet might help alleviate the pit of your pain

My heart goes out to you, as someone who lost a lot of my spunkiness and inquisitiveness, brain damage is a hella nightmare but I think with time healing is possible.

I am so long gone, I don’t even know who I am was I born this morning....probably yes, I don’t remember who I am.

Goodby friends, soon I will go to sleep forever, I hope it won’t be painful,

I am seeing a doctor in 1 hour I will ask about euthanasia or how last wishes are handled by doctors.

I hate how they call me delusional I can feel my body failing even retired 80 year olds have more strength and life left in them, I don’t know anything


I never even had a GF either, and the girls on tinder, probably won’t like some terminally I’ll retard once they see me in person

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It sounds like you have a pretty serious case of depression.

Therapy and the right medication can really work wonders. Talk to your doctor for more information before considering the permanent option.

>tfw I would have 160 IQ but my brain damage means I only have 130

my IQ was over 130 in December, but I was feeling so much better 8 months ago.

Okay so you were Albert Einstein a few months ago now you are stupid

Just reading this thread reeks of some kind of mental illness please seek help
I grew up in a house with my mom doing crazy shit so I know crazy when I see it

Please seek help you are acting so fucking crazy , quit actin like some spook and take a pill or some shit

I have pain every day for 13 months of course I act crazy my life is crazy I cannot remember how it feels to not be in pain anymore it is a distant long gone memory.

Btw brain damage is distinct from schizophrenia