How to win against riot police?

Every time in a riot the cops win by using a combination of tear gas, flash bangs and brute force. I need advice on how to win against the pigs.

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you're so gonna get your face smashed in.

You can make your own tear gas antidote, but its only so effective and isn't much help if you're the victim.

if you bring weapons that can out do their shields and batons you will get shot.

maybe instead of just being a shithead you can go talk to your local political representative and get involved in politics. Then tell me 10 years from now, are you a good person?


ANTIFA faggot most likely, lol.

>act like a snivelling Kike or get shot lol are you a good goyim?
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Just wait until white people are a minority. The police will lose their pensions, which will hurt more than any attack you could do.

>brute force.

thats because thats what they are there for in part. to met out brute force on behalf of the authority. Everything about the institution of police is the justification of use of force to deter and compel the citizenry.

And intentionally initiating an contact with them with the expectation of 'winning' is utterly stupid, especially if 'winning' in your peabrain means supremacy in a conflict of force.

Their capacity to escalate force is way beyond any citizens.

TL:DR, you don't, you work on your goals regardless of police. If your goal is confrontation with police, expect to get your ass beat.

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The state have monopoly on violence. It is the only way to ensure a safe society.

>muh society
We'll see about that

Well, you need something that disables harder and quicker than gas.
What, exactly, do you plan to enact here?

guess again, low test man-child.

better minds than you have made a bigger societal impact doing stuff around police.

its probably a bait post at this point.

They're organized and trained to surprise the crowd and react to attacks. But they are humans too and will panic if something goes wrong.

If you shoot fireworks at them, or launch a confident charge with a large group of men with blunt weapons, or smoke them with homemade smoke grenades (which, btw are super easy and cheap to make. I suggest using old opened aluminum cans), you can easily force them into a retreat.

The problem you'll have is the helicopter. They have excellent cameras with long zoom, recording, and radio. You have to use handheld laser beams to dismiss the helicopter (it distracts the pilot and forces them to retreat). Keep one guy on the ground CONSTANTLY looking for helicopters. And another guy with a radio actually holding the laser. So the guy looking is not the guy shining it. Remember with the cameras they have, they can be far out in the distance and high in the sky.

If you're really creative and organized, you can use a drone to advance over police lines and monitor their positions.

Remember to have a group of people act as medical units, with backpacks, splints, bandages, ear plugs, everything you can think of.

Wear goggles for the tear gas. It will make you cough, I've been to many riots, but the ones the police use in both the USA and Europe isn't that strong, especially outdoors. You will be able to breathe even in full exposure. The pain is easy to resist after 30 seconds. Very easy in fact, it made me feel charged and alive. The hard part is keeping your eyes open. So wear swimming goggles that completely seal off your eyes airtight.

Flashbangs are actually dangerous. They can make you lose a finger, or pop near some loose rubble and the rubble will hit you. Wear sports armor, helmet and pads, to protect you. I've seen so many cuts and bruises from those god damn things.

Earplugs so you don't get anxiety about ear damage.

And body cameras. The cops are macho types at these events and VERY easy to trigger.

>Engaging the para-military police force of the US with violence.

Have fun user, hope you got insurance.

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It's easier than you think. A lot of them are cowards. That image is not representative and even if it was, muscles are so last era.

A tiny bottle of pepper spray could knock down that idiot who spent years building those muscles.

The real trick would be having people in buildings armed with quick-drying cement they could dump from windows.

Cement burns are awful.

with guns, cockfag

bring molotov cocktails
this will create a fire barrier which will force them to back up so you can have space and time to move closer to them to deal critical damage
go for it op, you are greater in number and those pigs can't use letal force without facing capital sentence

mirror them.

Organize a group with similar numbers as the police in the riot.

They have tear gas, make your own.
They have flashbangs, throw rocks, debris etc.

They DON'T have brute force (cops are pussy/cowards and think they're tough because they have a gun). You need to find a way around their riot shields. Once you do that, if they stay instead of running away, they're GOING to shoot. Because again they're cowards.

I don't know how far you're willing to take this but if the police run away, they're coming back with something whether it be the swat team, the national guard, etc. Be ready for this.

Good luck to you my friend.

Why do you want to fight the police you indoctrinated useful idiot? If you want to make a change in this world kill george soros and his kind, the guy that finances leftist movements in order to get the monopoly of the market through socialism and then disposing idiots like you after the fact

>muscles are so last era
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I hope we can get to "last era", when people weren't so fucking degenerate and society worked as God intended

ironically, you are the reason the riot police exists