Every employed person is really a cuck?

I thought it was just a meme, but as time goes on im realizing that the only people really killing it are business owners and people with passive income.

Wagies spend the majority of their life working towards fulfilling others dreams. They have to ask permission for time off if they need to go to the bank or doctors appointment. They get shit on by their boss if they're late to the office. How can you ever be a self actualize individual when you have your bosses heel on your neck and you're expected to eat his shit every day?

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>having income through a company

this is your brain on Jow Forums.

>Every employed person is really a cuck?

if you make 80k a year, no you're not a cuck
but if you work all year round and you make 20-30k.... welll

The way I see it is. if you are in the later bracket and you have no plans and put no effort into getting out of that position, then you are a cuck because you've accepted it as your way of life.

It's not about the income, but the lack of freedom to live on your own terms. When you're an employee and you see some problem within your company, you don't even have the power to change your own processes and workflows. It's a role for people with low executive function, who need to be told what to do.

> business owners get passive income

I don't know a single small business owner who would see it this way. They all work their balls off on their company, even if it's just on stuff going on behind the scenes.

Not to mention, if the business fails, they lose everything and so do all their employees. Most small businesses take years to be profitable if they ever become profitable in the first place. For most, a small business is a big put that you throw tons of money and all your free time into, only to get a small chance at a little bit of money years down the road.

>They have to ask permission for time off
I know, I hate this, which is why I stopped working "normal jobs" in 2014 and started working from my laptop and traveling.

I'm also a communist because I think no one should have to go through this.

He described business owners and passive incomers as two distinct classes of people.

I thought I would be happy doing the wagecuck thing, then going home and indulging in hedonism to unwind. But lately I've had the opportunity to hang around more successful people and none of them are like this. They are living life fully every day on their own terms, not going through daily cycles of slavery and destressing the shame away.

people freely choose to work for companies where they have bosses. Even though you answer directly to a boss, it has its own benefits that you dont get when you work for yourself.

>If you don't work you'll starve to death on the street
>Freely choose


It's not a free choice. It's the consolation prize for people who don't want to die, but arent willing to bear the responsibilities of leadership.

>I thought I would be happy doing the wagecuck thing, then going home and indulging in hedonism to unwind

jesus, well there's your problem
pleasure seeking is not an investment in yourself or your future. you need more user, you need ot invest in your career, your health, and your personal development

>I worked today and went home doing nothing but be a complete soccer mom tier hedonist
>y am i sad nao?

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I get depressed by being cucked all day and need to use my evening to cope.

you are wrong. It IS a free choice. Nobody is forcing you to get a job. You brought up starving, but you can go find your own food like some hunter-gatherer if you don't want to pay for food. There are lots of homeless people without jobs. Do you think they gloat in their freedom at night when they smell like shit and shiver from the cold? "Oh man, this is so much better than being a fucking cuck and working!"

Your argument is immature and naive.

Yeah, and that is understandable

SO what I want you to do every day when you get home from work is spend 30 minutes of uninterptied time planning a career move.

can you move up? Can you move laterally? Update your resume, think about customizing it for particular jobs.

every day, just for 30 minutes. Then go to get high and jerk off and play video games.
Execute your plans periodically (like apply for jobs etc)

I know you don't want to because you feel dead inside, but you need to force it. Make it part of your job, you do it before you relax.

>You don't have to die, you can be an outcast hermit instead!

It's equally unappealing

your argument is extremist and unrealistic

Then be grateful

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stop being a whiny cunt. Be a man and support yourself. Get a new job if you hate your current boss, or start your own company if you are smart enough to make a living off it.

Thanks for advice user. This is what I've been intending to do, but I'm so exhausted after work that I always put it off. I'm thinking of waking up earlier in the morning and working on my own stuff, at least I'll be alert/energetic for my own pursuits and leave zombie mode for the tail end of the work day instead.

>working for $$$ is better than being homeless
>extremist and unrealistic

holy shit you are retarded

> (You)
>stop being a whiny cunt. Be a man and support yourself. Get a new job if you hate your current boss, or start your own company if you are smart enough to make a living off it.

Well, that's the point of this thread. I'm trying to straighten out my thoughts on the matter.

no dumbass
the problem here is you think everyone can just pull-themselves up by their bootstraps and accomplish anything they want.
that is bullshit.

sure most people are lazy, but you only see success and failure, hard work and laziness. there is no grey area with you because you are a typical American extremest where context means nothing and how you started out in live is irrelevant.

you and the guy you're arguing with are both retarded.

But communists fetishize wagecucking to an extreme degree. Their whole deal is that they think it's immoral how some people get to be anything *other* than wagecucks. They make everyone "equal" in being the State's wagecucks together, look the other way while Party officials become the new oligarchs doing the cucking, and call the end result paradise.

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The morning works too

but you need to force it. Even if you are tired.
Force it, and if you fail, you try again the next day. Also, think about it while you're at work, your job sucks anyway, might as well think about what you want to do during the day, then 30 minutes to formalize it and write it down and execute plans RIGHT AFTER WORK.
You don't even have to go home first.

That was not your argument, tough. You were claiming for the free choice of either working or basically becoming an outcast. Those aren't two equal options, one is clearly much worse than the other, and thus, most people will feel forced to take the best one even if it doesn't feel like a good option. Saying that this is free will is extremist.
If you asked people if they prefer to swim in poo or fight a bear, obviously eveyrbody will choose to swim in poo, since it doesn't have a high chance of death or maiming, but you're still swimming in pool. It's not really a free choice.

my god
soviet communism died almost 40 fucking years ago
nobody is a communist except for the Chinese and they're all about working hard and ripping people off to make money

>work for a living
>American extremist

Dude, you're so far gone. The delusion you're exhibiting is toxic. Either you are trolling or a hypocrite. I assume you are working to pay for this internet you're using? Practice what you preach and quit your job, be "free" and live the life.

Then what is a free choice on this subject? Obviously if people could just be wealthy without working for it, we would all choose that. But that's an illusion so there's no point in even considering it. Work can be fulfilling for lots of people. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean people who do are "wage cucks"

>Nobody is a communist except for the Chinese

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maybe you're just bad at arguments.

you make extremist arguments, then temper them with "hey guy I'm a normal guy"

north american 'communists' are mostly festival hopping trust fund babies who never had to work a day in their lives.

Again, working for a living is not "extremist," boy. How did you even come to have that view? Nothing material is free in this world. You sound so lazy and ungrateful. If I was your father I'd be ashamed.

>nobody is a communist
Because their "perfect, scientific system for achieving Utopia" keeps collapsing into poverty and oppression.
>except for the Chinese
The Chinese Party only survived because they shifted into running a kind of pseudo-fascist State Capitalism. Had they remained Communist they'd be on the ash-heap of history too.


the chinese are pseudo-communist
they are capitalists but the government can just take shit from you. so more totalitarian

ITT: brainlet incels not knowing what the word "cuck" means.

A cuck doesn't have autonomy/control over his spouse. His energy and resources go towards tending to another man's seed.

A wagecuck has no autonomy in matters of his own time and life. His energy goes towards tending to another man's business.

>dies from disease
>that man had no autonomy over his life and time, what a healthcuck

Look up the word "cuck" in a dictionary, you mentally retarded incel.

Are you raising your bosses children unbeknownst to yourself wagecuck?

The NEET would be raising the children of his parents/taxpayers. That is if he could ever have sex.

>You brought up starving, but you can go find your own food like some hunter-gatherer if you don't want to pay for food
I'm guessing it is different in Murcia but unless you can't in Australia, well unless your hunting and gathering is done on the streets. You can't just up and live on state Forrest or national parks meaning you can't just hunt your own food. It's illegal to live of the land unless your aboriginal and still they can only do it in certain places.

acquire your own land and live off it to be free

A lot of work environments are friendly and supportive. But yes, if you have a boss, rent instead of owning etc, you are basically a slave to the system with very little chance of ever getting out or above. That’s just reality of life. Working hard doesn’t really improve your outcome, that’s one of the biggest lies ever told.

To acquire your own land you need to... work for it.

...but...but...that'd make him....a .......CUUUUUCCKK

>acquire your own land and live off it to be free
Still have to pay tge man once I own the land. Australia is actually a cooperation operating on Commonwealth soil and they charge you the equivalent of rent to own a property.

>Obviously if people could just be wealthy without working for it, we would all choose that
Not really, no. A lot of people actually like being busy and doing something useful for their community. There's always the option of giving people a minimum wage just for existing and being people, so they can take their time and be a little be selective on what kind of job to get instead of settling with some shit that degrades them because otherwise they'll be poor nobodies who beg for food.

News flash, biz owners answer to customers. That's why wagies treat them like shit or nonfactors most of the time, because in the end, someone higher up is paid to deal.

Someone, somewhere, calls your shots. Always and forever.
Even all the rich people now are getting their names smeared and having to bend the knee in all sortsa ways.

NEETs like you have the freedom to do whatever you want, right? You're not dependent on your parents and government handouts, right?

no, your reasons is immature and naive.

It shouldn't be get a job or starve/be homeless.
There shouldn't be so many barriers/regulations to starting a business that you should starve/be homeless in the meantime while you wait for your business to grow either.

Before garbage ass american society existed, everyone could live in the wild and fend for themselves. Now that is generally unfeasible in modern society.

You sound like a silver spoon fuck

>When you're an employee and you see some problem within your company, you don't even have the power to change your own processes and workflows.
But, I do have that power. You never worked a high skill job, clearly.

i'm confused

do you want to work or not?

You choose how you can deal with your customers. If they aren't worth the effort, you can choose to stop serving them. You can negotiate with them. When you're employed, everything is top down and you have no choice over anything except for which hole you'd like to get fucked in.

only if you're a spineless bitch. You can always go get a new job.

Work your hardest at every job you have instead of whining about it. Eventually opportunities will appear.

That's just a front that they put to fool dummies like you.

I'm a software dev, and managers with no tech experience dictate how I spend the majority of my time. I have to brownnose and make "proposals" to improve processes which isn't even for my own benefit.

Imagine having to beg someone to permit you to improve their own business. It's unimaginably cucked.

You work for a very shitty company clearly. If you're a decent software dev find a better company to work for.

software dev here, your company sucks. Time to leave.

Well, why don't you try developing a passive income stream for yourself? I've been building mine up for almost 10 years now and I can tell you that it's definitely worth the trouble. You'll still need to work for a time to get those initial dollars, but it does snowball.

The problem is, it still doesn't solve the issue of what to do with your time. To me, that's now the biggest question.

Dudes out here sucking dick for a #5. Asshole blown out for a McDouble with small fries.

I work as an employee for a small business, but my opinion and personal wants and needs are well respected. I may not be entirely free, but that's because I serve the team. We all agree on certain things because it helps get certain tasks done, and we all benefit from it.

Meanwhile my boss is a fantastic macro manager. I have no issues taking orders from him because most of the time he's simply right, and if I think otherwise he listens and often reconsiders so long as you make a good argument. Hell, I work the weekends when he isn't here, and I'm practically the boss and have a ton of autonomy.

You seem to have a negative stereotype of bosses and the workplace in general, which I'm sure does have a kernal of truth, but don't trick yourself into thinking it's a general rule. Teammwork and cooperation does not make you a cuck. It's how our species (and others) has gotten as far as it has.

I'm in sales, commission only business. No need to come into the office except for meetings once a week, nobody on your back about clocking in, no manager or boss fucking with you as long as you're closing sales. The only time they bother you is if you spend TOO much time at the office not doing anything. Like, get out of here and sell something, and don't come back til you need to use the office to print or meet a client. You're drinking all our coffee.