What signs does the girl give when she is attracted to you?

What signs does the girl give when she is attracted to you?

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Spending time with you


Depends on the girl. Stop asking.

She fucks you
Blatant lie

An extremely annoying high pitch voice

Hatefucking exists, though.

Technicality. If she didn't like him at all she wouldn't fuck him

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Took me like 5 minutes to post this. You better be grateful

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Did you whip this up yourself? Is that why it took so long? Or are you just retarded

I have like 60 screenshots from that book. Took me a while to find it and then post it cause I'm on the phone, baka

I see. A while book of that is probably mind numbing


I usually get the hint when I'm right about to cum in her mouth.


Book's name?

>stares at you
>does things for you
>touches you
>jokes with you
these are the things i've noticed but i've always been too retarded to do something.

Ok, now this is epic



Attract women through honesty by Mark Manson. You should find a free pdf if you google

Using your colloquialisms.
Actually caring about you, e. g. what and how you're doing
Body contact

Depends on the girl. Move along

You mean like friends do? That’s gonna turn awkward real fast

it is epic, also true

No girl has ever given me these signals. Does that mean there's something wrong with me? Am I hopeles?

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I think you’re just too autistic to notice user. I’m sure at least a couple women have tried to flirt with you

When I went to the club I had few girls smile at me and one even aproached me and said I had really nice hair. I only realised a week after that they were interested in me. I think you're not noticing them as well or you need to hit the gym and buy some new clothes

If I show you that I hate you, I absolutely crave you. That is just me though and don't go around hitting on women who act like they want nothing to do with you. I am just screwed up

I've noticed with a couple sloots that already have bfs. The nice girls at work that I'd genuinely like to know better... total non-responders.


She will tell you, and if she doesn't, please don't assume she is.

How to tell a girl likes you:
>she flirts with you
>she tells you she likes you
t. girl
If she does a bunch of weird "signs" to get you to ask her out and you miss them she probably wasn't worth dating anyway.